A carnival of reaction.

It couldn’t get any worse could it?

A club built on ‘dignity’ brought to its knees by maladministration, lies and deceit, but surely the good name honed in Manchester, Barcelona, Newcastle and Pamplona couldn’t sink any deeper into the gutter?

The inane utterings of Rangers security boss David Martin should have made many associated with Rangers squirm. He said of alleged sectarian chanting at the recent Rangers V. Kilmarnock game:

“Last Saturday’s match was one of high emotion following an extremely difficult week for the club.

“…The club held a number of meetings and conversations with the football authorities, POLICE and administrators prior to the match and everyone agreed that the priority on Saturday was to ensure there was no disorder around the match due to the highly-charged atmosphere that was anticipated.” 

So, are we to take it from Mr. Martin there was an agreement with the police that sectarian and racist singing was to be allowed because of the ‘highly emotional’ atmosphere?

According to independent reports almost half of those attending the match were taking part in the singing of illegal songs, yet there was only one arrest.

Out of interest that emotional fellow will not face charges.

But get set for more from the highly emotional hordes.

Powerful groups of Rangers supporters associations are passing around the blue bowler to see if the can raise enough cash to take the SFA and the SPL to court.

The crime in the bloodshot eyes of the Rangers loyal is that both the SFA and the SPL should have seen through the Motherwell billionaire and blocked his takeover of Rangers.

And they say comedy is dead?

49 thoughts on “A carnival of reaction.

  1. George Collins

    And as for Fenian, it’s the intent behind the word. ( Protestant ) Rangers fans have been taught to differentiate on the basis of ethnicity, hence their use of the word. ( I know some Celtic fans have taken to using the word more often, but what’s not mentioned is the fact that “Fenian” is usually followed by “b*stard”. Now, by the reasoning stated – by some – wouldn’t it be acceptable to call blacks “black b*stards” because, after all, they are black? Of course not, and the same goes for the F word. )

  2. George Collins

    It wasn’t only priests that were allowed free admission; if I remember rightly, rabbis and religious leaders of ( some )other faiths were privy to this.

  3. Senaj68

    Yes I’m one of the sick minority CELTIC fans I watched the rangers v Kilmarnock game the big show of support for your glorious club. “up to our knees in Fenian blood” ENOUGH’S ENOUGH. Tick tock tick tock tick liquidation . RIP RFC. “NO Huns in Scotland “

  4. iain

    dear oh dear oh dear here we go again with the muppets ( all rangers fans are thick ) no we are not ..some of us knew thanks to this blog what was about to happen to our once proud club …please show some dignity when posting your feelings on this site …never once have i retaliated to the constant bile spouted by the sick minority of celtic fans …dont say you dont have bigots and sicko,s …yes you do …show some understanding to decent fans of all clubs

  5. Ralf

    Celtic and Rangers supporters taunt one another, a true fact, both clubs are trying their very best to.get rid of the religious aspect, for many years Catholic priests got a free entry to Celtic park, and indeed a well known Priest from Edinburgh spoke out against it, why? because he said Celtic were sending out the wrong message, Catholic players have indeed played for Rangers fc over the years, how you’re brought up starts in the home with parents, the supporters need to change attitudes towards one another.


    A SONG IS A SONG IS A SONG !. ironic init t6hat the only country in the world that has no official words to it’s national anthem is …eh…eh current World and European Champions and for why eh cos of eh..ehh the old national anthem and stuff than happened 70/80 years ago.

    See it’s only singing — nobody gives a Craig White about racist, sectarian, offensive, cringe making, out of tune caterwauling – I’m with the Strathclyde Polis ,Premier League and the SFA on this one !! Heids doon and hope for the best and if UEFA are informed by bigotted ,bead clanging anti football persons ,well it’s only a fine and we are the Peepul (in Adminstration) – yeah the five of us One knight and 4 Chaqncers

  7. Thekwizatshaderach

    “Man is a credulous animal, and must believe something; in the absence of good grounds for belief, he will be satisfied with bad ones”
    Bertrand Russell

    “The opinions that are held with passion are always those for which no good ground exists; indeed the passion is the measure of the holders lack of rational conviction. Opinions in politics and religion are almost always held passionately”

    Bertrand Russell

  8. George Collins

    It’s great when fans can sing ” The boys of the old brigade ” and get arrested for it ( a perfect entitlement, seeing as it’s about a time which led to the ridding of colonial rule in Ireland ), but R*ngers fans can sing about being up to their knees in all kinds of crap and nothing happens; I wonder, would it be alright if it were black or jewish blood?

  9. Smudge


    RFC security boss Martin is obviously not going to disclose details of the agreements reached “in view of the highly charged atmosphere” at the Kilmarnock match.

    Presumably this unprecedented arrangement for a football match covered the singing of illegal songs.

    Since we are unlikely to be publicly informed of what exactly Strathclyde Police agreed to, do we know if a Freedom of Information disclosure request has been made?

  10. Semaj68

    Sir David murray once said Sometimes it’s more noble to tell a small lie than to deliver a painful truth, shit shit shit the rangers are going bust , RIP RFC

  11. Wolvibhoy

    The way they are going it will not be rangers2012 but more likely rangers2013. Interesting times ahead for who win’s the civil war over rangers black soul. My betting is on rfcbigots to heavily defeat rfcPCbrigade. Sadly, this little country still has a profit margin on sectarianism and there are plenty of people willing to throw money into that pot.

  12. tonybananas

    Can you imagine the reaction among the hordes if the SFA/SPL had blocked the “£52.5million takeover” by the “Billionaire Whyte Knight” with “off the radar wealth”? Yes I think we can all to readily. It seems no-one likes them and they’re really quite upset about it

  13. Neil

    Apologies to send another post, but i found this piece below where they mentioned “you”‘ quite a lot, this is the cleanest version I could find, as the language and threats where shocking. It was in the Rangers Media web page, but me thinks who is sorry now??, who was right and who was wrong???

    “for years he (YOU PHIL) told them murray would drag us into oblivion, nothing he says has any substance”.



  14. Neil


    Rangers fans are blind ignorant and quite thick, maybe if they understood the truth of the matter they need to look no further than Murray, he sold it for a £1, he wanted rid; he saw the writing on the wall.

    Murray spent money he did not have and the only difference between Murray and Whyte is “there is no difference!

    For there’s not a team like the Glasgow Rangers, no not one; NO THERE NEVER WILL BE ONE!!

  15. bkk bhoy

    does this mean ‘illicit’ chanting is ok when those singing are emotional ? … i suppose it will make a change from “my client was drunk at the time of the offence your honour”

    and after all that was said by this official he could not manage to include an apology to the viewers/ listeners or the referee

    (good blog phil , wish you all the best for the future)

  16. Timabhouy

    yes sue the spl and sfa , hope they show you all the paperwork of the last 140 years of refs reports

    talk about scraping the barrel

  17. JimBranch

    It should be easy to pick out more of the crowd involved in the sectarian chanting…on the final whistle a large number of the “dont do walking away” mob were nowhere to be seen? Less of a case of where’s Wally and a little more where’s Billy!

  18. willie

    Well! whats so new about that? It was Barcelona,Manchester,Newcastle and Pamplonas fault for all their troubles was it not.Likewise those lone Celtic supporters who get kicked or stabbed to death on a regular based all in the way of having a jolly jape.

  19. tommy

    Was going to say good read Phil but sad is the word -one arrest ONE !
    Only article I had seen/read before your article was from Peter Kearney Spokesman for the Catholic Church condemning the singing,nothing from the SFA,Politicians etc why am I not surprised.
    Another interesting development is Strathclyde Police confirming they have come to a DEAL with Administrators to police remaining home games,love to know what the DEAL is.

  20. David

    I also wondered why the Strathclyde Police commander at the game did not mention the sectarian singing in his/her match report…because I could hear the bile over BBC Radio Scotland’s match commentary. Very loud and very clear.
    Maybe it is because Strathclyde Police are also creditors who have agreed to give futher credit or a discount or whateva – anything – to keep those overtime hours rolling in at future matches.

  21. Shiltrum

    Hi Phil

    Mabey the information requested by SR had been provided then the SFA & SPL may have come to the conclusion that CW was not a fit and proper person but they were treated like mushrooms and we are were we are. We were all informed that CW carried out a due diligence exercise prior to buying the Gers well does that not cut both ways does it not did DM not carry out any due diligence on CW after all he did say he would not sell the club to anyone who did not have the clubs interest at heart.
    As far as it being a highly emotional atmosphere last week wait till the game at ibrox comes along I wonder if that will be emotional and and they will be given two bites at the cherry.

  22. wingman

    You have to laugh at them. Well, I am……It is never their fault. Their dignity shines through.
    140 years you know 8>). Hopefully soon to come to an end.

  23. Charles

    It’s comical when you think that the save rangers campaign is being supported by hundreds of fictional characters with cryptic names leaving a much less pound total than being reported, it’s a known fact that in cases like this a 50% redemption figure is deemed a success, if fictitional numbers lets say are only 30% of the pledge and 50% of the remaining 70% is collected will it be enough? I think not

  24. Offshore hoy

    So let’s blame the sfa and spl as it was all their fault . Even by the brass neck they have shown with matters recently surely they must be pulling the chain on this. Hell mend them.

  25. Larkybhoy

    You couldn’t make it up, 10yrs of cheating caught with their hand in the till and it’s everyone else’s fault.

  26. KD

    I am afraid that it is going to get a whole lot worse for Rangers

    Which is funny for me.

    What isn’t funny is the reaction we are likely to see from their more ‘militant’ support. I fear their reverting to sectarian singing (25,000 of them at least at one game!) may be the least that society has to fear.

    Wounded bears can be aggressive. They have been known even in the good times to attack. The 1999 Scottish Cup final springs to mind when in victory over Celtic some of these Loyal Followers murdered a Celtic supporting teenager in Govanhill and others attempted murder by means of a crossbow fired in to the chest of a Celtic supporter elsewhere in Glasgow on the same day.

    And that was when they were winning and spending money like it was going out of fashion.

    I genuinely fear a backlash against Celtic supporters. Zero tolerance of sectarian singing, aggressive behaviour, intimidation and violence must be the order of the day.

    Celtic supporters need to stay vigilant, stay together and avoid certain areas on match days. But hey, you all know the craic. Don’t need me to tell you.

  27. RalphWaldoEllison

    Still trying to get special status in all that they do.

    Special status for breaking the law of sectarian singing. Where was ACC Campbell Corrigan when these odious songs were being sung with such gusto by so many? And Ch. Supt. Smith?

    Special status for allowing Mr Whyte to take over their club.

    Special status when they don’t pay their bills.

    Special status when they deliberately evade paying their taxes.

    Special status when they are threatened with Administration.

    Special status when threatened with liquidation.

    They want special treatment in every situation because they are still in denial.
    “It’s not our fault. It must be someone else’s fault.”
    “We usually do what we want and get away with it, so why isn’t happening this time.”

    The very attitude that allowed their club to become so toxic is still alive and well in the words of their Security Chief after their poisonous chanting, and in the actions of the supporters associations who seek to blame football authorities for their own ignorance and greed.

  28. Paul Bradley

    You would think the SFA would have reported back, publicly, by now on the outrage at Ibrokes last Sunday. One journo attending the match wrote he was not surprised at the sectarian singing but was surprised at the numbers of Rangers people joining in. I think that said it all.

    What are expected to be the consequences for Rangers following the indisputable happenings at their ground last Sunday?

  29. Mike McD

    ha ha brilliant piece Phil.

    If the “emotionally charged atmosphere” makes it OK to chant sectarian bile, when they are eventually liquidated does that mean the rioting, murders, and general “social unrest” that will undoubtedly occur be classed as OK as well? IT will, after all, be an even more “emotionally charged time” for the orc like “peeple”

  30. john clarke

    Strathclyde’s finest seem to be operating as usual as partisan supporters of ‘a scottish institution’. Can we not force them to say exactly what deal has been struck with the administrators about payment (or non-payment upfront) for policing the next few matches?

  31. Garry88

    Well Well FFS! Like i said already ” It Wiz A Big Bad Boy What Done It & Ran Away ” you just couldnt make it up , Establishment Club Indeed rocked to the very core by Conmen/illusionists/Spivs he he he , What a fuQin Farce , myOmy Even Wee Jim Farry would have been proud ,& all this before the sh1t sticks to the blanket ive got my feet up they are a busted flush , a deid dug in the waaater lets hope that Minty Moonbeams is dragged over the coals too , Bigots/Racists/NonEntities … Yeah thats mr Dungwall & Co them fuQin clowns could NOT run a bath probs just best to throw away the rubbish so our little country can breathe on its own without vitriol With complete & utter Justification from the likes of Mr Martin its this clubs policy’s & Superior Beliefs that have brought it to its knees … We can manage fine without #InstitutionalisedRacismAndBigotry Thank You Very Much …

  32. J.Paterson.

    Hi Phil. A thought occured to me last night. If Mr.Whyte hasn’t been paying ANY bills has anyone checked to see if the Rangers players are insured to play? If he was not paying HMRC why should he be paying insurance premiums?

  33. rob donnelly

    brilliant you really couldnt make this stuff up they are that blinkerd they cant see the poison they share with the rest of the world
    administration whats that! liquidation is the key to a new begininning a new hope for everybody that doesnt have to deal with the bile that they serve us on silver platters for the last 140 years
    come on hector get a move on and shut this den of iniquity down for good !

  34. Andybhoy

    Some people take a drink,some take drugs,others just curl up in to a wee ball and greet,THEY get full of hate and bitterness and turn there anger towards Catholics/Irish/Celtic fans,,it’s there way of dealing with things,,it’s how they were brought up and it’s the way Scotland allows them to behave,,born to hate.,,just wait until the REALLY bad news comes there way. 54-0

  35. Stuart

    It’s known that the singing of these songs was planned in advance on certain Rangers supporter’s chat rooms and websites so it can’t simply be put down to the emotion of the day.

    Plus, they were supposed to be there to show support for their club, not sing songs about Fenians.


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