A sobering realisation dawns on The People

Ah, the realisation comes dripping slowly.

It is now time even for The People to confront the reality that “going for 55” was just another glib and shameless slogan.

Of course, the Sevco High Command were aided and abetted in this duplicity by the Fitba Fourth Estate.

The moral reasoning of the stenographers is that “it sells.”

Of course, liquidation denial is a sine qua non for employment in the mainstream.

This insults the intelligence of anyone who supports any other club in Scotland.

Moreover, it also spits in the eye of the 276 creditors who were stiffed by the club that died in 2012.

An ex-player who works in TV recently told me recently that at the start of the season he thought that Ibrox outfit would do well it finish fourth in the league.

I asked him if he had said that on air and he chortled at my naiveté.

Of course, he hadn’t!

The mainstream, with the notable exception of the admirably forthright Chris Sutton, seem to cling to the fantasy of a re-established ‘Old Firm’ duopoly.

In this narrative, the two clubs face up every season like Rorschach ink blots.

This ignores the facts that:

  • Rangers died in 2012.
  • Sevco is a new club with inbuilt financial problems (the onerous contracts) from year one.
  • Celtic’s off-field operations are industry best practice regarding merchandising and sponsorship.

On their forums, The People bleat pathetically about the financial gap between the Ibrox club and Celtic being wider than at any time in the past.

However, this complaint implies that having much more money than your opponent results in a sporting advantage…

The best that the Sevco High Command can hope for against Celtic is a periodic cup upset against the biggest club in Scotland.

They achieved that last April and seriously overdid the celebrations to Dermot Desmond.

So since the Off Licence Putsch of March 2015, these strategic thinkers have managed to piss off TWO billionaires.

These aren’t Keith Jackson billionaires, but individuals of very high net worth.

That is people with lots and lots and lots of money.

Moreover, Mr Ashley and Mr Desmond tend to get what they want.

The former is playing a long game as he watches Sevco bleed out financially.

Because of this, they are forced to borrow emergency finance at onerous rates.

The latter has upgraded the Celtic operation to squash the four-year-old institution anytime they meet on the field of play.

I am told that the Celtic delegation at Hampden was smiling broadly at the end of the one-sided affair.

However, there were no antics similar to those of the Sevco chaps last April.

Interestingly Mr David Cunningham King couldn’t make the match.

My sources inform me that he has been told that the days of first class travel from South Africa and staying in the best hotels on the company tab are over.

With Mr King, it was always about other people’s money.

Anyone who believed his claims about bankrolling the Ibrox operation was out to lunch and off the radar.


Last night, on their dilapidated home ground, Sevco were held by St Johnstone.

The Holding Company Vehicle currently sits in 5th place on 16 points with a zero goal difference.


Also last night Celtic travelled to Dingwall to clash with Ross County.

The visitors rotated eight players into the side including three full internationals (Gamboa, Griffiths, and Izaguirre) yet still kept a clean sheet and scored four goals.

As I watched Ross County go direct and quickly hunt down the second ball my thought was that this Dingwall team would probably batter Sevco.

I was delighted to see the little Honduran with the Basque name back in the left back slot last night.

That he has lost his starting place to an academy reared 19 year old says so much about Kieran Tierney and the club he supports.

There is no Sevco equivalent of any of this.

To compare the two clubs is risible.

These are the facts; this is the reality.

For the avoidance of doubt, since I started writing about matters Ibrox I have found that The People do not like facts.

They dwell in an imagined past, and the future frightens them.

Dear reader, I am gone now for a few days to the Word Mines.

A fiction  project more fictitious than a Keith Jackson exclusive about a billionaire requires my attentions.

I trust that you will consume the output of the stenographers with care until I retain.

In the meantime stay well and thanks for reading.

71 thoughts on “A sobering realisation dawns on The People

    1. PP


      I notice there is no instructions as to what ingredient(s) should make up the cake.

      If I was the baker I would make the cake, write on it the required words about Dromore and add “and so is this cake”, and let Mr Breen scoff the brown stuff along with his brown drink.

  1. Mr Smith

    just saw rangers accounts….£70M in assets….that they paid £5M for…is that right ?

    Did pushing up those asset prices ( like someone from Surrey at a dinner party telling their friends how much their house has shot up in value, but no one in their right mind will every buy it ) make their losses seem less ?

  2. Succulent Humble Pie

    But will the truth ever dawn on The People? I love dealing in facts but I was never a Rangers supporter so I suppose I had a slight advantage.

    Here are a few facts – all of which Phil has confirmed over the years and all of which can be backed up with an internet browser.

    27/5/1899 Rangers Football Club, formed in 1872, becomes The Rangers Football Club Limited when it is incorporated under the Companies Acts 1862-1898. Company Number is 4276

    31/03/82 The Rangers Football Club is reregistered under the Companies Acts 1948-1981 as a public company and becomes The Rangers Football Club plc.

    14/2/12 The St Valentine’s Day Massacre – The Rangers Football Club Plc announce they are to go into administration

    22/02/12 Duff & Phelps formally appointed administrators of The Rangers Football Club plc, company number SC004276 and they set about organising a CVA to rescue the club.

    29/05/12 A new company, Sevco Scotland Limited, Company No. 425159, is incorporated under the Companies Act 2006.

    14/6/12 The CVA is rejected and Charles Green, owner of Sevco Scotland Ltd, purchases assets of The Rangers Football Club plc from Duff & Phelps for £5.5m

    18/06/12 Sevco Scotland Registered office changed to Ibrox Stadium, 150 Edmiston Drive, Glasgow G51 2XD

    13/07/12 SDI Newco No1 Ltd, Company No 8142409 is incorporated under the companies Act 2006 and registered at Shirebrook.

    29/07/12 Sevco Scotland play under the name of Rangers against Brechin City in the Scottish Challenge Cup.

    31/07/12 The Rangers Football Club plc, company no. SC004276 changed to RFC 2012 P.L.C

    31/07/12 Sevco Scotland name changed to The Rangers Football Club Ltd

    14/08/12 SDI Newco No1 Ltd name changed to Rangers Retail Ltd

    11/10/12 The Rangers Football Club Ltd announce intention to float on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM)

    05/11/12 Winding up order issued to RFC 2012 PLC.

    16/11/12 The Rangers Football Club plc registered office changed to 4 Atlantic Quay, 70 York Street, Glasgow – offices of BDO.

    16/11/12 Rangers Football Plc, Company No 437060 is incorporated under the Companies Act 2006

    27/11/12 Rangers Football Plc name changed to Rangers International Football Club PLC

    19/12/12 Rangers International Football Club plc admitted to the AIM

    04/03/15 Trading in Rangers International Football Club shares suspended following resignation of nominated advisor WH Allen.

    02/04/15 Rangers International Football Club delisted from the AIM

    24/10/16 Rangers assets listed as £61.5m in annual accounts against an overall equity of £42.5m in a document that claims to relate to the same club formed in 1872 yet there is no mention of paying back the creditors of that club either through selling the assets or borrowing against the equity – but they can’t do the latter because, as Phil keeps reminding us, they have no credit line from a bank.

    It’s fascinating seeing all these documents at the Companies House website, from the very first incorporation certificate to the winding up order. For the benefit of any Scottish mainstream sports journalists, here is a link – https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/

    Keep hammering home the truth Phil

  3. Kerrygirl

    Why don’t they flatten ibrox turn it into a big allotment for joey and super ally to improve their gardening skills

    1. michaelcraven1

      Exactly,one is a dilapidated shithole,the other,Auchenhowie,is built on a flood-plain.

      Sinking slowly,just like HMS Govania.

      I hope the agonising slow sinking takes at least till the end of the season,it’s hysterical ✅

    2. michaelcraven1

      Hi Phil,
      And thanks for the lamb-free offering.

      Surely exaggerating somewhat that is,,one is a dilapidated shit-hole,the other,Auchenhowie,is built on a flood-plain.

      Sinking slowly,just like HMS Govania.

      I hope they struggle on till the end of the season,it’s hysterical.HH✅

    3. Saint Marys bhoy

      And Charley and the buoys bought the lot for just north of 5 million in 2012.

      Maybe the glib and shameless hun has actually over invested in the sradium and training ground without telling anyone or informing Janna and the retard!!

      Then again, I really must stay of the hawks at the weekend

  4. Rumpole of the Bailey

    Looks like they needed £3m investment to pay Oct and Nov, Dec wages and bills.

    There’s a story £850k investment is all that will be needed in March to see out the season. Who will believe that? Wouldn’t surprise me if £2m was needed in January.

    Where is this money coming from? Is it Park Group? Is their accounts fine or in debt?

    Is the RIFC money from Park personal, or from his Group or from his Group’s Bank? Is a bank putting the money in via Park Group?

    Clearly if you do business with Parky you help Sevco.

  5. Auldheid

    The dependency that the Scottish newspaper media have on the The Rangers following means that they cannot publish anything approaching a truthful narrative.

    When Keevins was saying The Rangers would win the title he was either ignoring what he did know about football over his years of reporting or is in fact ignorant about football.

    On the simple basis that Celtic would win their home games v The Rangers, Aberdeen and Hearts and draw the away games and they would draw in all games against each other I blogged in CQN of a 14 point gap. That assumed that the game’s against the others would bring maximum points. I know that was unlikely but I wanted to keep the argument simple.

    Well that last assumption is proving to be wrong given that Hamilton, Ross Cty etc are taking points off our three likely rivals.

    So at best there was going to be a 14 point gap but of course that doesn’t sell papers.

    1. Kit Conway

      Even after Motherwell battered Rangers 3-0 at Ibokes in the play off game when the “journey” came to a grinding halt. Keevins on Radio Clyde’s Dumbo phone in tipped Rangers to prevail.

      On many occasions since he has always tipped the New Sevco Disunited to win which is beyond reason and honesty.

      We even had the twisted logic last week of Big Fat Cheerleader tipping Celtic and the “other side”, Shug tipping TRFC. Sickening.

    2. Saint Marys bhoy

      Auldheid, Keevins is a buffon who will say anything for attention no matter how silly it makes him look.p, his warped need for attention is sad for a man of his age.

      I think these character traits often cloud his judgement.

      I always enjoy your writing by the way – informative and well written.

  6. Tom Whitehouse

    The big plan is to re-develop the ibrox area .. Sell off the Sevco ground ,car park and Edminston House
    Rent Hampden park .. Directors walk away with millions ..
    The only part that is a listed building is the ibrox front facade the rest can be developed

    1. Rumpole of the Bailey

      B listed buildings get torn down all the time. A former school in my home town was B listed, torn down for modern flats no problem. These old ugly facades are not part of the future.

    2. speyside lhad

      yep thats the plan but its Third Lanark’s Cathkin Park (aka the 2nd hampden park) which they’ll try and rent…….

      obviously they’ll inherit the history of Third’s and with their 1903-04 First Division title now in the bag Glib & Shameless can stand in front of the zombies, arms aloft and proudly declare he has delivered title no 55

    3. Owen U Mullions

      Mmm no. The ground is worthless. It sits on poor quality industrial zoning. The cost of demolition would easily eat up any profit from the land sale. The listed frontage (class B) makes it less of an opportunity for a developer. This was Murray’s biggest con. Ibrox is the biggest elephant in the room. Always has been. It is not an assest it is an anchor.

      1. Cortes

        It sits adjacent to a largish area ripe for redevelopment which is what the over investor is focused on. “Regrettable ” and doubtless “unforeseen and unforeseeable ” circumstances will, ideally, expand the redevelopment area into an opportunity for profit for GASL, Le Bouffant and the rest of the insiders.
        My brother in law, who was one of the diehards during the Greig tenure, has nothing but contempt and hatred for the current and recent regimes. That’s including the Cardigan and Super and he who must not be named.

  7. joe mccormack

    The wee guy frae Carntyne on Radio Snide last night obviously has a hot line to Ibrox.

    According to him his club is playing with Joey’s heid and is in complete control of the saga.

    I suspect if Joey’s suspension rumbles on any longer a legal missive apropos constructive dismissal will be winging it’s way to Ibrox.
    You cannot obstruct an employee from doing his job without just cause and ensuring that you have complied with employment registration every step of the way.

    A deal will have to be done. Can you imagine the damage Joey could do if he’s dumped without a confidentiality agreement in place?

    In the meantime the Warbler is trying his bestest to convince his audience that if, but, maybe the Bears were sitting second in the league everything would be rosy……………..here’s an if, but for The Hat.

    At the current points gathering rate Celtic will finish 40 points ahead of the newly promoted Ibrox outfit. That gap may reduce by the season end, not because Celtic are dropping points but that the Ibrox club’s performances can only improve on their crap start to the season.

    The 40 points gap of course takes no account of any points deductions for an administration event!

  8. Son of Henry Root

    Very little effort by Scottish stenographers to find out who met with Barton and his agent.

    Sevco’s in house lawyer by all accounts….is that it?

    No HR chappie?

    No Mr Robertson, current but invisible Chied Executive.

    No director of either of their Boards?

    No jetting in Chairman?

    Clearly this is an HR, possibly disciplinary matter so I feel sorry for Mr Warburton that he is being slammed for not attending.

    Jabba is earning his corn through keeping the details and attendees very quiet.

  9. peter grant

    Listening to Tom English and Speirs totally condemning Barton. English talking about the situation with Barton and his statement to Scott Brown, a complete turnaround as this was played down as banter. The thing with this is it was banter to sell season tickets and now the damage has been done lets get rid of Barton. Did anyone in the media consider what did Bartons signing have to do with Scott Brown, it was all a ply to sell tickets and the media revelled in it, now English and others are paying the lip service like the sheep that they are.
    Not one spoke out about any of this until Celtic and Brendan Rodgers put them in their place and confirmed to them where their place really is a third rate football team backed to the hilt with a crawling media willing to play the cards when they are dealt, get rid of Warburton buy time, get rid of Barton cannot afford him and tickets sold, surplus to requirements now.
    The media are complete arseholes and have been selling a one sided argument, Barton called it right in the training ground he called them out rank amateurs, Barton is still sought after as a footballer even Sutton called it he is a big team player and recognises the team he is in are rank, the media do not want to hear this, he came in did his job sold tickets mixed the spin the hordes want to hear, no class Brown, Rodgers midlife crisis, the hordes emptied their wallets once again and hook line and sinker swallowed the WATP mentality, King will come out again and state 10 in a row can you imagine the dilemma cough up or forever be in the shadow again. Even today the Wigan situation all designed to force Warburton’s hand, PR puff alerting Wigan he is available, Absolute class sting please take him and compensate us as we cannot afford to pay his contract to get rid of him.

    1. Stu mcguire

      “So since the Off Licence Putsch of March 2015” haha love that bit, and also calling your book, “Downfall”

    2. Green Leaf

      The Board need new stooges every six months to bring in then dump. The bears boo after 4 months. Swap out, give new guys the support give them a chance. Saves the Board.

      Barton cannot perform with the jokers around him. His lowest footballing level yet. The truth was told. They cannot handle the truth.

      Everybody salaried ok? Splendid! Only four weeks until November payroll.

      1. Mr Mah Jest Stick

        An accurate observation, Green Leaf.

        It’s said that the common goldfish has a memory span of around 3 seconds …

        Well, the common ‘Peepil’ seem to have a memory span of between 4-6 months.

        After that, you can just tell the same old shite over and over again ad infinitum and they’ll have forgotten it by the time the same excuse comes round again.

        I wonder who trains them into such a gullible mindset ..?

  10. joe mccormack

    Warbs just doesn’t get it.

    He can’t believe the hoo ha in the media over his team’s start to the season. A couple of results going the right way and they would have been in 2nd place says The Hat………hey, but don’t mind that 10 point so called gap behind the Hoops.
    The media smell blood….his blood, after all those months of bigging him up, best thing since……., future England manager, sought after for every management vacancy in the EPL, at the end of the day The Hat has let them down, made fools of them!
    He has made them look like clowns and for that he will pay a severe price.If he thinks the current criticism is OTT he ain’t seen anything yet.
    With Brendan ‘ s revolution at CP bringing everyone at the club together things are going to get a lot better, which will mean an even bigger kicking for The Hat from his once friendly media.
    Up till recently everything in the Ibrox garden has been so so rosy on the park, sweeping the financial crisis into the background orchestrated by Level 5.
    Very soon the financial issues will be front and centre and the Ibrox board will have no place to hide.
    Over the next few weeks The Hat and his management team may find themselves unwanted but still in situ, just like Joey, because there is no money to pay up their contracts.

    This particular love affair will not end well.

  11. There is NO Old Firm


    Don’t think I’ve found myself disagreeing with you before, but 2 points in tonights’ post.
    1) “Sevco were held by St. Johnstone”? Looked to me like St. Johnstone were held by Sevco!
    2) “I trust you will consume the work of the stenographers until I return”?…. Rest assured, only if my arse needs wiping and that rag is the only thing to hand on the building site!
    The dilemma now is…….want you to hurry back here with more good news, but want you to finish your latest works too. Any chance you could do what we’re often expected to do on site and just split yourself in two and be about 5 places at the same time?

  12. Bevster

    Could be a tricky fortnight for sevco.

    Out of the cup, draw at home with Perth saints and games against in-form Kilmarnock and Ross County coming up.

    If they survive till December they’ll have to play Aberdeen, Hearts, St Johnstone and Celtic. Relegation zone by New Year?

    1. Phil Mac Giolla BhainPhil Mac Giolla Bhain Post author

      Relegation zone highly unlikely.
      However, they could struggle to make it above Aberdeen and Hearts imo.

  13. joe mccormack

    Sounness is quoted in the media as saying that the Ibrox club is 5 years behind Celtic.

    By my calculations Celtic will be going for 11 IAR if that remains the case, a sobering thought for the let’s go for 55 brigade.

    It’s hardly likely that new investors will be lining up to deposit their hard earned in the Edmiston Drive black hole any time soon whilst King and Murray are calling the shots.

    Whilst things can change very quickly in football it’s very difficult to envisage someone turning up at Ibrox to turn the ship around without spending the tens of millions required to invest in the squad and sort the stadium issues.

    Without CL monies there is no possibility of a return on investment, therefore any cash coming in will be more of a donation.

    Celtic have that route tied up for the forseeable and any future share issue will be lucky to raise enough money to cover the soft loans given in exchange for equity.

    1. CharlieSaiz

      Hey Joe (wee nod too Jimi there) I believe he did say 5 years although he didn’t quite clarify if that was with Celtic standing still as a Club and waiting for 5 years whilst Sevco buy (no laughing at the back)their way back into contention or if they somehow manage to procure unknown talent and beat Celtic to their signatures?
      For the record I can’t see Celtic standing still myself but rather kicking on when that Brexit swollen cash drops from this years Champions League windfall.
      Welcome the chase?
      Away and chase yersel The Rangers.

      1. Rumpole of the Bailey

        Sounness is correct in the here and now.
        However, Celtic will continue to change the goalposts.
        The gap will not close but get larger year on year as Celtic invests to make CL group stage beyond commercial risk.

  14. Jumbo

    Did u c jacksons mon story, on his knees for a dons victory, with a deogratory did at Brendan , ( he punched the air after the win ) now everyone only use Brendan’s Christian name whe writing or speaking

  15. JTT

    Here’s a scenario; Sevco are liquidated, a new 3rd Rangers free of Ashley’s onerous contracts emerges from their ashes to buy out say St Mirren and one knight of the realm steps forward to fund the new(same club obvs) project. Full circle, debts dumped, crumbling stadium dumped for the foreseeable future. Totally mad?

    1. James Houston (@jameshouston24)

      The only problem with this scenario is St Mirren are not up for sale and have been bought or are about to be bought by their fans so there is no chance of this happening and it does not look as if there are any other suitable teams up for sale either. So hopefully when they go under this time it will be for good.

      1. tarboltontim

        Couldn’t they buy/merge with East Kilbride? They might be in the 3rd Division soon and they fought Bravely against Celtic in a Cup…

        1. The Ghood Pheople of EK

          Couldn’t they just buy Tarbolton and make everyone that lives there join in with their satanic rituals?
          Keep EK Sevco Free!!!

          1. tarboltontim

            I doubt they could buy Tarbolton, the books suggest they couldn’t scratch their own arse. Additionally, Tarbolton doesn’t have a team with the possibility of entering the lowest tier of the SPFL and allowing the most successful phoenix in the world to rise again.
            As for “making” the locals join the satatnic rituals, you’ve goat to be joking.

  16. Jim Thomas

    The result against Ross co belies the fact the ref helped Celtic. What I can’t understand is, with all Celtic’s money and resources, why do they need help? Gordon and Griffiths would have walked, had they played for any other team outwith Glasgow.
    There is no doubt Celtic will win the league, and probably handsomely, so why can’t the officials apply the rules fairly?

    1. Andrew Morcombe

      JT, You’re having a laugh!

      You are so right. Since 1888 all match officials have favoured Celtic. Of course they do.

      Yup, there’s that irony again!

      I totally disagree with you. Neither should have been sent off. Gordon pulled out of the tackle and it was hand bags at dawn with Griffiths, never mind the fact that his first booking was a joke.

      So who’s right then? Me, you or the ref?

      The same ref who was behind the goal at Hampden who didn’t see a blatant hand ball on the line by Josh Meekings, robbing Celtic and Ronnie Deila of a treble.

      I could go on but I can guarantee you that for every decision benefiting Celtic over the years (very few) I could quote you 10 that benefited Rangers and Sevco Rangers either directly or indirectly.

      So dry them up and suck it up because you ain’t getting anywhere near us in the near or distant future.

      Payback is so good!

    2. Therese Storrie

      Are you for real aye he was a shit ref but the RC player should have walked for grabbing Griffiths jersey for a start Didnt see you comment on the Sevco game when Celtic had penalties refused and a good goal chopped off Where is the old adage of the decisions working themselves out The referees of Scotland make it their job to do what they can to mess Celtic up and no thats not paranoia thats a fact

  17. Charger

    A comprehensive summary of the “Gap”. The past was Orange, the FUTURE is Green. Followed by Maroon and Red both some distance back.

    1. rob

      it would be convenient if celtic could up their game in the CL and improve the scottish co-efficient and maybe then an additional scottish club like hearts and sheep get a punt at the CL riches

  18. Joe Keane

    I agree the Hat is a fraud and Sevco are garbage but you look at Hearts and Aberdeen’s displays this week and I wonder if they still might just sneak second, albeit 30 points adrift of Celtic. That’s if they last to the end of the season without insolvency which I have serious doubts about. The other thing I’ve noticed is the peepul are now turning on Glib and his wee shoe shine boy Potless Paul. The media spoon feeders are going to have to make a call there soon – keep to the L5 script or start truth telling on the GASL. The peepul will not swallow swallow for much longer although as said, insolvency is surely unavoidable this season. What kind of Sevco emerges from this is going to be the whole point: Back in the Championship with a CVA or wound up for good. For me it’s 50-50 although I edge towards liquidation if the o/s water and VAT bills are as much as rumoured. On that I would say to raging Sevco fans enjoy your newco while you can. It could all disappear soon.

    1. Maimonides

      Bang on the money about the inconsistency of Aberdeen, Hearts and others. Sevco could go second this weekend if others slip up.

  19. Ye Ken

    Phil have you ever thought of bringing alive “downfall” and turn it into a stage production? I’m sure the good guy and hero of the hour could be an up and coming foreign reporter/blogger going about bringing down a corrupt massive club, every night a sell out both sides of the sea

    1. Phil Mac Giolla BhainPhil Mac Giolla Bhain Post author

      An excellent idea…
      I’ve already discussed a Downfall themed piece with a colleague.
      Certainly there is drama there.

      1. Rumpole of the Bailey

        You could cast Mr Super as…. Mr Super, he’ll do anything for a tenner and fame.

        Bomber would be Bomber for a bottle.

        Wee Craigy Bhoy would be wee Craigy Bhoy for time off for good behaviour.

        SDM and the cardigan wouldn’t want to know unless it was tax free.

        1. bennybhoy

          I would much prefer the pantomime version. The roles would be easier to fill. Widow twanky mmmm I wonder. Or what about Sevco the circus. Sevco the musical. Tv program; Ibrox special build,buy or restore

          1. Oscar

            Good job that tax man has gone away.. he’s behind you! We are still the same club.. oh no your not. Oh yes we are! Some fun interaction with the crowd anyway!

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