A meddlesome match has to be played today

Today at Fir Park there will be a small delegation of The People.

They hope to witness their heroes overcome a two-goal deficit and proceed into the Premiership.

Charles of Normandy and those shy chaps out in the Sevco Triangle hope for that too.

I am told that the elevation of Sevco into the top tier of Scottish football will net Charlie and the boys a nice little increment on their Onerous Contracts.

Recently Paul Murray, the Interim Chairman of Rangers International Football Club (RIFC), stated at a presser that the club was “…broken…” well I have to demur on that one.

Sevco is working perfectly and is doing exactly what it was created to do.

Every day it trades it will enrich the original consortium just a bit more.

No matter what league they are in next season, the Onerous Contracts will continue to feed off the host.

For as long as some emotionally involved chap puts in ‘soft investment’ to the Ibrox operation then Charlie and the boys will be smiling.

Of course, The People continue to believe in the New Regime because they do not have any other alternatives.

If the King Consortium does not deliver the Fitba equivalent of the Marshall Plan at Ibrox, then the only realistic option for the fans is To Do Walking Away ™.

The reason that many of them have endured this gruelling ‘journey’ has been the belief that this Rangers can become like the old Rangers.

The club that died in 2012 was a vehicle for a vicious supremacism against Irish Catholics that really should have been left in the shameful past.

In Post IndyRef Scotland, with the Scottish National Party setting the agenda with Westminster, then the Rule Britannia belief system of the Ibrox crowd is now very out of place indeed.

It is a world view that is well past its historical moment.

At the end of the match today we will know whether or not the mighty Glasgow Sevco will be in the Championship next season or the top flight.

In one sense it does not really matter.

The reality is that the efficacy of the Sevco match day experience for the Fenian Blood Wading community isn’t what it used to be.

These days the Ibrox shambles is a pathetic sight, derided and laughed at by many.

That does not mean, however, that this Rangers does not have powerful friends.

Despite the fact that most of Planet Fitba will be shouting for the men in  claret and amber  the soccer establishment in Scotland want Sevco ‘in their rightful place’ and there’s their problem right there.

In the summer of 2012 the people on the 6th floor at Hampden told the world and her wean that without a Rangers, any Rangers, then the professional football game in Scotland would collapse.

The clubs in the Scottish Football League were left in no doubt that only they could prevent Fitba Armageddon.

Well, dear reader, the Hampden Suits were either fibbing on an industrial scale, or they truly believed it.

If it is the latter explanation then, in my opinion, they’re simply too stupid to be in the positions of power that they still hold.

Yesterday a club that is 18 years older than the team playing Motherwell today lifted the Scottish Cup.

Last season it was the chance of St Johnstone to taste cup glory and Aberdeen lifted the League Cup and Pittodrie is once more a tough venue to visit.

Yet the Stenographers regurgitate the line that a team called Rangers are somehow ‘missed’ from the top flight.

I think it is fair to say that it does not suit the Suits for Sevco to remain in the second tier of Scottish football after today.

They should, of course, be entirely neutral on the matter.

However, the chaps at Hampden did not want Rangers (1872) to die in the first place.

When they knew it was inevitable they then tried their best to pass off Sevco as Rangers in the Scottish Premier League as if nothing had happened.

Actually quite a bit had happened at the top of the Marble Staircase when the Suits and the Stenographers were looking the other way.

Players at Ibrox were improperly registered because all the payments were not disclosed to the authorities.

This was because Rangers had deployed tax evasion strategies after Season 1998-1999 to artificially boost their wage budget for players.

It is also my settled view that, having seen documentary evidence, that the original Ibrox club should not have been permitted to play in UEFA competitions in Season 2011-2012 because they were owing to a taxing authority.

Sevco starting in the bottom tier of Scottish football in season 2012-2013 was a victory for sporting fairness.

Today I think of the late Turnbull Hutton speaking honestly and plainly on the steps at Hampden in June 2012.

Speaking truth to power is a function of the Fourth Estate, but on Planet Fitba there are Stenographers rather than journalists.

It is a tribute to the straight talking man from Kirkcaldy that Sevco have to go through the ignominy of actually winning a football match before they gain their rightful place in a league where they have never been.


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