A newspaper fit for a King

I wrote here only a few days ago that “journalism without precision isn’t  really worth the effort”.

It would appear that the folks at the Daily Record weren’t paying attention.

From the Daily Record, the newspaper that gave us, “Craig Whyte, multi billionaire with wealth off the radar” more bunkum as the late Jimmy Sanderson would have said.

Today’s exclusive by John Ferguson claims: “Dave King gets the all-clear from the Stock Exchange to return to Ibrox.”

The article goes on to quote a spokesman for Aim as saying:

“I had a look in the reports and there were these issues in South Africa, the other thing was that he had been on the board previously.

“So the question would be whether these things would stop him taking a stake again.

“I think the answer on both these points is they wouldn’t.

“From the Exchange’s point of view if we are satisfied Rangers’ nominated adviser Daniel Stewart and Company has carried out the correct checks then he would be allowed to make this investment.”

My sources in the City tell me that the decision makers within AIM are furious at what they consider to be utter gobbledygook and are considering further action.

Also in Mr. Ferguson’s exclusive he states: “King is believed to have met Paul Shackleton of Daniel Stewart yesterday to discuss returning to Ibrox as chairman.”

This may come as a surprise to Mr. Shackleton who is on holiday!

The questions the Editor of the Daily Record should be asking today is did Mr. Ferguson (if he in fact really exists) speak directly to Aim and directly to Mr. Shackleton’s office or did he just speak to a PR company?

Or, has the Daily Record who talked-up Craig Whyte, Alastair Johnson, Walter Smith, Charles Green and Craig Mather decided facts don’t matter when it comes to Dave King?

The Daily Record a newspaper fit for a King!

76 thoughts on “A newspaper fit for a King

  1. Allan McMillan

    Off topic but it seems that Traynor has bailed…wonder if he’ll start singing or if that’ll be the last of him.

  2. Brendan

    Speaking of this rag Phil

    Don’t know if you noticed today but apparently the British soldier photographed with the Nazi style salute is no Nazi…

    No, it’s ok he’s a Loyalist (with picture of him in full uniform complete with Sash) with a suitably regretful narrative confirming he is indeed no Racist…a venerable chap in fact..

    Phew, that’s ok then…

    Honestly in only in this vile wee place


  3. willie

    That any celtic fan should vote yes after salmonds football bill designed to get our supporters and only our supporters,and his backing of the orange orders right to march plus his attempt to get unionist votes by keeping the royal family,an independent scotland would still have the same demographics and the same citizens the majority would still be anti catholic anti irish racist and bigots we have know nought would change

    1. Coyote Briggs

      Why are a lot of people, you included, hypnotised into the thought that a vote for independence is a vote for A. Salmond and the SNP.
      SNP are the party who won control of the devolved government who control a percentage of decision making in Scotland.
      I’m looking at the referendum from a different angle from you my friend.
      In an independent Scotland, free from the Westminster “headlock” we’re currently in, there will be new party politics. Part of which ( I hope ), a Scottish Labour Party, a strong scottish social identity, a fairer society that looks on all citizens as equal.
      Please don’t get bogged down with Salmond and Orangeism- Scotland is better than that.

      1. Mac Tomas

        We are not voting for Salmond or the SNP, We are opting to “end the Union”. Some people are making a meal of what is a rather easy to understand distinction.
        There is a bigger picture to understand that just how the Scottish authorities, the footballing & political relate to Celtic. As much as I love Celtic, we have a duty to look beyond what is simply best for our club, & consider the greater good.
        I agree with you willie that Salmond has been exercising “Expediency” regarding our Orange countrymen, but that is exactly what it is, pragmatic politics. It’s worth remembering that Salmond is at heart a Scottish Republican, as his earlier life in the SNP suggests.
        Willie…… why would you vote in line with the Orange Unionist knuckle draggers in our midst….. What they fear most is the End of their Union……..
        It’s time to stop being fearful of them, & regard them with the disdain they deserve.

      2. Phil.

        I will guarantee you things will remain exactly as they are now. Do not think that an ‘Independent’ Scotland will be some sort of “fully inclusive” democracy. Politicians target votes, not people. You are of little good to them if you do not have the numbers within any society. That is why they are ‘cushioning’ up to the O.O.

    2. Scott Mc

      I don’t get your reasoning with regards the house of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Salmond knows better than to talk about a Scottish republic and lets face it if your that much of a Republican independence offers a far greater chance of getting rid of the monarchy than staying within the UK.

  4. Old Cartha Bhoy

    As I have posted elsewhere, interesting that Salmond, Doncaster and Lawell are all China bound in the next few days…wonder what Chinese P(r) awn, gold buyer, cheque cashing company will be the new sponsor of the SPFL?

  5. joseph mary

    Phil, surely you don’t seriously expect us to believe that this wee dude John Ferguson is anything other than a bona fide Daily Record journalist? Next you will be calling into question the integrity of Scottish referees. 🙂

  6. Lenny

    Phil, serious question. Have you enquired of AIM how many of their listed companies have convicted criminals on the board of directors of AIM listed companies? The answer to this question would be quite revealing – presume those who control AIM want to encourage honesty and transparency so I would hope the answer would be none. Would welcome any info you have on this.

  7. iain

    I agree with your blog Phil but some of the posters need to realise that until Dave king puts a request into the SFA with regards joining rangers board then the media will print speculation to help sales of newspapers . its a tried and tested method for all newspapers not just the daily record .. Only fools would think that rangers instigated this rubbish .its a ploy by the fourth estate to wind up the muppets and its working … Long live sevco . ho.ho.ho got ya

  8. Phil.

    Never forget guys, these eejits have to sell “newspapers”. Who else is going to buy this pish other than the clowns who follow Sevco.

  9. Lenny

    Phil, the daily record knows that Liquidated Rangers fans and Sevco The Rangers fans are simply the most gullible fans in the universe. It has to sell the rag to someone and why would they have to look beyond the unquestioning gullible Sevcovians? Rangers fans were, and their Sevco replacements are, the most In -denial people you will ever hear an offensive song from. Simply hilarious. Please keep mocking the media tarts and their compliant offerings to the Tribute Act.

  10. jjbhoy

    @Phil,laffed my nuts off on reading Roy Greenslade’s article(factual)on the Daily Rangers”EXCLUSIVE”,re;KING GETS ALL CLEAR,moreso,when he quoted you and your take on the lies printed in a national rag. Once again Phil,a credit!

  11. jjbhoy

    @Phil….just read your article Phil,fantastic! I had said in an earlier post that,i had already contacted the Press Complaints Commission in reference to a story run by,Richard Wilson in the Sunday Herald,13/10/2013,in which he stated that,Mr King had”settled”his case with SARS. Having read your article,i have again contacted the PCC to register my disgust. Thanks for keeping up the good fight,you are a credit to your profession.

  12. Pensionerbhoy


    To think I used to backer my jotters at primary school with it. No wonder I ended up as thick as two flat planks or a ferguson as it is known these days.

    H H

    1. jjbhoy

      @nhie…..nice one nhie,get on to the Press Complaints Commission and register your disgust,it’s the only way forward,one (B)rogue in front of the other eh!

  13. big tammy g............

    well done phil you are a real thorn in deadcos soft under belly. does anybody still buy this rag please dont if you do hit them in the pocket and buy the BEANO its not as funny but has better journalism ………..

  14. Pat MVP

    We’ll done The Daily Record I say!!

    They were instrumental in hiding the truth before when the previous incumbents of the big hoose put the pedal to the metal as they were heading for the abyss.

    Keep up the good work lads!

  15. Celtic Rebel

    Remember folks,this is the same rag that gave us the front page headlines “Thugs and Thieves,” and “The Coffin,” and the “Cracked crest.”
    We know how low they will sink in their pursuit of all things Celtic.

    1. holy sea

      They also gave us, who’s hated more at obibrox – neil lennon or the tax man.shocking.if it is not bad enough for lenny

  16. Steveplustax

    Nail/head interface. Hopefully this will encourage the likes of Britney (sic) and English to… get intae them!

  17. gerry s

    It is with a deep sigh,but also with pride,because of your relentless pursuit of the truth,Phil, that I make this comment.
    Until Scotland is an independent nation .like the Irish Republic,we will continue to be blighted with the self serving agenda of the unionist cause , in all its guises.

    Sevco and the Daily Record are just one part of this cesspit.

    1. The Wallace

      I really fail to see the connection. If they are at the madam now they will be worse in an Independent Scotland. You have no idea the things that will be covered up then.

      1. gerry s

        That’s the problem. i wish you could see that there is a connection between the continued union government and Sevco’s sense of invulnerability to serious scrutiny. But I respect your point of view.

        Hail Hail

        1. Mac Tomas

          They will be more exposed in an Independent Scotland. The Union is their reason d’etre. There will be a period of intensified rage & gnashing of teeth when they see their fleg being taken down from Scottish flag poles. However it will dissapate.
          If we vote to preserve the Union it will galvanize Zombiedom………

          1. holy sea

            Mac, I hope so.But I don’t trust sammon.Remember sallygate.Inquiry ? Where is the inquiry into what LENNY and his family have suffered in this country ?? This should be on the agenda at both edinburgh and westminster parliaments.

    2. Coyote Briggs

      Ireland is a partitioned state. Maybe in time, when the jingoistic loyalists have been outnumbered in vote will there be a 32 County Republic of Ireland.

      Our destiny is in our hands.

      Vote YES for Independence.

  18. Monti

    Afternoon Phil,
    I don’t understand the the Sevconians getting all in a lather about Dave King potentially joining their 2 man board.
    It’s a bit like me asking for the removal of Peter Lawwell & asking Micheal Kelly to return in his place!
    Dave King with his financial history should not be allowed to join ANY football club!

    Another bowl sir? 🙂

  19. John S

    Within hours this piece of individual spin by the Daily Record has already been developed further by The Scotsman. To quote:
    “DAVE King has reportedly been given the all-clear by Stock Exchange officials to take a seat on the Rangers board.
    The South Africa-based businessman was in a series of meetings with advisers and Alternative Investment Market officials yesterday, and the Stock Exchange said last night that King is now free to become Rangers chairman pending approval of the Ibrox board. (Record)”
    Apart from the incessant incorrect propaganda by the Scottish media and the implications against ‘fair play’ in football, it is essential to understand that any admittance of Mr.King to a Scottish company opens the door to global money-laundering and all that comes with it.
    History, even a tainted one, does seem to repeat itself.

  20. andym

    Think mr ferguson should be shown the front door! You know the one his fellow bear put a paving slab through! There seems to be a link with non payment of tax and sevco\old dead co!

  21. jimlarkin

    Maybe mr ferguson died a while back and someone else is sitting in his chair and typing his journalistic letters to Santa and also claiming to be – the same mr ferguson (but isn’t really).

  22. Eddiebhoy

    I heard on Saturday Radio Clydes pre match chat about King/Sevco etc..I think it was Roger Hannah who said that no one within the SFA or what ever they are called now would basically have the guts to take on and question the appointment of King !!!! I honestly nearly crashed my car at hearing his statement !!!! If that is what the Scottish game has come to then i for one will simply call it a day when it comes to football north of the border !!!!

    1. andym

      I think he was also indicting that the zombies would catch wind of who rejected satin sorry king and want to kick the shit out of them with their broon brogues!

  23. celt4life

    What you fail to mention is that Paul Shackleton went on holiday via Inchinnan bus garage!!!

    An improbable meeting with the glib and shameless liar rather than an impossible one!

    Lol keep up the good work

  24. Mark McLaughlin

    Its obvious they will print any story that seems like good news for The Newco. Although I remain to be convinced that Mr. King would commit the necessary £10m per annum that would be needed to see a credible challenge to the Champions.

  25. Bill

    As usual Phil it is all in the wording.

    The spokesman is quoted as saying Quote “So the question would be whether these things would stop him taking a stake again.
    “I think the answer on both these points is they wouldn’t.
    “From the Exchange’s point of view if we are satisfied Rangers’ nominated adviser Daniel Stewart and Company has carried out the correct checks then he would be allowed to make this investment.”” Unquote

    Nowhere in this quoted text does it mention a Directorship or Chairmanship. All that is mentioned is “stake” and “Investment”. As you know their are no rules in place to stop an investor investing; except where a substantial investment would prompt a requirement to buy out the shares of others, which would then trigger a review of the investor.

    However we know we are not talking about that at the moment, certainly not ahead of the “share issue” in the spring of next year. Oops I let the cat out of the bag with that one. Not.

    So the DR spin on this reply is that honest Dave, “the King” can be crowned tout de suite!

    Now I wonder what the actual questions were that were put to the “spokesman” who was not willing to be named.

    The truth in this story would be Question, Answer. Question, Answer. Dig. Burrow. Question. Answer. Publish,

    As I am sure you know Phil, as a member of the NUJ and not a member of the MSM.

    Oh btw had any succulent Irish Stew recently? I believe it is served up nicely down the Channel Islands way.

    All the Best Bill

    1. jjbhoy

      @Bill…..you really can’t read Billy,so are the Lesser Stock exchange furious at the lies being printed or not?,has Mr.Shackleton been spoken to or not?,or have The Guardian ran a story to confirm that the Daily Ranger,sorry Record,had to change it’s headline because of lies throughout the article. And Billy,before you forget your place,Sir Phil was the only”Journalist”to tell you and your club the truth,what was that rag,the Records story again,wealth off the radar. Here’s to succulent Irish stew and the NUJ,it’s the way they tell them Billy boy,truthfully,not Struthfully.

  26. Gerry Graham

    This is definitely the Club With No Shame What So Ever…What was it the Judge In S/Africa called King..Glib & Shamless..Thank God your on the ball Phil..These clowns think we’re all as stupid as they are..HH

  27. bawsman

    But Phil, The Daily Record is the work place of the Scottish Sports Journalist of the year (for 2 years on the bounce)?

    Actually, I think I have just summed up the tragic paucity of the quality of the Daily Record and Scottish Journalism in a sentence.

  28. tilhotdogsbark

    Your last two articles have been right on the money Phil. Exceptionally well written and highlighting the uncompromising partiality of the media with regard to all things RIFC/RFCL. They are now such an integral part of the propaganda campaign it would appear that they have abandoned any pretence to anything otherwise.

  29. Denis Brown

    You must be knackered from ragdolling the Scottish media Phil, only your sign off on the article should have read…”The Daily Record a newspaper fit for a bin”

  30. Tonydonnelly 67

    Could it be that the Daily Record has a new editor, and could some one check out if his last job as a journalist was in North Korea, a truly taste of economical journalising to put it mildly.

  31. Mark Murphy

    The quote: “I had a look in the reports and there were these issues in South Africa, the other thing was that he had been on the board previously” sounds more like a bloke in the pub than an organisation spokesman.

    1. jjbhoy

      @Mark,Mark it was,that’s the point,the Daily Ranger would like you to believe that,they had spoken to someone,in the know,when in actual fact,as Roy Greenslade of The Guardian has now shown,the”story”,is total pish,lies,fabrication,hearsay,nonsense and paints the ragers as a club that has clout,in reality,they died and have been trying to emulate their auld club,don’t know why,but there you have it. BTW,can’t wait to see what utter pish the sevconians come out with to defend this presspack of lies! What about,it was Celtic fans,the Priests,the Vatican,Lord Lucan or the late great,Shergar,anyone but them,or their kind! Found out or what Mark!


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