A matter of timing

101 years ago today the Titanic went to a watery grave.

The ship, shoddily put together in a workplace poisoned by discrimination and hate , sank 375 miles from Newfoundland in the North Atlantic Ocean.

There were 1,502 victims. May they rest in peace.

Unsuspecting they were told that the ship they were boarding was safe and secure.

It wasn’t.

101 years later a football club cannibalised from a previous vessel is slowly sinking.

It has been holed below the water line.

Not by a passing iceberg but the deceit, deception and duplicity that lurks under the surface at Ibrox.

101 years after it sank there is still a global yet morbid fascination with the Belfast built ship. It is at rest eternal on the seabed, split in two and gradually disintegrating at a depth of 12,415 feet.

The wreckage of the former football club now lies several leagues below split in two and gradually disintegrating.

I wonder if Charles Green and Imran Ahmad will remember the Birkenhead Drill…Women and Children first.

The business tycoons of day said that the Titanic was “unsinkable”.

After it had sank the Carpathia picked up 710 survivors.

Some claim the former football club at Ibrox was unsinkable.

Yet it sank.

Now the HMS Sevco, hastily welded together in the summer and plying the same trade route, is in severe difficulty, rudderless and adrift.

It is taking in water and there is no rescue ship that will reach it in time.

Their buddies are racing  to their aid, but they will be too late.

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