Ashley advisers look at January 27th loan again

It is a feature of smart organisations that they ‘game out’ several likely scenarios in a changing situation.

That is exactly what is currently happening on Planet Ashley.

The smart people in that world are looking at what might transpire out of the Ibrox shambles.

This is particularly apposite after the revelations today that Charles of Normandy is helping Police Scotland.

Although the Sports Direct people are very comfortable about the solidity of their retail contract with Sevco they have, however, revisited the January 27th loan.

That £5m is secured against various assets of Rangers International Football Club (RIFC).

However, if the ownership of those properties were to come into question then the loan itself might suddenly appear to be rather risky.

Subsequently, the smart people analysing all these variables have considered the possibility of recommending that Big Mike just calls in his loan now.

As always with these situations the man who built Sports Direct up from nothing will make his decision and that will be that.

However, the smart people he employs to analyse the business landscape are not encumbered by ‘Rangersness’ and neither is Mr Ashley.


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