Big day at Ibrox

Graham Wallace wasn’t at his desk yesterday for the second day in a row.

I understand that a meeting has been set up for tonight at the Dunfermline game at Ibrox to break the impasse.

However, an insider told me that “he isn’t going to turn up and just go back to how it was”.

I believe that if Graham Wallace does get behind his desk again then it will be to plan for administration.

Sources tell me that Laxeys are pushing for a controlled insolvency and that the Easdales have come around to their way of thinking on that matter.

This week the media people in the Big House have been ducking questions on VAT.

Today is when the payments are due for the last quarter.

I understand that if this quarter of VAT is not paid up then it might not be the only tranche of VAT monies outstanding down Ibrox way.

If my sources are incorrect then I am sure that a firm denial will be issued and, perhaps even read out on Radio Clyde.

What is not in dispute is that the Ibrox outfit is bleeding money at a rate that is unsustainable.

Part of the problem is that contracts were apparently set up when Craig Mather was CEO that are ruinously expensive to the company and can only be broken by an Administration or Liquidation.

I am told that there are some questions marks over the replacement of catering equipment and some maintenance work doesn’t seem to have been carried out adequately if at all.

Moreover there seems to have been some very generous payments made up front before the work was even done.

I am sure that there are perfectly reasonable explanations for all of these apparent anomalies in the books.

However, at this stage there is very little money left and I understand that some directors have been forced to provide some liquidity on an ad hoc basis just to keep the lights on.

There is a rich vein of stories there for any journalist in Glasgow who wants to go after this stuff that is clearly in the public interest.

I am told that The People do not think that anything is amiss at the stadium that John Brown played for.

They are wrong.

Ordinarily I would feel sorry for them as they’ve been lied to and ripped off so many times, but given that they have a nice line in genocide humour then I’ll pass on that one.

If they think a famine is funny then they deserve all the anguish and humiliation that awaits them.

However real people not The People will suffer in what is to come at Ibrox and Murray Park and I do feel for them.

A country run by the chaps from the Bullingdon club is an unforgiving place for those thrown out of work.

Moreover they will find themselves on the dole queue because a man in the chateau in Normandy and his shadowy backers decided to enrich themselves with no thought for the wreckage that would be left behind in Glasgow.

I realise from emails and messages that my reportage this week has provided something of a welcome service to the denizens of Planet Fitba.

However, I could see all of this far enough and I just wish that sports journalists in Glasgow would, finally, start to cover this story instead of obediently queuing for a press release.

Now dear reader I am off down the Rocky Road and Wexford is my final destination.

The Sinn Féin Ard Fheis beckons and I will probably be back to this omnishambles on Tuesday or Wednesday.

I suspect that by then major decisions or non-decisions will have been taken that will have long term consequences for the Ibrox brand.

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