A Rebel Journalist

This book is a collection of Phil’s newspapers articles and blogs over the past two years dealing with the stories that have been central to the Celtic family.

From the racist “Famine song”, the controversy of the Poppy on Celtic shirts through to the honest mistakes of match officials culminating in the explosive “Dallasgate” revelations.

It is the final story that has made Phil one of the best-known journalists writing on Celtic related matters. In this book Phil tells, for the first time, of how he broke that story.

10% of the royalties of this book will go to the Celtic Graves Society.

The book is available to buy now priced €9.99 via


32 thoughts on “A Rebel Journalist

  1. Cluster 1

    Just read DOWNFALL It was the first book i have read in years, So thankyou I will now get this new book and go on another journey;-)

  2. William Smith

    Phil, read half the book at one reading and could not put it down. Will do the rest tomorrow. Every football fan in the country should own a copy and read and read again. Brilliantly done. Every success to you.

  3. Joachim Hacker

    Halfway through the book…excellent stuff…Long overdue somebody called a spade a spade regarding so called “sectarianism” in Scotland. Explaining the problem in German is much more easy. We just call it racism. Keep up the good work.

  4. Pat

    Read your article in The Irish Post and online on the recent racist cancellation of an Irish/Celtic band (Charlie And The Bhoys) concert in East Kilbride. A St.Patrick’s Event.
    I wonder what the results would have been if it was a Muslim celebration.
    Excellent work again.

  5. JimtheTim

    As well as buying the book guys, lets make sure we carry the message to our own networks. Very unlikely that the mainstream media will give it much coverage so lets all try to create our own ‘buzz’ by letting all our pals on facebook, twitter, etc know that the book is out and what its about.

  6. Steve

    (Phil, I tried to send this to you be your contact page but I don’t think it’s working)

    Democratic Functionality:

    Hi Phil
    Just a thought.

    Wouldn’t it be worth an article on the establishments Celtic are up against by applying Tony Benn’s 5 questions that we should ask powerful people?


    It is a good benchmark for ascertaining democratic function.



    You can delete this from the featured article after reading.

  7. P J Doyle

    Good chat Phil

    You do us proud

    They say you cannot chose your family but WE have all chosen ours, in Celtic 😉

    Keep up the good work, you are one of the few who bother to look under the carpet.

  8. polshev

    all the best with the book phil . sounds as if we are in for a great read . somehow i don,t think we will be reading reviews of it in the scottish press . shame on them once more . total ignorance at it,s finest! hail hail , pol.

  9. iain

    I wonder if our brave “rebel” could explain (before I buy the book you understand) how the Dallas affair was “Celtic related”?

    1. STEVIEC

      Think you might find dallasgate was related to the Celtic family because it was only the Celtic family that suffered from honest mistake.
      You might find that rangers never drop any points due to honest mistakes in fact they are the only team to benefit from honest mistakes I know it hurts for rangers fans to face up to but your advantage will soon be gone.
      Bring on the bhoycott.

    2. iain


      Sorry? “Dallasgate” was about “honest mistakes” and dropped points?

      I thought it was about emails?

    3. STEVIEC

      Iain please remind me how many honest mistakes has your team suffered from and lost points.
      Dallas was fortunate to be removed for a email offense rather than trying to cover-up Dougie Dougie lies, because I would rather have had him done for Bias.

    4. Number 7

      Iain, was it not the case the refs went on strike due to perceived criticism from certain clubs i.e. Celtic and did not Dallas as reported by Phil, try to save his cherished position by saying to Regan that he could call off the strike. Good luck with the book Phil, nice to see a fellow St Bridgets boy doing well.

    5. Steve

      It is quite obvious to all, yet unfortunately not recognised publicly by all, that the Dallas affair is inextricably linked to Celtic Football Club.
      Let’s take the sectarianism out of it for one second and consider what he did. He sent emails using his corporate account concerning allegations of a sexual nature against a public figure. That email cost the association money to send and in doing so ultimately is funded by the clubs. Any public corporation that is accountable and concerned about is social image would have taken immediate steps to remove the perpetrator. How the refereeing Head could in some way justify staying on is beyond all accountability.
      Now add the sectarianism to that and you have an email, an abuse of corporate resources and the subsequent lies that make the situation unbearable given the social dynamics of Scottish Football.
      Dallas is clearly orientated against Catholicism. Celtic Football club is organically orientated from a Catholic and Irish base and we all know apart from those who will not face the music, that the email was anti-Catholic/Celtic.

  10. Parkhead Bhoy

    I hope the books a roaring success and you are to be congratulated for supporting such a worthy cause as the Celtic Graves Society. I hope all the bhoys and ghirls support your efforts by buying the book.


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