All part of the Grand Plan

Another day another part of the Grand Plan is revealed.


I wasn’t surprised that the Sevco High Command have apparently repositioned their forces after assessing the strength of the Puma Division.

If Mr David Cunningham King wants Puma to Do Walking Away, then the price starts at around £2.5m.

It is also worth remembering that the deal with Sports Direct was a Charles of Normandy production.

The big Yorkshire hands knocked on the door of Shirebrook and asked for the deal.

Having Sports Direct onboard, ditto Deloitte, was a big plus on the IPO prospectus.

Mr Green is mentioned this piece, and clearly, the chaps in the Blue Room think that they have a case.

I was surprised to see the name of Mr Derek Llambias mentioned in these potential proceedings.

If memory serves me correctly, then he had settled all matters with Sevco.

Moreover, they had conceded that he had behaved impeccably while at Ibrox.

It is worth remembering that from October 2014 until the Off Licence Putsch in March 2015 Mr Llambias and his colleague Mr Barry Leach were running a tight financial ship.

Of course, if this one does proceed to a full courtroom ding dong then it could prove very lengthy and costly.

Now I think it would be an interesting plot twist if Charles of Normandy were to re-enter this sitcom by asking again for his legal fees.

Of course, such an idea might sound fanciful, but then again this is Sevco…

Meanwhile, the Admirable Warburton was recently told to forget about a player that would have cost roughly the same as Celtic paid for Moussa Dembele.

This was despite the ex-City trader impressing upon the chaps in the Blue Room that this player was essential for his plans.

Then there is the strange tale I am hearing that someone at Sevco contacted Newcastle United on Wednesday about the availability of loan players.

Then this initial inquiry was followed up yesterday, and two specific players were mentioned by name.

I am told that the chap at St James’ Park was rather fearful of even relaying this message to Big Mike!

However, I’m sure it was all a big misunderstanding.

These Sevco script writers are really on a roll at present.



It now appears that the court action relates to the advertising and stadium naming rights.

However, the substantive point stands that the chaps in the Blue Room are now shying away from a conflict with Puma.

A cynic might conclude that this legal action is a sign of desperation on the part of a board that is running out of cash and viable options.

However, I couldn’t possibly comment.


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