A last shot at glory

Cup ties haven’t been kind to Ally McCoist in his managerial career.

Back when he has managing Rangers his first competitive match in charge was easily his most important.

The match against Malmo in July 2011 could have set the then SPL champions on the way to the Group Stages of the Champions League.

That revenue would have been vital to keep the show on the road.

That, of course didn’t happen, and then exiting the Europa League at the hands of Maribor the following month meant that Craig Whyte’s cash flow problems were then off the radar.

Almost exactly a year after the Rangers v Malmo match saw Sevco’s first ever game in professional football and was also in the Ramsden’s Challenge Cup against Brechin City.

Once more Super Ally was in the dugout.

Since he took over at Sevco McCoist has had two shots at this prestigious trophy and, at the second attempt, they reached the final.

This is it not a bad achievement for the toddler club which has yet to celebrate its second birthday.

It would appear that no one on Planet Fitba outside of the home crowd at Ibrox were shouting for Sevco yesterday.

This morning a well-placed source close to Stark’s Park said to me that there had been well-wishers from across the planet to congratulate them on their cup victory.

Just like 20 years ago against Celtic at Ibrox the men from Kirkcaldy thoroughly deserved their cup victory.

The situation that the Sevco manager now finds himself in rather takes the focus from great achievement of the Raith Rovers and that is a shame.

Ally McCoist has had a difficult relationship the folks who have been in charge of the new club.

When Charles Green was faced with a season ticket strike in the summer of 2012 due to the eloquence of John Brown it was Super Ally that reassured the faithful.

Then that relationship broke down between Charlie and McCoist.

The new regime, it is fair to say, probably don’t see Super Ally as that super really.

Mr McCoist’s remuneration is the stuff of legned on Planet Fitba and for that price he really should deliver.

Well he has one semi-final chance next week end.

A victory against Jackie McNamara’s Dundee United would bring in around £400,000 and book a place in the final at Parkhead.

This is very welcome extra revenue given that the holding club still has to find approximately another £700,000 in order to be able to meet payroll.

Payday for the Sevco staff is just two weeks after the match against the Arabs.

The soccer experts I have consulted have all told me that the men from Tannadice are hot favourites to win the semi-final.

Then again the same wizened crew told me that Raith Rovers had no chance against Super Ally’s highly paid stars!

The distraught Sevco supporters still cling to the hope that out there is a rich Bear who will bankroll their dreams, or at least release them from this nightmare.

The only chap that fits the bill is Dave King, and what a bill it is!

I am told that the major shareholders won’t Do Walking Away for less than £20 million and then there is the ongoing annual loss of around £10 million.

The South African based entrepreneur believes that that “soft investment” will plug the hole.

Of course if Mr King can afford to underwrite a share issue to the tune of, say, £30 million then I am sure the South African Authorities would be interested to learn how he can afford that from his own resources.

Of course anytime a team is seen to underperform on the field then it is the manager who usually gets it in the neck.

That said I think Ally McCoist is correct to be sanguine about his job security.

Quite simply his severance package would be too much to pay out at this point in time.

Before he entered football management Super Ally was the consummate professional in the media a really top performer.

At one point a career in movies seemed possible.

I understand that there was a fair and frank exchange of views at Ibrox this morning about McCoist’s performance as a manager and the entertainment value that he had served up yesterday.

Super Ally is in now in no doubt that next week he will have to seize the match against Dundee United by the throat.

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