A hard bargaining

Back in February in the week before Rangers went into Administration I looked at the psychological trauma that was about the befall those who follow Rangers.


Now that the end is approaching it is perhaps worth looking again at those phases.

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’s model states that anyone going through loss or bereavement experience the following phases in sequence: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance.

I think many of the Rangers klan are now in the third phase.

When their team entered Administration in February it was unthinkable for most of them that the club would be liquidated.

They simply denied that any of this was happening.

Of course the anger phase was acted out with aplomb and dignity.

They’re good at anger.

Many of them are still in that phase and will be unable to leave it without professional help.

Now that the imminent liquidation of the club cannot be denied there is a fascinating process being acted out online and in pubs and bars wherever klan Ibrox meet.

Liquidation, they reassure each other, isn’t really the end of Rangers.

The more liquid they take the more likely this Pollyanna view takes hold.

I cannot, of course, know how many of them actually believe the nonsensical proposition that liquidation is not the death of Rangers.

This is where people need the media to tell them what the reality is not what they want it to be.

Sadly, today, in the Daily Record the award winning journalist Keith Jackson referred to the 140 year old club being “reborn” under the stewardship of Mr Bill Miller of Tennessee.

This type of reportage is so unhelpful to this grieving process that it really is off the radar.

Perhaps that is what the rest of us can expect from those who marched to Hampden last Saturday.

Stealth grieving.

Inside they’re not dancing.

52 thoughts on “A hard bargaining

  1. tom dolan

    I was nearly feeling sorry for “rapeepul”when I remembered my childhood ,growing up in the east end of glasgow.people were nice till they found out you were a TIM,then they looked at you as if you just had a shit in their xmas dinner.

  2. George

    Rangers are dead.

    That leaves only the question of history.

    In 1871 the various states of Germany unified; in 1918 it was declared a Republic; in 1945 the country was split East and West; and in 1990 was reunified in the Federal Democratic Republic.

    Was this the same country throughout history? Absolutely not – but history is why we know Germany has changed. The past is not something we own, the past is something we remember – and should learn from.

    The selective aspect in memory does not equate to a full history any more than a new entity is the same as an old one.

    We can’t change the past and we can’t erase memories from the minds of people BUT we can do everything in our power to ensure the truth is told – that will become the history that Rangers will want to forget

  3. Gordon Taylor

    As far as I understand it, Rangers keep their history, even if liquidated. Leeds were insolvent and a new company formed, but the records show the current Leeds United having won the trophies associated with the liquidated club. Is this the same for Rangers 2012?

  4. Len McCoy

    I heard that a wealthy Australian was building a new Titanic. The original sank of course but although this will be a brand new ship called the Titanic, it won’t actually be the original ship no matter how much people want to believe it. That’s how gullible Rangers fans are in wanting to believe that a Rangers newco is the same Rangers. No, the old one is sinking and when its gone, that will be it – forever.


  5. Thekwizatshaderach

    “If you want to change the culture, you will have to start by changing the organization”
    Mary Douglas

  6. Ali

    *takes celtic supporter hat off*

    rangers history won’t be erased.

    we don’t write our rivals history – we can only affect it.
    if rangers fans supporting whatever team rangers turn into believe that it is still rangers – thats up to them. we can complain till we’re green in face and it won’t make a lick of difference.

    personally, apart from the massive lollage of it all for us, its hardly worth bothering about.

  7. Scotjolly

    Good article again Phil,

    Rangers will be allowed to stay in the SPL as the “commercial aspect” will be too great for the other clubs to suffer !!! This will be the spin !! 10 point deductions for 2 years and a 75% deduction in SPL winnings and fees. No transfer of players for a year and banned from Europe for 3 years. GRFC will rent Ibrox from “Owner” and Murray park will be sold to keep creditors a little happy. – This is going to be as close to the deal as you will see. Scottish football thinks it needs some kind of Rangers.

  8. Mouldy67

    The local media should do the right thing and spell out what it really means

    So that the poor souls can get on with the grieving

  9. droid

    It’s good to see that alleged Celtic Fan being arrested for racist remarks towards Mr Bartley. You have brought shame to our club on a day of great joy and tribulation. Hope you are banned from the club.

    The police must be commended too for such quick action picking out one individual from such a large crowd.

    This begs the question when shall we see equality of approach to the far more numerous public displays of Anti Irish Racism at football games?

    Even the esteemed Mr Alex Thomson does not get this, how can we help educate one and all of their ignorance?

    1. Brendan

      Well said Droid – If this geezer is found to be guilty then he should hammered by the law, no place for racism of any kind at Celtic park….

      Speaking of which I was just wondering whether the match commander had a balaclava on on Sunday since there appears not a hint of reporting or liaising with UEFA on the singing emanating from the poisonous end on Sunday….

      Particularly in the first half – they bludgeoned their way through their entire hate filled and illegal repertoire yet we hear eh….not a peep from Strathclyde’s finest…

      Just like we hear eh….not a peep about the Kilmarnock game (1st after administration) when all 4 stands embraced their bigotry strewn manifesto in not so glorious surround sound..this was the subject of an investigation… Guess they postponed that one too

      Strange how they could hear a reference in a song from the magnificant Green Brigade…and act on it

      Bizarre in fact


  10. JOHNNY MCelhinnney

    PHIL, A MEETING LAST NIGHT WITH NEIL DONCASTER on BBC radio Scotland 6-10pm bodyswerved answers to whether Rangers would go to 3rd division if a CVA or LIQUIDATION in 10 days time, he coughed & evaded answers, but in the end said even if they were to go down either route the would still be in the SPL along with 10 point deduction & 75% less from SPL funds.Sounds crazy, as a survey carried out by Scotish fans showed 98.3% voted for 3rd div. Sample was from approx 19000 footie fans

  11. TonyD

    That well know master of mirth, Make Dungwell blogged the following yesterday…

    ‘’Someone is speaking with a forked tongue. Make no mistake – the line currently being peddled that Duff & Phelps had left it to each individual buyer alone or to Ticketus to obtain Craig Whyte’s shares as part of the CVA process is tripe. Pure and unadulterated tripe. I have been in two meetings with the administrators where they stated without hesitation or qualification that Whyte’s shareholding would not be an impediment to a CVA. Subsequent one of them claimed that it would take 48/72 hours to get them off of Whyte.
    To see this issue go from being ‘no problem’ to ‘big problem’ has been bewildering.
    My suspicion is that the Rangers administration has simply proved to be too big a job for D&P and they are casting around for excuses to do a far simpler job than a CVA – and that is a newco/liquidation.’’

    Oh dear, seems since 14th February 2012 nobody, especially D & P, have been speaking to the main rfc(ia) shareholder….isn’t that fundamental to the whole process?

    Given these levels of incompetency, it can only be a matter of time before D & P’s children are getting a police escort to school!

  12. TB Legend

    When does the Rangers Tribute team start their tour?

    Will they be allowed to perform in bigger SPL venues, or are they looking at performing a whistlestop tour (or should that be flute stop tour) of every ground in Scotland spreading thier venom and party songs to the poor unsuspecting public of smaller towns all over Scotland?

    Truly, there’s not a team like the Glasgow Rangers.

  13. pete grant

    Elisabeth Kubler Ross her working model
    Rangers FC the manager the fans outraged at the transfer ban
    Jelavic=Rapid Vienna,Bartley=Arsenal,Bocanegra=ST Etienne
    Walace=Hearts,Weiss=Man City,Big Man Wee Man in Glasgow
    and up and down the country,Ireland Europe least the SPL got the ban bit right Close them down sell the ground
    NEW CLUB third division anything else is wrong this must be a test case for EUFA Vinny the Jones boy got it wright
    Cheeky ——–

  14. Stevie Reid

    I’m fed up hearing about them..i don’t even read about them in the papers, i skip passed it. The same news getting churned out by the same ‘churnalists’. This has turned into a saga. Just get it over with and put them down. But, then again i quite enjoy seeing their agony prolonged.

  15. Davy

    An example of denial and bargaining demonstrated by The baron (sorry BLUE) Knights….

    In the beginning (of the end) they were emphatic that Craig Whyte would not make a penny from this process.
    Now – Their offer is conditional to the acquisition/release of Craig Whytes’ shares.

    How this acquisition will come about is unclear, but I’d expect some BARGAINING to be done (meaning money exchanging hands) and if they expect otherwise then they really are in DENIAL!!!

  16. Andybhoy

    RANGERS £53m takeover will finally be concluded this week with Craig Whyte becoming the new owner in time to hand manager in waiting Ally McCoist a summer transfer war-chest.
    Documents relating to “working capital ” which have delayed the sale have now been presented to David Murray and the Independent Board allowing the sale to be ratified to the Stock Exchange within the next 48 hours.

    Despite reports that the Motherwell millionaire was ready to walk away from the deal because of so called “stalling tactics” Whyte has agreed all the terms with Murray and Lloyds bank and, as exclusively revealed by express/star sport two weeks ago, will now provide £10m to McCoist to strengthen the squad.

    “All the working capital and investment required is in place and has been ratified. All the assurances needed by those that matter have been given so we expect the takeover at long last to proceed this week ” said a source close to the deal.

    “At a stroke Rangers football club will be completely debt free, will have money to invest in new players as well as keep key personnel and cash to make stadium and training ground improvements.

    “Not many clubs in Britain can say that which is the legacy David Murray wanted to leave to the club and the supporters.”

    The deal will mark an end to Murray’s 22 year association with Rangers during which time they have won 36 trophies and 15 out of 22 League Titles as well as a UEFA Cup Final appearance.

  17. Hector's Army

    Most shame fc fans that i know are still at the denial stage. Denial that the club is guilty of any wrong doing and that it’s all Craig Whyte’s fault. At least they’re not blaming chelsea fans this time i suppose.

    1. jim larkin

      Well done phil

      No doubt we will see another “final” and “best” bid deadline pass today.

      Because duff and duffer don’t seem to accept it either.

      Another thing. As administrators, why do they attend games?
      That’s not the role of an administrator to attend games, when they should be working to the benefit of all creditors…

  18. Adrian

    I’m intrigued by their use of the word ‘dignity’ to describe themselves, their club and the ‘people’. It’s a passive aggresive usage ie ‘we’re dignified, they are not’ and membership seems to come with a birth certificate rather than any personal characteristics like integrity and honesty.

    I think they’re confusing it with ‘identity’ and common beliefs.

    There is something very off putting about any group which defines itself in such a irrational and exclusive way. I can’t think of any other group of supporters and a club that takes such a self righteous stance.

    Very odd.

  19. SeanBonJovi

    Good article Phil.

    The endgame is well under way.

    Any plans to turn the spotlight on the relationship between, D Muray, his businesses and the Scottish Banking network that resulted in what we witness today?

    Would be another good scoop/exclusive to bring to the publics attention. Not like the MSM will touch it.

  20. bfb

    John Burns’ “flown the coup” is very much an improved version of “flown the coop” in these circumstances……..

  21. Ciaran

    Is there any kind of time-line to this or just sneak it in between end of season and marching season ??!


    Here we go round the MULBERRY BUSH again & again & again, love the way the hacks are keeping the story going , it really is quite funny to observe the gullibilty of the BUNZ OF SCOTTISH FOOTBALL let’s’ hope that people like PHIL, ALEX THOMSON, R.T.C. VIDEO CELTS,& ALL THE GOOD & FAIR MINDED PEOPLE ON PLANET FITBA’ KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ON THEIR RESPECTIVE SITES , HAIL HAIL & GOD BLESS MY CELT FROM CO ARMAGH NEIL LENNON

  23. whale oil beef hooked

    Surely there has to be a significant number of people who would describe themselves as Rangers supporters, but are ashamed of the way their club has behaved and continues to behave?

    Despite the example set by their leaders some Rangers fans must want to acknowledge guilt, accept a fair punsihment, say sorry, and get on with righting the many wrongs instead of behaving like spoilt arrogant children with Daily Record comfort blankets..?

    Anyone…? Bueller? Anyone..?

    1. Davy


      Good call and todays article on the BBC website shows up what you say and that their “figureheads” are in as much denial as the ordinary fan;
      “Sandy Jardine has pleaded with football authorities not to cripple Rangers, saying they were a club that paid their bills prior to Craig Whyte’s arrival.””

      I think HMRC, Rapid Vienna and others would disagree….


  24. John O'Neill

    It’s very difficult to see through the mist at present.

    Of course we all know their fate if the sporting and statutory laws are to be fairly applied, and it should be noted that some judgements are still outstanding and awaiting determination. Against this backdrop one lives in hope that the messages currently being delivered by the regulatory bodies and media are for conditioning purposes. That they are being delivered to avoid social unrest, but I, for one, just cant trust their motives and that pretty much sums up all that is wrong with the game in Scotland – an inability to trust motives.

  25. Andybhoy

    I find it even more tragic when the likes of sandy jardine standing on the steps of hampden while the shame of Scotland stand and sing rule britania giving a Nazi salute with jardine fist clenched in the air,but scotlands shame has always been in short supply of role models,,there greatest ever ranger,,laudrup,gascoigne,de boar,,,,no,,, a lump of wood called Greg(ebt).
    The day is soon upon them that they are going to have to realise that they are most certainly NOT THE PEEPEL and they are not a “special case” although some of there fans are.
    Can you just IMAGIN if it were Celtic in this case with ebt,tax,NI,creditors non payment of this and that,,I know what THEY are like,you know,,the peopled who run things,,the establishment,media,,,the lot of them and I find it hard to think how bad it would be,,they would be like going apoplectic during an orgasm with delight,,,never trust a taig,,they are all the same,beggars bandits thieves the lot,,you would think they brushed there teeth with shampoo they would be foaming at the mouth,,but it’s not us,,it’s them,,,hence the silence,,hence the ‘delay after delay’,,hence the”it’s rangers” we need rangers or fitb a is dead,,the same guys who said rangers are to big for Scotland,,it’s to easy for them,,they need a bigger challenge,,,,well,,,they have got one now and they have bitten off a lot more they can chew,,infact it will choke them to death.

  26. JimBhoy

    Hey Phil, question for ya,, it’s been bugging me for a while… So without a CVA which i have never thought was on the cards with the number of creditors and amount of debt even discounting the big tax case issue, how can they do the newco phoenix thing that Miller was suggesting… Surely that is just another tax evasion loophole and in order not to pay ANY debts and retain the company assets and history.. Is this just bollox also? If this was a way out of debts it would be commonplace for most companies and effectively kill any modern economy…!!!

  27. keighley bhoy

    Let’s face it, if theres still some Muppets owt there that still think there not going into liquidation then expect a call of Kermit and miss piggy any time soon, liquidation is a done deal, what makes me feel sick to the bottom ov my stomach, that bit ov my stomach that the very mention ov BIGOT FC and im going green and looking for a toilet, is what has been going on behind closed doors(Masonic ones) to make there transition back into the SPL as pain less as possibe, the amount ov secret handshakes and favors that have been called in we will never know, but it has definitely gone on, cheating will be rewarded eventually, but i pray that Celtic and the board have one last ACE CARD just waiting to put down, hail hail. GOD BLESS IE CELTIC+

  28. John

    Keith Jackson Journalist of the year ha ha, all that guy does is go on follow follow lift stories from there and other fan forums, then have it as an exclusive the following day.

    Journalist of the year, only in Scotland 🙁

  29. Chris

    With the exception of a few honest men (not writing for redtops). The redtops and the bigoted hacks that work for them guising as sports writers have shown there true colours. Over the last few months they have truelly shown to all just what is wrong with the press in this country. I think the denial stage is going to last for some time yet.

  30. Willie K

    Reborn indeed. Mummra from ‘Thundercats’ comes to mind – that was more believable!

    Wacko Jacko cracks me up – The Radar Reporter.

  31. John Burns

    Phil, totally agree with (now there’e a surprise), I too am a reader of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, my first book being “On Death and Dying” from which I think your quotation is taken.

    There surely is a recognition by all except the rabidly-insane amongst the Rangers’legions, that, as we say in Glasgow, “the game’s a bogey”.

    It must have been so demoralising for them, whether watching at Celtic Park, or on television, to see a Celtic club, team and supporters in complete ‘harmony’ on Sunday afternoon.

    On the subject of Jackson, how he was voted Journalist of the Year, when on the biggest story ever in Scottish football, he got it so wrong at the start – ” billionaire with off the radar wealth”

    He is the propaganda arm of Rangers, the Blue Knights and Duff and Phelpps put together and, some of the tosh he comes up with is unbelievable.

    He keeps talking about either the Blue Knights, or Bill Miller, getting “the keys to Ibrox”, when in fact the best they could achieve, at the moment, is be named preferred bidder, with all that entails.

    Can you confirm that there is still to be a Creditors Meeting, with responses and that this usually takes around 14 days to complete? Thereafter is a period of preferred bidder exclusivity and due diligence lasting 28 days, and only after this could any decision, one way, or, another be forthcoming?

    Surely all of the above would take us into the middle of June, well after the end of the season, and by such time senior players will have ‘flown the coup’?

    No need to say, keep up the good work – the end is nigh!!

  32. James

    It won’t matter whether RFC become a Newco, or languish somewhere in the bowels of Scottish football. Truth is that nothing grows from hatred. They’re like a lost tribe, disliked by England, Europe and civilisation in general.
    Truth be told, they’re not fond of each other. Have you ever met a happy racist?

  33. Gerry

    I posted something similar in RTC a time ago.

    My concern for is that a large proportion of rangers support live on anger. It is their reason for being & they know no other way.

    Maybe the last few months will cause them to reflect & accept that they may have to atone for their misdeeds and play in Div3 next season.

    I’m sure they wouldn’t want to retain any titles or trophies if it’s shown they were illgotten gains.

    Whilst this is possible I cant help thinking they’ll still struggle to get past anger!

  34. stewart

    We all know when they die THEY DIE, they know it as well. No more old firm just the odd cup game against a third division outfit calling themselves rangers in homage to an outfit who almost killed all of scotish football duuring a 20 year suicide process.A new dawn is coming for scotish football and scotland as a whole and I for one can’t wait for it.


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