A disturbance in the Fitba multiverse

Right now in a parallel universe the Press Office at Ibrox is being grilled by intrepid Scottish journalists.

The Fitba Fourth Estate reporters, in this other dimension, have lots of pressing questions about the current cash situation at Sevco.

Moreover, they want answers because they consider them to be in the Public Interest.

The by reporters parsed, dissect and then openly discard the expensively prepared Press Releases.

Instead of spin they want real answers, and they know that they aren’t to be found in the official version of events.

That is because these journalists don’t collude with the powerful, and they realise that they act on behalf of the public.

Moreover, these reporters spend long hours developing back door sources to find out what is really happening.

In this other dimension the hard pressed PR folk at Sevco today find themselves fielding questions like:


“Is it true that the cash situation is so bad that your board is seriously considering closing Murray Park?

Moreover, it is also true that they’re considering using the Ibrox complex only on match days to save money?

Furthermore, is it the case that the board of the club have to make a decision on this by October 20th,?”


In this alternative reality dear reader, the reporter would not be put off by any equivocation or evasion on these matters.

Indeed, in this undiscovered part of the multiverse, a journalist in Ireland wouldn’t have to fulfil the functions of the press pack in Glasgow.

Meanwhile, in this reality, there remains a need to provide an alternative to succulent stenography masquerading as journalism.

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