A very Scottish coup.

In life timing is everything.

The “gang of ten” SPL clubs have a onetime chance to re-order Scotland’s top division a bit more to their liking.

Despite all the spin, today everyone on is on the same page.

Rangers will enter liquidation and then it will, temporarily, be an eleven club SPL.

This means that Celtic can be outvoted by the remaining ten.

What is being planned is a more favourable spilt of TV monies and gate revenues.

I spoke today with a source which is well placed to know.

He occupies a senior position within the board room of a provincial club and he was very buoyant about the prospect of “putting Celtic in a corner!”

This play is all dependent upon Rangers going into liquidation.

If that was not a likely prospect, then the “gang of ten” would not be meeting to draw up their plans.

There isn’t anything personal in this, it’s just business.

This was the ten SPL clubs neuter Celtic, get a bigger slice of the cake and then re-admit NewCo Rangers.

The phoenix club would have to accede to this new dispensation, but they would have little choice.

This is the only chance that these SPL clubs will ever have to make this play, and it looks like they are taking it.

They will be praying that the Ibrox club is liquidated.

Every business journalist and insolvency expert I have spoken to  about the Rangers fiasco believe that the gang of ten won’t be disappointed.

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