Absent functionaries

At a recent conclave of the Sevco High command, a question was asked about the Chief Executive.

The enquiry was aimed at Mr Paul Murray, and the magnificently maned functionary answered on an entirely pro bono basis.

I have great admiration for those who give of their time so freely instead of being in some highly paid sinecure.

What a guy!

However, I am told that his response perhaps lacked the necessary precision.

Sources close to the interrogator suggests that it did not pass muster as an answer.

The simple fact that is that Mr Stewart Robertson was not at this important meeting of the Sevco High Command.

Moreover, he has been absent at other conclaves recently.

This is puzzling.

Is he on vacation?

A gardening holiday perhaps?

As this humble offering is parsed at the Holding Company Vehicle, it might be necessary for them to hastily arrange a photo opportunity.

Just to prove that everything is harmonious in the Engine Room Subsidiary.

Ever the contrarian I would have to demur on that one.



You will have noted dear reader that the output was prodigious yesterday.

This was, in part, for me to test the new server arrangements that we have put in place.

As you might be aware, the site has been suffering from periods of outage due to the massively increased volume of traffic.

Consequently, we have installed mechanisms to cope with such spikes, and hopefully, the site will not go down in future.

Your help in supporting the site means that this was possible.

Mile buíochas

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