All’s Well, or is it?

This summer marks the 20th anniversary of the closure of Ravenscraig steel works. In its prime the plant employed over 13,000 people.

When the iconic towers were eventually raised to the ground those who witnessed the event said you could feel the earth move. This crumbling edifice symbolised to many the end of an era.

I now wonder if the resolve of those who work and play a couple of free kicks away from the Ravenscraig site is also crumbling.

Yesterday’s announcement that Motherwell FC’s vice-chairman Derek Weir was to stand down from that role and also resigning from his role on the Scottish Premier League board was strange, the timing even stranger.

Mr Weir blames his move is, “a result of the number of extremely difficult and complex issues currently facing the game.”

Could one of the complex issues be the former Motherwell Chairman John Boyle? In Scotland’s darkest hour has the colourful, eccentric and occasionally headstrong former owner risen from his dark lair?

When he stood down in February 2011 Boyle said: 

I will not ask for any payment to me or to my family for our shares in the club.  It is time for us to hand over the baton.  We have enjoyed our years as part of Motherwell’s distinguished history.  Now, we look forward to following the club’s progress with new owners, new ideas and, hopefully, new success as it celebrates its 125th anniversary and moves into the future.”

My moles at Fir Park suggest Mr. Boyle may see himself as a champion of Scottish football and the man to help Charles Green. Now the telephone calls between these two would be interesting.

Surely Little John hasn’t promised the merry men in Green’s camp that Motherwell might join forces and vote for a Rangers return to the SPL?

As my Motherwell mole said: “ Most fans would rather listen to Susan Boyle than John Boyle.”

What would the fans in the Electric Bar say?

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