Another own goal from the SNP?

Just when I thought I was out they pull me back in!

I have had several very productive days with the book and I do need time to get it all down properly.

However, I really do have to share the following with you about Hay and McKerron.

Remember the likely lads that spun a yarn or two for disgraced Rangers owner Craig Whyte?

Yes, the very fellows that guided the reclusive billionaire along the path of truth and light during his time at the deceased football club.

Well these avowed unionists, who helped to spin Ruth Davidson into the position of leader of the Scottish Conservative and Unionists, who were at ease within the Blue Room and very much at home with the Union Jack waving hordes have a new gig.

Are they still flying the Union Jack?

No Scotland’s very own PR Blues Brothers are helping Alex Salmond get a ‘yes’ vote at the independence referendum in 2014.

As they say, you couldn’t make it up!

Hay and McKerron Associates have been hired by former BBC news chief Blair Jenkins the newly appointed chief executive of the “Yes Scotland Group.”

You would have thought Alex Salmond would have learned a political lesson when he called for HMRC to find “a way forward” to allow the deceased club to stay in business.

One would also have thought Alex and his cronies would have shied away from anything or anyone so involved or personally committed with the recent antics at Rangers (1872-2012).

Following the Crown Office’s instruction to Strathclyde Police to probe Craig Whyte’s takeover of the late club, her Majesty’s boys in blue will want to speak to everyone on wee Craig’s team.

No doubt Gordon Hay and Ian McKerron will be more than happy to help police, if or when, they are approached.

I’m sure Alex Salmond will give time off for that!

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