A Big House divided

I must confess that The People are serving up some wonderful seasonal fare this year.

Unlike their hapless footie team they really are good value.

You need conflict for drama and the dignified ranks of the uber loyal at Ibrox have not failed us.

Well that is not correct in every sense as they have in fact failed in every sense, but hey ho.

It is clear to this outsider that, as a group of people The People are horribly divided.

This just won’t do.

What is required is for some chap to step forward and be suitably Churchillian.

Personally I would like to see Mr Bomber make a return.

As we approach the centenary of that iconic kick about on the Western Front someone will have to step up and walk slowly forward extending the hand of friendship. A bar of Sainsbury’s chocolate might help.

Failing that a kebab would do.

At the moment the managerial reputation of Mr Super is hanging on the old barbed wire.

Even he now seems to be a cause of dissention in the ranks.

Of course as the ripping and tearing becomes more vicious so the wounds will heal.

Where once there was brotherly love there is now only enmity.

This is very sad.

AS fir the rest of Planet Fitba, well they are either averting their eyes from the appalling vista or ghoulishly rubbernecking at the carnage.

The footie experts I have spoken to in the last week have all said without prompting that they do not think that The Rangers Football Club are guaranteed to make it into the top flight via the Play Offs.

Sadly a lot of them focussed on Mr Super and said that, in their opinion, he lacked the basic abilities of a football manager.

The usual board meeting today will have a seasonal flavour. It is the time of the year for mince pies and party games.

I suspect that “Llambias says” will be on the agenda.

Anything else is simply a charade.

The New Year will not be a happy one for The People.

Yes yes I know they claim not believe the output here.

However I have sources that inform me that this site is becoming something of a guilty secret among the more erudite of the Ibrox tendency.

If you care, dear reader, to look back across this year on this site then the broad narrative has been correct in all major issues.

At the moment The People are in pain.

Moreover, they are disunited and they have no plan.

It is all rather sad to observe.

However, the truth that they needed was always here.

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