All right on the Knight.

It is heartening for this commoner to see that the ways of chivalry are not dead.


The ennobled are a different breed to the rest of us.

Whyte knights, blue knights and of course the knight to end all knights, the one and only Sir David Murray.

You may have noticed that the bile, freshly brewed in Larkhall, Govan and Belfast has been poured over Craig Whyte to such an extent that some have a degree a degree of sympathy for the Motherwell billionaire.

However, once the odium has eventually seen off the Whyte Knight, which will be a long time coming, look out for the guns finally turning on Sir David Murray.

Now every knight had a champion, or maybe it was the other way round, every champion had a knight.

I do not possess the dignity to understand such chivalric matters.

Sir David’s current champion is a former regional journalist Graham Isdale.

Mr Isdale has been whispering into the ears of succulent lamb eating journalists about how good Sir David really was for Rangers. It would seem his only mistake was allowing the Motherwell billionaire to buy Rangers.  In this narrative there is no mention of employee benefit trusts, duel contracts or any other potential problems. So the story goes all is well in the kingdom of Sir David Murray.

Now it is strange Mr Isdale finds time to be Sir David’s champion as he is Executive Director of Corporate Affairs at Glasgow Housing Association, an organisation that looks after much of Glasgow’s former council’s housing stock. When Mr Isdale was appointed it was thought strange that a man who had boasted to the Herald about his American luxury holiday home and lives in a substantial sandstone pile in one of the most sought after suburbs of the city would be one of the executive team running a charity’ that looks after housing and services for some of poorest people in Glasgow.

In between dealing with dampness, anti-social neighbours, dog fouling and evictions Mr Isdale find time to whisper sweet nothings to the press about Sir David.

Perhaps Mr Isdale can persuade the GHA Board to up the rents of their 45,000 tenants by a £5 a week to help the Rangers fighting fund.

The guy on the big horse always understood that taxes were for little people.

Although some might think, at this stage, that it would be totally feudal to try to save the Rangers.



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