Big Mike manoeuvers into position

At time of writing I believe that General Ashley is exactly where he wants to be on the Sevco front.

I understand from sources that the £5m loan agreed on the 27th January is now in default.

I am told that this has been caused “…due to the actions of the board…”

The chaps in the New Regime are fully aware that Big Mike can call this loan in at any time.

A source close to the action described the mood of the New Regime as “frantic” as they have been unable to raise the money to pay off Sports Direct.

I understand that Mr George Letham tried manfully to address the crisis by approaching his own banker.

However the business plan he presented was, I am told, considered to be “insane” by the chap in the bank.

Sources tell me that Mr Douglas Park isn’t in the best of health at the moment and, of course, I wish him well.

However this means that he may not be fully engaged at the moment with the Sevco project.

Now would be a very good time for Mr David Cunningham King to bring some cash to the party.

It really would.

Despite the conciliatory noises from the New Regime in the direction of Mr Ashley I think this will be too little and too late.

My reading of this is that Big Mike is currently happy to see the chaps in the Blue Room financially struggling at the moment.

This is consequential learning.

In case, dear reader, it had slipped your attention Mr Derek Llambias and Mr Barry Leach are still on the RIFC payroll.

It would not be a major organisational issue for their suspension to be lifted and to see them back at their desks.

They could then continue with the austerity programme that they had been implementing.

However this would be very unpopular with the fans.

A smart move would be to have Llambias and Leach back in the Big House for a short period of time and then put a new CEO in place.

The smart move would be to source someone who knows the recent Ibrox business intimately and has major respect in the Square Mile.

A chief executive who was respected in the City would assist the process of putting RIFC back onto the Alternative Investment Market.

Graham Wallace has ruled himself out by being so close to the Dave King camp.

So that only leaves Philip Tudor Nash.

That would be a smart move.

I have a feeling that Mr Ashley likes smart moves…

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