Being calm before the storm

It is good advice in life to sometimes disregard what people say, but rather instead focus on what they do.

Amid all the noise from the stenographers Ashley’s men are working away at Sevco.

Big Mike’s men are on the RIFC board in the same way as Lloyd’s banking group had Donald Muir on the board of Rangers.

This is the lender making sure that things are run according to their wishes.

Sources tell me that the Ashley’s men on the RIFC board are currently going about their work quietly and diligently.

Now perhaps that is all just a front for other members of staff.

They may indeed know that this is their end of this tour of duty at the Big House.

Even if they had a plan to tunnel out of Stalag Sevco they wouldn’t tell any old Tom Dick or Harry around Ibrox.

That said I am aware that Big Mike’s guys are taking long term decisions that imply that they believe that they will be there to see these projects through.

For example they are currently discussing a new coach for Sevco and John Carver’s name has come up in conversation.

So long term decisions being calmly made.

This does not fit in with the picture being painted by the hacks.

The noise coming from the stenographers is that Mr King has the numbers stacked up.

In simple monetary terms the Sevco show is very small beer. It is worth noting that Sports Direct have a bigger turnover than TRFC from only ONE of their retail outlets.

Hence it is initially baffling that Mr Ashley would pay such a high opportunity cost in having Derek Llambias and Barry Leach at Ibrox.

Quite simply they could be somewhere else in Big Mike’s business empire.

However he clearly has plans for Sevco and the devil is in the retail.

The extent to which the stenographers are acting as shills for Dave King is breath taking by even their low standards.

Their journalistic ethics truly are off the radar.

Meanwhile I understand that Mr Paul Murray has been in conclave with various representatives of The People.

He was there, in part, to plead for dignity and restraint apropos the General Meeting.

During one of these meetings Mr Murray was also asked about the King business plan going forward.

Apparently his answers did not satisfy all of The People there.

Subsequently some of the more financially literate Ibrox fans are starting to realise that Mr King’s plans are based upon Other People’s Money (OPM).

In this case THEIR money.

Of course we’ve seen this nightmare on Edmiston Drive before.

This is the simply the same movie, with a different cast, but the same audience.

The debacle over the General Meeting was rather unedifying.

I am aware that senior RIFC personnel were liaising closely with the police in London when the EGM was originally booked to be in the capital city.

Perhaps after the AGM last year the directors clearly had some health and safety concerns about returning to Ibrox.

If the South African based entrepreneur does ‘win’ the General Meeting then  the stenographers will be like when Sally went for lunch with Harry, but they won’t be faking it.

Perhaps President King will appear on the deck of HMS Sevco with a Mission Accomplished banner behind him.

However, it might take one little Bhoy to point out that the aircraft carrier has no planes.

It is accepted wisdom in military circles that time in reconnaissance is never wasted.

To that end I understand that General Ashley has had a comprehensive intelligence dossier compiled on the past indiscretions of some of the forces arrayed against him.

This could get messy dear reader as Big Mike seems very interested in what some of these chaps did as opposed to what they said.

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