An incremental tale

It is undeniable that Sevco parked their dignified bus at Hampden on Sunday.

Therefore a counter-attacking approach made sense.

Obviously, some players, ones blessed with pace, are well-suited to being in a team playing on the counter.

Therefore, I was surprised that Michael Francis O’Halloran played no part in the proceedings.

He was on the bench, but the Admirable Warburton decided against using him.

He was signed by the Holding Company Vehicle after using his blistering pace to deadly effect at Ibrox when St Johnstone played against the Engine Room Subsidiary.

I am led to believe that if the lad plays a certain number of games  then something significantly contractual might happen.

Moreover, I understand that the trigger point in his contract might be very close.

Is this why Michael Francis O’Halloran is being used so sparingly?

That is certainly the view of several very well-placed sources.

I would have expected him to be in the colours of the four-year-old institution much more this season.

Could it be that a certain amount of games played will trigger another payment to the Perth club?

Another excellently placed source informs me that something similar is in place for the lightning quick Philippe Senderos.

Senderos Journey

Perhaps a milestone number of games might lead to an increase in salary for the quicksilver defender.

No doubt some intrepid award winning stenographer will run this one down.

After all, they love breaking stories about financial trouble at Ibrox.

They just can’t help themselves.

Relentless they are…

26 thoughts on “An incremental tale

  1. joe mccormack

    Radio Snide gave air time to a Bears fan last night who bases his football opinions on statistics.

    By his reckoning Brendan has never won anything but Warbs has trophies to show for his spell at Ibrox, statistically making him the better manager in the eyes of the caller.

    The pundits should have destroyed the guy but offered little resistance to his views.

    So winning the Scottish second tier league with a budget 10 times more than the rest put together is a greater achievement than taking unfashionable Swansea into the EPL?
    Winning the Petrofac Cup, eventually, ranks above taking Liverpool to their highest league finish in over a decade?

    Perhaps someone should have pointed to the statistics of Celtic ‘ s two recent victories?

    When Brendan brings home the treble at the end of the season the caller will for sure be basing his football opinions on something other than statistics in future.

    Listening to the Magic Hat and half his squad declaring that there was no gap, the gap was closing or whatever version written for them by Traynor was hilarious on Sunday.

    But in essence they are correct their is no gap, it’s a chasm!

  2. Gaucho

    ‘Karamoko Dembele will play for Scotland if we have anything to do with it!’,
    claims SFA chief Stewart Regan, in yet another nonsensical blast of meaningless garbage.

    The numpty doesn’t realise that it’s BECAUSE of those biased, Sevco-loving, Celtic-hating clowns’ hapless running of the Scottish game that the lad is assessing his options.

    If I were him, I’d go for the Ivory Coast and leave playing for this divided kingdom behind completely.

    While staying at Celtic, of course.

  3. JimBhoy

    When do they need to slot in the AGM? Late Nov last year. Is it 6 months from accounts published? Do they get 6 months over the accounts due date to produce accounts? Where does that leave the AGM?

    1. Phil Mac Giolla BhainPhil Mac Giolla Bhain Post author

      By the end of the year. 21 days notice must be given and the accounts must be published before the AGM.

  4. Tony Paisley

    What about this for a theory. Tomorrows ‘Showdown’ with Joseph, the Sevco board ask Joey to return to training at Auchenhowie, Thus pissing off Warbs and prompting him into ‘walking away’

    Then praying to St Jude (The patron saint of hopeless cases) that someone could be foolish enough to buy Joey bhoy in the January window.

  5. Matthew Lynch

    Off the subject. Letter to the Daily Mail:

    Yes, I think it was a mistake to give space this morning in the Scottish Daily Mail to Ally McCoist on Pages 78 and 79.

    I, for one, do not give a hoot what his views are on Scottish football, or any subject for that matter.

    Mr McCoist is one of life’s takers, especially from the working class, in this case the poor Rangers supporter whose money he took when the club was in trouble.

    Considering he was already financially very well off by then, it is equally insulting to the reader to think that he is probably being paid to fill the pages of this newspaper.

    He is attempting, probably through an agent, to quietly and systematically make a comeback into the limelight in the hope of making more money, boosting his ego and coming out at the end with everyone thinking he is a “good guy”.

    Well, it doesn’t wash with me and I’m sure with many others.

    One last point . . . with articles such as this is it any wonder readers are deserting newspapers for the internet where they can pick and choose what they want to read.

  6. celt4ever

    The way I have been reading things,Is that there are still bills
    Outstanding bills from March at least,hopefully Admin & no CVA
    For Sevco& thet go the same way as the tribute act.
    Phil you any idea when RFC 1872(il) will get liquidated,do we have
    To wait till BOD lose appeal?many thanks.Keep on blogging good luck
    At awards

  7. joe mccormack

    There is no doubt that the summer signing policy has been a complete disaster.

    Despite the help of the highly acclaimed scouting guru Warburton ‘ s additions have failed to inspire the Bears, some of whom are starting to raise questions as to the Magic Hat’s suitability for the job.

    Joey- banned from Ibrox and the training ground, still picking up his wage as the club cannot afford to pay him off. No one should be surprised if his lawyers raise a constructive dismissal claim in the very near future.

    Niko- a history of dodgy knees supported by his lack of game time over the last 3 seasons wherever he has been.

    Rossiter- muscle wasting issues throughout his Liverpool career….has hardly had any game time since his signing and no one has an explanation for his absence from the team sheet.

    Garner -allegedly the big money signing who is pissing Bears fans off with his on field antics, throwing himself about to no purpose and one goal to his name…even that was more Miller’s than his.

    Crooks and Windass – the Accrington Stanley galacticos. The former has been
    injured from day 1 and hasn’t started a game, the latter is off and on the treatment table.

    O’Halloran – confined to the bench with little game time, widely rumoured that after x no of games another payment is required to St J’s.

    Senderos- has vanished after the league game at CP. It would appear that the marquee defensive signing is well down the pecking order after his stellar performance.

    Dodoo- who knows, hardly been sighted, llimited game time despite a forward line averaging a goal a game against SPFL opposition.

    All in all hardly a resounding result for their management team and their highly rated chief scout.

    Ah well as long as there is no gap everything’s tickety boo in Govan.

  8. jc

    It will be interesting tonight, St Jonston are well drilled and Tommy as them set up well. I’m calling 1-0 the Saints and melt down in the stands!

    1. JimBhoy

      JC I agree,I think the biggest disadvantage for sevco tonight is a home tie. The crowd will be getting anxious from midway thru the first half and then they will be on top of Warbler’s warriors. 4/1 for St J looks a great bet and when I pick up my winning for Celtic to beat sevco with Dembele on the score sheet later i will be re-investing some.

  9. SucculentLambStinks

    fear not for BFDJ exclaims that his dead team have acquired 11mill in investment. Maybe so. If BFDJ is correct and his dead club have indeed acquired 11mill in investment then surely they’ll only be paying £25mill interest on top the dumb ducks.

    1. Yourhavingalaugh

      You would think that if there was 11m in the pot that the Bouffant one would be out of his bunker shouting this to all and sundry,not BFDJ,pants on fire from him,time Sutton was speaking to him again.

      1. Gaucho

        11 million?

        That might, just about, fix the roofs and pay off Barton.

        Then there’s still all those pesky outstanding bills to pay.

        The basket of assets is now a basket with no bottom.

        Throw another 30 mil in in top of that and they would STILL need more to see out the season.

        Priceless! 😀

  10. JimBhoy

    Windass has had a lot to say recently, youngster is embarrassing himself and club….. He states,

    “In retrospect, beating Celtic doesn’t win you the league,” Windass said. “You would love to beat Celtic and the fans really want you to beat Celtic.

    “But in the long stretch, beating Celtic four times doesn’t win you the Premiership. If we take care of business, keep picking up points, improve and close the gap on Celtic in the table, then we can challenge for the title. ”

    Definitely sounds like someone is putting words in his mouth or maybe he is just thick as mince..!!

    1. John S

      This is the crux of the football response. If we’d have scored more than the opposition we’d have won the game. If so and so had scored it would’ve been a different game. There’s no gap anywhere but we’re closing it. ‘Water, water everywhere…’

      1. JimBhoy

        @John True, like Warblers, judge us in May mantra and assess if we ‘challenged’ Celtic. The likelihood of meeting Celtic at least 5 times in a game of footie I would expect some challenge. Hardly a KPI.

        However regardless it sounds like media and fans are looking for a saviour, Wattie,Big Eck dream team maybe. I fear the cardigan would have one look at how the odds are stacked against sevco and realise it would impact his past ‘cheating’ record. Albeit as Chairman he did watch Idly as Chico and pals wheeled barra loads of cash out the back door. Hardly the stuff of legend.

        Fun times.

  11. dixie

    Are these players members of Professional Footballers’ Association of Scotland?
    If so, surely this union should be looking into situations whereby their members careers are potentially being curbed for no reason other than financial games?

  12. Fitzy

    Wonder who’s next on the can’t play because of a contractural elevated financial clause list? The gift just keeps on giving..

  13. Yourhavingalaugh

    Surely reaching the final would cover any additional payments to players,unless ,they couldn’t wait for the cup cash to come in as they might delay paying bills but can’t delay in paying wages,spooky if after the Valentine’s Day implode we now have the Halloween horror,maybe we got it wrong all along and it was not a magic hat that Warbs has but a hat more akin to Halloween


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