Boris Johnson and Sevco

In the aftermath of the Brexit many commentators have queried whether or not the main guys actually had a plan.

The Brexiteer chaps certainly won the day with their Churchillian sloganizing.

However, after the victory party the consequences of their triumph started to look rather messy.

Every time I dip into this Sevco shambles I have similar thoughts.

I spoke this morning with a well placed source and he stated to me that the  basic  cost of mending the three roofs at Ibrox is “…in excess of £10,.25 million…”

He  stressed that this bill was just for the roofs and that there is other structural work to be done as well.

If there is an intrepid stenographer out there  then they might want to contact the chaps in the Blue Room.

Here is an introductory question:

“Did Mr Stewart Robertson and Mr Paul Murray recently have a meeting with representatives of Puma?”

If the Sevco chaps answer in the affirmative then I have another question  to furnish our fearless investigative churnalist.

My own view is that Big Mike has played this intellectual property wrangle rather well.

By abiding by the terms of the letter from RIFC he has brought Puma and 32 Red onside.

Puma has manufactured thousands of replica kits and currently they are in a  storage and unsold.

This is hardly going to please the German company.

If they decide to do walking away after this contract expires then it is difficult to see any of the other big players  dealing with Sevco.

There are smaller kit suppliers  like Sondico.

However, they are owned by a certain chap in Shirebrook…

Of course, the recent ‘good news’ of  key players signing new contracts means that the wage bill has increased markedly.

So, to summarize:

Stadium in need of repair.

In dispute with kit supplier, retail distribution partner and shirt sponsor.

Wage bill increasing.

For the avoidance of doubt dear reader I am sure that there is a Grand Plan.

Which makes me wonder if Boris has been consulting on this one.

I really do.











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