“A rapid restructuring”?

Over the last 24 hours I have been contacted by two sources from within the Scottish Football League.They both told me a very similar tale.
One source said that within the higher echelons of both the SFL and the SPL discussions are at an advanced stage for a “rapid restructuring” of Scottish football.
This will accelerate Sevco’s progression up the leagues.

The other source was more specific and he stated that a 16 team SPL a ten team “championship” and a bottom 16 team SFL was being considered.

Both of these sources, contacting me independently, were very angry that “another stitch up”, as one man characterised it, was being hatched by the people in charge of the national game in Scotland.

Both these men said that this move, if it materialised beyond the stage of discussions, would be strongly resisted on the grounds that it was being created to benefit one club.

Developing story.

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