At this time of year

I hope you and yours are well this Christmas Eve and that you are where you need to be.

No consumer durable or calorific intake can replace the feeling of having your own around you.

This home is warm with laughter and our nest in momentarily full again.

Our little clan are reunited and BTF has his Montana gal here with him.

She’s a long long way from home so this corner of Donegal is her place too this Christmas.

If you have little ones then I hope they’re suitably excited right now about imminent special deliveries from the North Pole.

Although I do not do religion for me this is also a time of hope.

The days are now getting incrementally longer and I look forward once more to the sun shining in the western sky for long evenings as I look out to Oileán Thoraí.

Next week I will publish my review of the year, but until then I hope you have all the things that you need rather than what the marketing industry tells you that you should want.

And you just might find that those essential things aren’t things at all.

Stay close and stay well.

Beannachtaí na Nollag agus Athbhliana faoi mhaise

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