A time to remember.

Lest we forget.Indeed.

The idea of the Poppy, apart from fund raising for the Royal British legion, is to guard against a creeping amnesia of what previous generations valiantly won on the battlefield for Britain since 1914.

However, there is already massive collective amnesia in Britain about what their armed forces have inflicted across the planet in the 20th century.

From castrating Kenyan men detained without trial during the liberation war in the 1950s to murder of prisoners in the illegal Iraq war.


I have laid out the issues around the RBL poppy for the Celtic family last here in this piece last year.


If British people are using this day to guard against the possibility that they might forget their own war dead then they should also be remembering Britain’s innocent victims.

All empires are built on slaughter and the British one was no different.

Now that is something that no one in Britain should forget.

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