A window of opportunity

Tis the season of the goodwill towards all football agents.

It is that time of year dear reader when there are heighted expectations of players coming and going in the upcoming January transfer window.

The stenographers have already been busy telling the football world of the unique talent that is Lewis McLeod.

Firstly I have never seen the lad play and I am sure he is a very fine young footballer.

However, I understand that young McLeod is, somehow, the extra ‘security’ on the additional £1m that Big Mike kindly lent to Sevco in November.

If I am wrong on this then the error is currently shared by several senior people at Sevco as they consider that young McLeod is not theirs to sell.

At first when I heard this, despite it being from an excellently placed source, I was doubtful of the veracity of this information.

Of course I could be totally off the mark with this and I am sure that one of the intrepid stenographers will relentlessly pursue this story.

Perhaps it is all a big misunderstanding.

Of course the extra million lent by Big Mike is a story in itself.

Sources tell me that Mr Llambias was highly unimpressed that the folk in the Big Bleak House said they they required £2m when in fact they actually needed £3m!

If you recall dear reader this was last month when payroll was looming.

Moreover this was before these catastrophically low crowds.

In order to continue trading the entity created by Charles of Normandy needs a succession of full houses from those who follow on.

It is sad to see such disloyalty in their hour of need.

Perhaps the four people let go from the ticket office will not be missed if this malingering in the ranks continues.

I had expected to see more of the Dunkirk spirit instead of such abject surrender.

The blue seats of Ibrox are also impacting on the calculations in the year end accounts of Rangers International Football Club (RIFC).

I understand that the computational assessment that £8m would be needed is pretty banjaxed at this stage.

Sources tell me that these figures were based on an assumption of home crowds of between 25,000-30,000.

For December there was, you will be happy to hear, a Grand Plan.

A good crowd was expected for the cup game against Kilmarnock.

Beating Alloa was taken as a given and the prospect of a cup final would give The People something of a fillip.

This would then result in a healthy turn out to see the mighty Glasgow Sevco tussle with the Blue Brazil.

Now all is changed.

Short changed.

My number crunching kitchen cabinet assessed that if the current disloyalty continues from The People then £8m will not be enough to steady the ship.

I was given figures ranging from £12m to £14m.

One of my bean counting buddies reminded me that from January until June Sevco will require somewhere in the region of £6.4m for wages alone.

The current ongoing austerity measures will bite into that somewhat, but he could not be sure by how much.

It should be self-evident from the year end accounts that massive downsizing has to happen.

If the crowds continue to be in the loss making regions of the Cowdenbeath game then it doesn’t look good.

There is the small matter of the £3m that Big Mike is due in April.

Of course he could write that off if he contracts Rangersitis.

Should Ashley decide to fund the operation to keep his commercial deal on track then The People will undoubtedly respond in their time dishonoured Pavlovian fashion to anyone in brogues with money.

Actually at this stage the footwear is probably optional.

I am told that the dress code has been waived for flock visiting the inner sanctum of the Blue Room.

One of the only revenue streams now controlled by the club is corporate hospitality.

Subsequently they ain that fussy about collars, ties blazers and shiny shoes anymore.

Of course anyone coming in from Newcastle United on a loan deal will be lauded by the stenographers as world class.

As for other players going out there are a few possibilities other than young McLeod.

During the last January window they refused an offer of £700,000 for Lee Wallace.

I am told that there has also  been interest in Fraser Aird.

However the current financial woes of Sevco are common knowledge in the football world.

Any offers for players like Lee Wallace will be low ball numbers.

Of course the lad himself must want to go.

Just like Super Alistair these guys have contracts and the club must honour them if they decide to stay and play.

It could be an interesting January…


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