A troubling truth comes dripping slowly

I was not surprised to see the Daily Record’s main guy James Traynor going into bat against Craig Whyte last night on Newsnight Scotland.

It suits the current narrative that it was all the fault of the Motherwell billionaire.

Of course the wealth off the radar billing came from the Daily Record, but let’s not dwell on that.

What is interesting today is that the paper of record in Scotland (ahem) drops in a little truth about the legal and structural realities of what liquidation actually means for the Ibrox outfit.

At the end of Traynor’s piece he stated the following:

“He also added: ‘What other country in the world would deal with one of their biggest clubs in the way they have and demote them to the Third Division.’

“Wrong again, Craig. Rangers had to go there because they were a new club starting over.”

Yesterday it was the BBC and now today it is the Daily Record’s very own succulent lamb correspondent.

What is happening is that elements of the mainstream media are breaking ranks with the official fiction that Rangers didn’t die.

They did die and FIFA and UEFA would confirm the truth that Sevco are a new club.

This should all be very straightforward and easy to comprehend.

However, when one is dealing with an evidence resistant subculture it is anything but.

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