Bigotry at Berwick

Berwick-upon-Tweed is a lovely town with a turbulent history.

Today they were visited by a troubled people who have a shameful history.

The good old song sheet for the Good Ol Boys was in full force  during the first forty five minutes at  the home ground of the ‘Wee Rangers’ as they took on the New Rangers.

So much so that Ray Stubbs  of ESPN apologised to viewers as the teams came out for the second half and said they would be contacting the police.

ESPN has done the state some service.

The Glasgow based media have had numerous opportunities to do their civic duty so far this season regarding the singing by Sevco fans and have not done so.

The post match reaction from the Sevco manager was something to behold.

“If they were a little out of order” must be in line for some sort of understatement award for the media friendly Mr McCoist.

The fact that Sevco put out an official statement expressing their “disappointment” at  the chanting before the match was even over indicates that the penny dropped rather quickly that this could be very bad for the new outfit at Ibrox.

Of course it would help if the club stated what it considered to be “inappropriate” for their fans to sing.

For teams in the bottom tier of Scottish football a trip to Berwick plays the same role as a trip to Inverness for SPL clubs in the central belt.

It is the long alcohol fuelled journey.

Today even the early kick off could not prevent the…err…high spirits.

Perhaps the Sevco chaps thought that as they were outside of Scotland then the new legislation would not apply to them in their trip across the Border.

Hate crime legislation does exist to cover public gatherings in England and Wales.

The Northumbrian police could, of course, be guided as to the nuances of the Ibrox sub-culture by FOCUS officers.

Hopefully some of these fine Sevco chaps will soon find themselves in an English court and will be called upon to explain their quintessential Britishness to a judge and why that involves chants about the Pope, paedophiles and Fenian blood.

Well done ESPN!



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