48 hours

It was good to be in Dublin for the last two days.

Firstly last night was a delightful evening with a buddy who hasn’t been the best lately.

Being in his brilliant company gently reminded me that there is no such thing as a new old friend.

He is also a talented novelist and we had hooked up when I reviewed one of his works in An Phoblacht.

When we worked out that my assessment of his work was fifteen years ago, well then we both had cause to ponder where that decade and a half had been misplaced.

Today was a spent in NUJ conclave about the challenges that face my union on my island.

We have much to do, but we’ll be grand.

Subsequently, Planet Fitba was far from my mind over the last 48 hours.

So I was, to borrow from E.M. Forster, far away from the world of “telegrams and anger”.

I am now aware that the New Regime is claiming to have sold 21,500 Season Tickets.

When I asked an excellently placed source about this, he had to demure.

He stated to me that it was more likely to be “…in the low teens, no more than fourteen thousand…”, but he said he would try and be more precise the next time we spoke.

In the past, he could be much more detailed with regards to Sevco season ticket sales.

Last season he confidently told me that Sevco had sold 18,986 full price season tickets.

His settled view was that the current figures were being, ahem, seasonally adjusted and massaged.

Obviously he could be totally wrong, but he is in a position to know.

What we CAN be sure of is that the stenographers will accept the club statement without question and obediently pass it on.

Incidentally, he is one of the sources that told me that Mr David Cunningham King had met with Mike Ashley on the day of the EGM.

Moreover, he informed me that the Sports Direct billionaire was monitoring the season ticket situation closely and he reckoned that if Big Mike thought for a second that 21,500 had really been sold then he would make a move for his £5m.

The other matter on the wires tonight is that several ex-Sevco players have approached their trade union apropos unpaid holiday pay.

Of course, every worker, no matter how well paid or famous should have their statutory entitlement honoured by their employer.

The same source said that it would be handy if any brave Glasgow journalist would also ask about unpaid salaries for the final two weeks of employment for the players who were let go.

There are so many moving pieces in the Sevco scenario that any predictions are fraught with danger.

I understand that invoices are piling up, and that pesky Wi-Fi bill is still outstanding.

Of course, it would be a bad idea to fall behind in payments to Hector, so I’m sure that will not happen.

As of now the depleted squad at Ibrox has two new colleagues.

However, the salient fact is that both of them are on £8k per week as of now.

It is worth remembering that their combined salaries are less than what Mr. Alistair Murdoch McCoist will be paid until the middle of December.

There are many great Sevco stories for journalists in Glasgow to go after, but don’t hold your breath as most of the hacks are just not at that Level.

Instead, I have to inform you that a full Stenography Warning is still in place on Planet Fitba.

The up shot is that this appears to be a football club that is intending to run the operation pretty much exclusively on season ticket and match day revenues.

It remains a loss making business without a credit line from a bank.

That reality has not changed in the 48 hours I was thinking about other, more pleasant things.


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