Attempting a Suitable Accommodation 

There was a meeting of the Sevco High Command on Wednesday of this week.

All of the usual dignitaries there were except for two important exceptions.

Mr David Cunningham King, who usually attends via conference call these days, was not on the line.

Also absent was Mr Stewart Robertson.

I do hope the latter gentleman is doing well these days.

He has been through rather a lot recently.

In the absence of these two gentlemen, the chaps pushed on with a busy agenda.

High on the list of business was where the four-year-old institution would play their matches.

Apparently, the High Command has been in touch with Scottish Football Association, and a rent for Hampden has been discussed.

My information is that the dignified gents in the Blue Room believe that £400-£500k per annum would be a fair rent for the national stadium.

However, the chaps in Mount Florida believe that, on the contrary, £150k per month would be nearer the mark.

Now, dear reader, I am at a loss as to why the High Command would wish to vacate such a world class stadium.

I’m sure that Ibrox is perfectly fit for purpose with no major structural issues.

The conclave then progressed onto other matters.

At one point in the proceedings, the Admirable Warburton was questioned over the “bloated” nature of his squad.

I think this is unfair, as the highest earner at the Holding Company Vehicle was not sanctioned by the likable ex-Brentford supremo.

It seemed to be the consensus that some players would need to be shipped out in January to address the financial situation.

To this end, I would not be surprised if the Engine Room Subsidiary sought some expert assistance in the high-powered world of player sales.

My shout would be for Mr Gordon Smith to come in to assist with this delicate situation.

You never know, his name might even already have been raised within the Blue Room apropos this important matter.

46 thoughts on “Attempting a Suitable Accommodation 

  1. Herbal Derby

    In the Greek myths, Aquarius was the neutral water carrier between the two warring factions but perished after being pulled apart by both sides.

    Will we ever learn who diverted that pipe ?

  2. Peteleplumb

    Not disbelieving the water story but £95,000per month (an amount I saw on one blog)is an unbelievably staggering amount of water.

    1. iceman63

      It is manifestly a nonsense figure. Story earlier in the year had Hampden saving 35% of its bill which came to 40000, suggesting a total annual bill of around 120, 000. Ibrox will be considerably more, but nowhere near a million a year.

  3. Joe C

    I recall reading one of Phil’s earlier blogs saying that TRIFC were paying a monthly sum of £278,000 to rent the Crumbledome as they were coming up through the lower leagues and this was expected to increase when they arrived in the Premier League.
    Why is it that they expect to rent the National Stadium for approx. £ 40,000 per month ?
    Also, why are the SFA even considering renting to them at a figure of £ 150,000 per month when they are paying almost twice that amount at present ?

  4. JohnT

    Can season ticket holders ask for a part refund if matches are not played at ibrox, are Sevco in breach of contract ?

  5. JimBhoy

    The Warbler and some of his geriatricos sound rather optimistic about tomorrow’s outcome.

    Sick of reading the crap he writes and looking forward to him greetin after the game tomorrow, blaming the length of the grass or width of the lines or how the sun played it’s part in their humiliating defeat that was much closer than the score suggests.

    If he was at the meeting that Phil suggests he knows how much in the sh!t they are or at least a huge chunk of that and a few disasters on the pitch thru the rest of the year will propel them into football free fall.

  6. James

    Fans of every club should make their feelings known about bailing out this Sevco shambles .They should never be allowed to use Hampden because they spent all their money and have massive debts once again trying to catch up to Celtic.

  7. FSTB

    IIRC the sfa spfl gave notice to vacate their place in Hampden a couple of months back , if so my guess is the big house must be getting shut .
    Ibrokes first then Murky park

  8. Salted Popcorn

    If Sevco does have to camp out at Hampden, how will that affect the oft-discussed onerous contracts for wifi, catering and security at Ibrox? Would they still have to be paid out, would they transfer to Hampden or would to all be water under the bridge?

  9. GiGi

    I think many are overlooking a small point here. Even if Sevco do relocate to Hampden, they are still due to pay SW the 2 million plus bill. The rent for Hampden, surely payable up-front, if QP have any sense, is on top of the water bill. Of course, Sevco will do their usual, refuse to pay until a court forces them to do so. SW have one advantage over other creditors, they can simply turn off the supply.

    What if SW refuse to supply water to Hampden tenants over overdue bills….?

  10. Cortes

    Apparently the argument about water use is just a mistake anyone could have made:

    Ronald Waterreus, £510,000: Dutch goalkeeper joined Rangers in 2004 from Manchester City.

  11. seamus

    it never rains but it pours, a tsunami of debt, a deluge of player sales (Sevco’s Willit Flood transfer window) and the rest of us drowning in tears of laughter.

    Had a ticket for Sunday but the weather is excellent and I’m going hill walking instead. Would not have a missed a semi final with the old Liquidated Rangers but its just not the same is it ?

  12. John Paul

    You have to wonder if there will ever be football played again at the crumble dome. More humiliation for the peepul. Oh dear.

    1. celt4ever

      Really think that old lady still has them,oh the fun.
      Phil if your right& no reason to doubt you,Do you
      Think Sevco Administration would lead to Liquidation?
      Sell Ibokes& share Hampden?

  13. The Green Jedi

    HAMPDEN being the half built dump that it was IN 1994 was “forced” upon Fergus McCann ‘ s Celtic at £500,00 + running costs. ….why do this half dead mob think they can get it for less than that nearly 23 years later!!

    1. JohnMac

      £500K in 1994 is £919,208 in today’s money. I believe the SFA would not allow Cletic to carry their own stadium advertising either, is that correct?

  14. Billyj

    Sorry but RFC or whatever they choose to call themselves cannot enter into any lease agreement with theSFA. Hampden is owned by Queens Park! Equally Queens Park should be careful of negotiating anything with RFC or any if it’s derivatives. Who do they sue for non payment of rent, who does Scottish Water chase for Water Rates n who does Glasgow City Council chase for commercial rates?

  15. theclumpany

    Hmmm. Wouldn’t playing at Hampden require two concurrent series of payments to be made? One for the hire of the national stadium, and another for repairs to Ibrox? That sounds quite expensive…

    I must admit that I am struggling to square this somewhat bleak account with the other material I have just read, which speaks of a glorious sun-drenched ‘Journey’… If I may, here are the full technicolor details…

  16. Avid Reader

    The SFA should tread very carefully before entering into any form of rental agreement with TRIFC for Hampden. It puts the national stadium at risk of mindless vandalism from TRIFC fans every time their team loses because it is not their stadium and seen as an opportunity to vent their anger on something tangible. Even if the SFA fine TRIFC for such acts, where is the money going to come from to pay for repairs? Will TRIFC get favourable terms to pay on the never-never? How much vandalism will occur before the SFA wake up and smell the coffee and realise the fans don’t care how much their team get fined? I am sure there are more questions than those that need to be considered before the SFA even entertain the notion of leasing Hampden to TRIFC. and their wrecking ball fans.

  17. FSTB

    Forgive my ignorance Phil
    are you saying the SFA are contemplating letting sevco 2012 play out of Hampden for £150,000

    1. JJ

      No pretty sure what he’s saying is from what he’s heard that rather than sevcos rediculous offer that Sfa have more like 150k per month in mind totaling more like 1.8 Mil p/a

  18. Kit Conway

    Many on here often refer and fantasise about the one big cataclysmic event that will bury TRFC. With their impending appointment of top business advisor and failed SFA Chief Exec I suspect the wait is over.

  19. Alfie Birches

    As to Hampden. Iirc it is owned by Queens Park and the SFA only rent it, I could be wrong though. A rent of £500K p.a. would certainly not suffice. Hampden water expenditure is £95K p.a. but that is with very limited attendances. This could be a multiple of five or more with 45,000 turning up each week. Think of the water usage in terms of toilet facilities, catering, etc etc. The water bill alone could exceed the yearly rent paid and who would pick up the slack. Hardly the SFA as Scotland have not qualified for a major international tournament for decades and hardly look likely to do so.
    Where would RIFC get £150K per month. If the watergate stories are true could SW permit a company to relocate to new premises without satisfying the outstanding account?
    What will the Peeepul say about leaving Ibrox? Not best pleased I would think. The allegations of £2.28M outstanding may not be too far off the mark, if an empty Hampden is costing £95K per annum, I would think 19-25 home games at Ibrox with attendances of 45K would put consumption into multiples of 5 or 10 in comparison.
    If the offices at Ibrox remain intact then rates would apply, on top of rent for Hampden.
    Where does all the extra cash come from ? Glib will not doubt have the answer.

    I see some sevconians in the SMSM believe that Celtics loss to BMG is good for TRFC and that is understandable since TRFC so resemble BMG lol.

    1. celt4ever

      Good for Sevco that result?they on the same planet?Brendan and the players will be fired up by the criticism by now&go out to prove we deserve to be in the final and miles ahead of them,Warbo teams not a match on Brendan,would bring Roberts in for Forrest tomorrow,would love to see Griffiths &Dembelle up front,going for Celtic —5 HH

    2. sligojoe


      I don’t think anyone should take that water bill seriously. There may be other factors which bump the amount up. What they would be, I don’t know?

      A milion a year for water alone….hmmm.


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