A communiqué from Mayo

I understand that there was recently a rather tetchy phone call from South Africa to a senior person in the New Regime.

Apparently my reportage apropos the funds available to the Admirable Warburton had caused some angst.

The highly successful Johannesburg-based entrepreneur wanted to know how I could access such precise information.

It was pointed out to the immaculately coiffed functionary that only a small group of people had access to these figures.

Within the intemperate language, I am told that some accusations of leaking were thrown around rather liberally.

One chap who had been unfairly accused of assisting your humble correspondent demanded that the accusers provide proof of his treachery.

This is unfortunate and I do hope that they can all become brotherly once more.

Any PR strategy to counter your humble correspondent was discussed within the terms of the current financial strictures.

Organising some ‘fire fighting’ through the tabloids is expensive and it was decided not to proceed to that Level at the moment.

Of course, the New Regime can always call on their unpaid communications guru, Peace Be Upon Him.

This Club1872 thing does seem a rather spiffing wheeze.

Given the funds available to this new entity it is just what Club2012 needs at this point in time.

However, one chap within the new organisation has the ability to forensically crunch the numbers.

He is employed by one the main clearing banks in the UK.

I am told that his job puts him close to the top of the tree in their corporate lending structure.

He has looked at the numbers and he is not impressed.

This chap strongly backed the New Regime as he believed the narrative about Mr David Cunningham King’s planned ‘overinvestment’.

This chap is no stranger to the environs of the Director’s Box at Ibrox.

Moreover, he is professionally aware of the extent to which some of the New Regime are personally over extended due to their involvement with the Holding Company Vehicle.

A year ago he was hopeful, but now he just has questions.

I understand that he has contacted auditors Campbell Dallas to seek answers.

Definitely a developing story.

I also note that those pesky EBT things are back on the tabloid radar.

It might be worth knowing that Hector has already been in touch with some of the recipients.

I think it is fair to say that some people have anxiety that is currently Off The Radar.

This could get messy dear reader.

Of course, you will only read the sanitised feel good pro-Sevco version in the mainstream.

What you read here is guaranteed to be lamb free.

Your support, as always, is essential to keep this Fitba Samizdat on the road.

Now , dear reader, I am in my father’s town and I have to see a man about the Easter Rising.

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