Bills and obligations

I am told that a senior employee of the Holding Company Vehicle wanted the four-year-old institution to issue a statement about the Linfield sectarian selfie.

The proposed press release would have distanced the Ibrox club from the belief system that informs the Shankill Road Defenders.

Shankill Selfie 1

However, I understand that this perfectly reasonable position was shot down by at least two directors.

Moreover, the Chairman added his weight to their dignified opposition.

The same senior employee also raised the issue that the picture of the team with the Loyalist flute band could inadvertently authorise the more hard line Sevco supporters.

He put the scenario to the board that if “the songbook comes out at Celtic Park” then it would be difficult for the club to ignore this.

Of course, that is exactly what the stenographers have done about this image.

Shankill Selfie 2

Ignored it.

I showed this to several journalists here in Ireland and England, and they were aghast at the image.

Moreover, they couldn’t believe that the Glasgow media weren’t all over this.

The general consensus among my colleagues was that the Fourth Estate had a clear obligation to report on this matter, especially in the week before the Glasgow Derby match.

One word was used several times to me by different journalists to describe the apparent press blackout on the story:



Despite being assailed on several fronts, the four-year-old institution can still count on the obedient loyalty of the stenographers.

As their titles circle the circulation drain, they can still operate at the required Level.

Meanwhile, things could be better at Sevco on the financial front although you’ll never read of that in the mainstream.

I was told that the Chairman of the Holding Company Vehicle was rather irked by my recent idle speculation that Sevco had been forced to borrow £5m to pay back General Ashley last January.

Well, it appears that I had stumbled upon something dear reader!

If there is an intrepid stenographer out there they might want to pose the following questions to the four-year-old institution:

Did your club recently have to pay back a £5m loan?

Was the entire amount, including interest in fees total approximately £6.25m?

Then there’s the VAT bill on season tickets.

I’m told that there was an important conclave about this matter within the past few days.

However, I’m sure that Mr David Cunningham King will ensure that all of that stuff is taken care of by some timely overinvestment.

Whatever it takes and that…



Nota bene.

As ever this lamb free coverage can only come to you with your continued support.

Míle buíochas.

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