Are we there yet?

Given the many strands of the Rangers saga it is sometimes easy to forget about what is still to come down the pipe.

Many inhabitants of Planet Fitba seem to inhabit a toddler time zone as they appear to have no conception of anytime other than NOW!

I have been informed by an impeccable source that the enquiry into the takeover of Rangers in early 2011 is now “at an advanced stage”.

My guy said that the cops involved were about to move to the “interviewing suspects mode very quickly” and I have no reason to doubt him.

The liquidators BDO are likely to be fully operational next month.

I spoke to a chap with a forensic accountancy background last week to get a handle on how this part of the fiasco might play out.

When I asked him about the timescale of the BDO probe into Rangers (1872-2012) then I must have sounded like an impatient toddler to him.

I asked him when he thought the BDO investigation would be finished and he said it could take five years.

When I heard that I felt like stamping my feet.

This saga is going to run and run.

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