A hard bargaining

Back in February in the week before Rangers went into Administration I looked at the psychological trauma that was about the befall those who follow Rangers.


Now that the end is approaching it is perhaps worth looking again at those phases.

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’s model states that anyone going through loss or bereavement experience the following phases in sequence: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance.

I think many of the Rangers klan are now in the third phase.

When their team entered Administration in February it was unthinkable for most of them that the club would be liquidated.

They simply denied that any of this was happening.

Of course the anger phase was acted out with aplomb and dignity.

They’re good at anger.

Many of them are still in that phase and will be unable to leave it without professional help.

Now that the imminent liquidation of the club cannot be denied there is a fascinating process being acted out online and in pubs and bars wherever klan Ibrox meet.

Liquidation, they reassure each other, isn’t really the end of Rangers.

The more liquid they take the more likely this Pollyanna view takes hold.

I cannot, of course, know how many of them actually believe the nonsensical proposition that liquidation is not the death of Rangers.

This is where people need the media to tell them what the reality is not what they want it to be.

Sadly, today, in the Daily Record the award winning journalist Keith Jackson referred to the 140 year old club being “reborn” under the stewardship of Mr Bill Miller of Tennessee.

This type of reportage is so unhelpful to this grieving process that it really is off the radar.

Perhaps that is what the rest of us can expect from those who marched to Hampden last Saturday.

Stealth grieving.

Inside they’re not dancing.

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