All tied up in knots

A vignette can often tell a greater truth.

I understand the Easdale Brothers had two guests in the Director’s Box at Ibrox last weekend.

These fine fellows were apparently from another part of Her Britannic Majesty’s glorious realm and they were clearly enjoying the ambience.

However I think it is fair to say that they were there to talk business.

It would appear that, in matters sartorial, these two gentlemen were of the ‘smart causal’ tendency.

Of course before one can enter the holy place that is the Blue Room one must be sporting a tie.

A functionary was sent off to the superstore for two club ties.

However the factotum returned empty handed as the errand had assumed that ties would be handed over free of charge.

The information proffered by the person at the super store was that this thriving commercial hub would take cash, but could also handle credit and debit cards!

The person in the Superstore demonstrated the Dunkirk sprit.

No, that’s wrong; they didn’t run away and leave a French person to clean up the mess.

I do not know how the ties were paid for, but they were not handed over for free.

Mike Ashley would undoubtedly approve of this commercially minded discipline at the Superstore.

Were the ties in the end purchased?

I am sure Sevco media can use the good offices of Clyde 1 Superscoreboard to set the record straight.

We should be told…

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