A loyal general

As reported here previously General Ashley has his troops deployed in a situation that suits him.
Moreover he considers it only a matter of time before, due to logistical reasons, the New Regime implodes.
Indeed, he would prefer this dénouement to the saga rather than calling in his £5m loan.
Several sources have now informed me that Sevco are in default.
I also understand that the chaps on the ISDX have told the New Regime that Mr David Cunningham King is not acceptable to them.
Indeed I understand that this information is now with the Scottish Football Association.
The monthly payroll must be met the week after next, and it could be that one of the big earners might have to take a temporary hit.
Perhaps Mr Super will step forward and be that guy.
Sources inside Ibrox tell me that Mr Paul Murray is on a salary commensurate with his substantial abilities.
All fit and proper of course.
What did surprise me was that I was told that his package is larger than the one that David Somers was drawing down while he was in the Blue Room.
At time of writing General Ashley does not want to parley with the New Regime.
I hope that he isn’t taking this personal.
However the vilification of his guys in the Scottish media did sting him.
As for the high level Sevco investigation into the corporate conduct of Mr Llambias and Mr Leach well I am told that there has been precious little investigating so far.
The two men, still on full pay, have an excellent legal team to represent them provided by their General.
Like any successful commander he is loyal to his trusted lieutenants

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