A tale of two AGMs in one city

Celtic concluded a very successful AGM yesterday.

Perhaps the strangest occurrence was that Peter Lawwell defended the Green Brigade from a hostile question from the floor.

File under the law of unintended consequences, but more on that later.

The AGM of Rangers International Football Club (RIFC) will be held on Friday 25th Inst.

This is good timing as it happens BEFORE the court case with General Ashley.


This allows any questions from the floor apropos this matter to be kicked into touch.

I am told that there is high-Level conclave next Wednesday to walk through the AGM script.

Undoubtedly there will be a series pre-planned softball questions loyally delivered from the floor.

If there are any intrepid stenographers out there who want to try this journalism lark, then they should contact the Scottish Champions.

Ask them the following:

Have you compiled assessment of the costs for the repair of the toilets at Celtic Park that were damaged by visiting fans in the match held on Saturday, September 10th?

Have you provided that to The Rangers Football Club Limited?

Has that football club responded to your missive?

Has payment been agreed?

Has payment been received?

I am told that this sort of unfortunate occurrence is dealt with on the basis of goodwill between the clubs involved.

For example, I understand that Celtic immediately settled with Motherwell FC after this shameful vandalism in December 2013.

For the avoidance of doubt, if you don’t think it IS shameful vandalism then have a word with your politically motivated self.

Statement to follow…

The prosaic truth might be that the Engine Room Subsidiary just doesn’t have the cash to settle the bill for the damaged toilets.

I understand that at a recent conclave of the Sevco High Command one of the more professionally qualified directors asked if the payout to Monsieur Joey had fekked the RIFC published accounts.

I think he already knew the answer to that one, but he just wanted his concerns minuted.

Like a new series on ‘In the thick of it’ the Holding Company Vehicle’s intergalactic PR guru currently struts around like he is the de facto CEO.

It is my sad duty to relate that the bromance between a scrupulously honest South African based entrepreneur and an immaculately coiffed functionary appears now to have cooled.

All very sad.

Mr Stewart Robertson remains the only guy inside the Sevco tent who actually knows what it takes to run a senior football club, even a four-year-old one.

I do hope that Mr David Cunningham King will make the AGM, even if he doesn’t fly First Class from South Africa.

The scrupulously honest businessman always lends a certain Churchillian gravitas to any Sevco event.

Across the City of Glasgow, the situation could not be more different.

Spurred on by dignified celebrations at Hampden last April Mr Dermot Desmond is now more hands on at Celtic than he has been at any time since he intervened and appointed Martin O’Neill as manager in June 2000.

Remember those unintended consequences?

Well at the web summit last week I spoke with a Middle East based journo and his scéal tied in with what I had already heard on my own island.

It would appear that the Palestinian flag display by the Green Brigade caught the attention of some royal chaps in the United Arab Emirates.


Following on from that, the funding raising for Palestinian charities to match the fine imposed on Celtic by UEFA really struck a chord.

Now, undoubtedly some intrepid stenographer will be right onto this tip, as we all know how they love stories about billionaires and football clubs in Scotland.

I’m sure that they will forensically fact check this one.

If they don’t know how to do that, then they can contact me.

I’m happy to take them through the process.

In a crazy year, 2016 could be the one where the Green Brigade inadvertently opens a new revenue stream for Celtic.


The details are yet to be worked out, but let’s say that I am very sure that a branch of a Middle Eastern Royal family has recently fallen in love with Celtic for the reasons outlined.

What I am convinced of is that the door is unlocked if people in the Parkhead boardroom want to push it open.

The modalities of this investment are yet to be worked out.

It could be stadium naming rights.

Well, it is Paradise…



The doors will be open soon at Old Trafford, and I’m sorry that I can’t be there tonight.

It is a testament to the loyal readership of this site that for the second year in a row I have been voted as a finalist.

I hope the evening goes well and the best wishes to all the finalists.

To all of you who voted for me in both rounds míle buíochas.

53 thoughts on “A tale of two AGMs in one city

  1. Pat Nevins' Barnet

    I’d rather have a middle-eastern sugar-daddy sponsor the house of ‘Bose-lion-Windsor-von-saxe-coburg gothe’ ( or whitever the hell they’re called ) to pay for their renovations rather than one to support Celtic.

    It would be £370 million less for ‘the taxpayers’ to have to fork out. Lizzie has 78 lavvies at Buck Palace ( a cooncil hoose btw) all apparently needing refurbished!

    Has she had ‘Ra Peepul’ round for a post match soirée ? Bad result and they took it out on the Royal facilities ?

    Whatever .. It’s the taxpayer to pay !

    Unfortunately that probably won’t include the club (or fans of) that is most supportive of Lizzie .

    Now There IS some REAL financial irony!

  2. Comfortably Numb

    Can we expect Skinto FC to provide its fans with Palestine flags at their next home game?
    Many congratulations on your FBA award which is thoroughly deserved.

  3. Mr Mah Jest Stick

    Many congratulations on the blogging award, Phil.

    Your recent work over the past 2 months alone has merited it.

    Maybe you should take a break to work on a novel more often 😉

    On the UAE interest, many ethical questions abound, but at least we can spend the weekend laughing in the knowledge that the zombies will be going apoplectic at the thought of it.

    Imagine if Celtic had not one, but two, or more, billionaires investing in our great club while Sevco has Dave King & Mr Park …

    Not only is God not great oer Ibrox way, he’s not even very good!

    Go léir is fearr!

  4. michaelcraven1

    Hi Phil,
    Well done on your rightly deserved award for Best International Footballing Blog.

    As regards the new article WOW.!!! …..what a gift that would be,nearly beats ‘them’ into second place,i.e. The Gift That Keeps On Giving.

    Dream BIG,but this could blow the roof off,I meant as regards sponsorship deals in Scotland,did you think I would dare to speak of THAT ROOF.

    Kee up the great work Phil,seemingly you ARE out there on your own….A WINNER.HH

  5. Bhoysin67

    First of all, congratulations, Phil on your blogging Award. Too bad you were not joined by the Clumpany, but I’ll raise a Buckie and Bleach in his honour.
    Middle East money you say, Sectarianism? These guys could teach us.

  6. Graeme

    Has this UAE link anything to do with the recent visit to Al Wasl FC in the UAE? Who’s owner is the brother of the ruler of Dubai.

  7. Hugo67

    Phil, congratulations on your award, great to see real journalism getting real awards (not the Jackass kind).

    Interesting story, says a lot about the Celtic global brand and values and our place in world football.

    And if it comes via the GB efforts then all the better, as long as the bhoys stick to the banter and forget the politics.

  8. Gerry Cassidy

    Phil any thoughts on the Nir Bitton banishment. Could that be linked to the PSE flag demonstration? Congratulations on winning last night btw.

    1. Phil Mac Giolla BhainPhil Mac Giolla Bhain Post author

      He hasn’t been “banished”. Stuart Armstrong deserved a run in the CMF berth beside Broony.
      No need to be a conspiracy theorist.

  9. DB


    Absolutely delighted for you and it is the very least you deserved, and that is not in any way intending any lack of due deference to your fellow nominees. It is indeed testament to your courage, diligence and values that through such eminent company you rightly prevailed.

    Sola Nobilitat Virtus !

  10. hahaha

    Just in case any of the Zombie nation pop in for a quick glimpse of reality. …….Yes! WE ARE STILL LAUGHING AT YOU!
    Fantastic work again Phil, with each successive update you heap more scorn, ridicule and humiliation on the dying hounds of Hell which is the SMSM. Even when you’re not trying to!

  11. Alfie Birches

    Reg they are not in negotiations with TRFC. They wouldn’t want their name on a stadium which by all accounts might have the roof falling in in it within a short time.

    Great news, Phil, if it works out. What happens to the NB on North Stand?
    I am sure that the board can work something out.
    Phil, how far on are these discussions and how likely is this?
    I for one don’t mind my seat being part of the renaming etc.

  12. Veritas

    Great story!
    And congratulations on a really great Achievement tonite and over the last few years
    Contribution on the way!
    Can you imagine if the Middle East interest was across the city ?
    The msmedia and fans would already wetting themselves and be in 20 page pullout hyperspace
    Human rights? They wouldn’t give a shit not a tinkers cuss would they care.
    These type of guys invest in thousands of companies the world over
    CFC and its fans need to consider the realpolitik that there is probably no real clean funds anywhere and can they really pick and choose ?
    Eg do they say now are not selling dembele to Man city or PSg for mega millions or whoever because funds come from some country with human rights issues … Aye right!. Where do you stop?
    Interesting debate!

    1. david

      it’s really nothing to do with transfer fees it’s more to do with wages . a player that is worth £1m doesn’t get paid the same as a player worth £10m and Celtic can’t pay that type of salary so when a bid comes in its up to the player what happens , just look at WBA knocked back over £20m 18 months ago and the player lost it and hasn’t given a toss since would only offer him a pay rise if he signed a new 5 year contract he leaves at the end of the season on a free, in January they will probably take £1m for him.

  13. Martin O'Neill

    It’s O’Neill as you very well know Phil. Don’t make the same mistake as countless Registrars and Immigrant officials have made over the years or people who can’t be arsed to spell the oldest traceable family name in Europe, properly.

  14. Professor Pat Pending.

    I thought Sir Peter was simply setting up the winter training camp .

    We have to face the fact that in the modern game, China and the Arab world now bankroll success in football.

    Without major funds, we will always be on the fringes. That’s the sad reality.

    Even Barcelona take a hefty Arab wedge.

    We can hoover up as many Dihrams as they are prepared to throw at us without fear of damaging our image. It would look a bit stupid to reject it after all we have done on the West Bank.

    Celtic have a duty to their shareholders to do all we can to make ourselves financially strong.

    We are not the footballing world’s moral spokesman.

    1. Alfie Birches

      That’s the way I would see it. Imagine how we would feel if they walked across the city and sponsored their stadium.
      Hands up anyone who thinksTHEY would refuse.
      I agree about the responsibility to shareholders. In simple business terms the fans who are not shareholders are in reality customers. The boards duty of care is to the shareholders. It may not sit well with some but that is the long and the short of it.

      I agree about the world’s footballing moral spokesperson or representative.
      Take the cash and run, if we don’t so one else will.
      Someone else on here commented on PL speaking out for the GB……….thought that was strange at the time lol…….makes sense now.

  15. Bobby

    Brother Wilfred would most certainly have opened the doors to the heretics & pagans of the UAE…

    His 1st pressing concern would’ve been to convert them in hope of saving their soul

    Now that’s what I call mercy..

  16. Tictalk

    Well done on the award Phil.
    Agree with Reg. Don’t want to go down the.MAn City or Chelsea route
    Celtic is a club for the fans.

    1. Phil Mac Giolla BhainPhil Mac Giolla Bhain Post author

      I’m merely reporting what I have picked up, from TWO sources.
      I’m not advocating any course of action for the club.

  17. Steven R

    Phil – are you saying that we shall very soon witness the name of Al Makhtoum Grace the back of a celtic shirt in a wave of publicity, announcing the club has a new investor?

    I’m guessing a similar gesture, bearing the name of Hassanal Bolkiah, is the stuff of a sevconite’s masturbatory fantasies then!!

    That’s them fecked for the rich arab sugar-daddy – I wonder how they’ll fare with the proprietors of that famous caffiene-based soft drink?

  18. Luke`s Grandad

    Phil, King does not usually fly into Scotland, according to the msm he always “Jets in”. Re the cludgie`s at celtic pk, it looks to me like the sevvies are havin “bowel movement” about this.

        1. Paul

          I’d rather take each person on their merits. Even some of the Arab autocracy are pro-human rights.

          As a general rule though, I’d agree.

        2. There is No Old Firm

          Fair comment, carried away at thought of potential mega-investment. On reflection, needs a bit more attention.


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