As time goes by

There isn’t long to go now.

Soon Celtic Park will be full to capacity and in the blue corner will be the old enemy.

Today is a special day because it is the last time that they will be at Parkhead.

No matter the result today Rangers will soon die.

There isn’t anything that can save them.

Even if a few thousand of their supporters march to another empty building somewhere and shout at the inanimate edifice their club will still die.

How could this happen?

That’s for another day.

As it turned out there was no Blue Bunnet.

Today the Rangers fans will be in the stadium that Fergus McCann built and the Celtic supporters funded through a hugely successful share issue.

The foundations of Celtic Park and the club itself are solid and will only strengthen in the years ahead.

The Hoops is a labour of love, however the city rivals were always a vehicle for hate.

Duff & Phelps have publicly conceded that they only have enough money to run Rangers until the end of the season.

After that?

There isn’t long to go now.

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