Brexit, Hillary and Joey

We live in strange times.

Will the United Kingdom really leave the European Union?

Will the good folk of the USA elect a misogynist racist  cartoon character to the most powerful political office on the planet?

Will Joey Barton ever play for the Sevco first team again?

The Breaking news that the High Court in London has ruled that the British Government will require a vote in Parliament before triggering Article 50 put a huge doubt over the first question.

Early reports today state that Theresa May’s administration will appeal the ruling  to the UK Supreme Court next month.

Here in Ireland we’re looking over the hedge into the UK and wondering what they will do next.

Of course, we are helpless onlookers in much the same way as the entire global village is impotent as the American people make their choice next week.

At time of writing, the national polls in the USA seem too close to call.

Secretary Clinton is an appalling collage of character defects, but she isn’t Trump.

That’s the only thing I can say in Hillary’s favour.

For a country of over 300 million people it is an appalling choice.

It really is.

Yesterday a short dignified and Churchillian statement from the Holding Company Vehicle told Planet Fitba that Monsieur Barton would return to training.

It is reported that he will train with the Under-20 squad.

This surprised me in that I wasn’t sure if Sevco actually had such an arrangement.

In much the same way as the world looks on in horrified fascination at the American political process, then so does Planet Fitba gaze at the car crash that is Sevco.

What can be stated with some certitude is that the two top earners at the Engine Room Subsidiary will play no further part this season.

The injury to Niko Kranjčar is just shocking bad luck.

That said, late last season the Admirable Warburton had told the chaps in the Blue Room that the Engine Room Subsidiary had been very lucky with injuries.

Not so this season.

Meanwhile Celtic will bring in more money from the Champions League campaign this season than Sevco turned over en toto in the last financial year.

The Admirable Warburton stated yesterday that he would “look into” the loan market.

Well, the best of British with that one!

The experience of players on loan at the Holding Company Vehicle last season might not be the best endorsement of the set up at the Engine Room Subsidiary.

Clubs in the England share information and benefiting the loan market might prove to be a more difficult task this time around.

In other news Lee Wallace this morning had a world class breakfast at a place that was once called Murray Park.

61 thoughts on “Brexit, Hillary and Joey

  1. thornbird385

    I was going to post a comment on the Trump/Clinton pantomime, and how I thought that, on balance, given their relative strengths and frailties, Trump would be the safer bet.
    But it seems that everyone else has beaten me to it.

  2. Kerrygirl

    Most of the votes are cast as protest neoliberalism , would trump be any worse than some who have been before , clintons stink just as the blairs and bushes , self servers as is trump ,but then we knew what trump was all about , as for brexit ms Miller multi millionaire had the money to put a spoke in the wheel of democracy, let’s not kid ourselves with talk of process , Europe is totally undemocractic and listing with corruption and debt ,the Irish people spoke on the Lisbon treaty and were kettled into another vote to suit their masters , the same senario is being played out here , I believe in the common market and freedom of movement for workers and genuine asylum seekers , but who caused all this uncertainty ? Blair and bushes involvement in toppling sadam and gidaffi have displaced millions creating the Mass migration of immigrants throughout Europe ,people across Europe have every right to to feel anxiety and fear it is a natural reaction and the vast majority are not racists , so who or what caused these devisive turbulent times Trump ?Brexit ? No it lies with the blairs bushes and clintons of this world while they talk of equality in gender and race to appease they are all self serving boot fillers of the lowest order, if indeed the workers are better off and there rights are protected within Europe how come greens murrays Ashleys of this world can still get away with ripping off the workers , we sold out on minimum wage trade unions have been suffocated along with workers fights by neoliberalism ,as for my pal joey hope his union stick with him

    1. Wessex

      I think you’ve nailed it Kerrygirl. Democracy is a sham and it’s the corporate world that decide our collective fates. If war is more profitable than peace then nobody can be allowed to derail the industrial / military complex’s plans.

    1. Mr Mah Jest Stick

      The Clumpster fashioned it from a Lee Wallace press conference, in which Lee called all things Sevco ‘The Best’, including the doors, the corridors and the breakfasts.

      He can’t say he didn’t ask for it …

  3. JimBhoy

    THE DR and ET really can write ANY shoite they want. This story obviously centres around the attention young Dembele is getting and the Sevco PR nutters need to redress that balance to try to maintain some level of parity,

    DR –
    “BARCELONA and Bayern Munich have joined the top clubs in England in running the rule over Rangers starlet Billy Gilmour.”

    “Barcelona came to watch just Billy in the game against France and see him as a player in the Xavi or Iniesta mould in terms of his size and technical ability”

    “It’s going to be very difficult for Rangers to hold onto him beyond the end of the season, when he turns 16. The top sides from abroad can offer money beyond the reach of Rangers and Celtic.”

    £3m put on his head recently, you’d think he’d be knocking on a shoite Sevco firtst team being punted as worth more than the full first team squad.? No!!?

    I actually feel sorry for the kid and his family at the attention he has been getting. Still it hopefully deflects from the real worldwide interest in wee Dembele. The PR/Papers are a danger to young Scottish talent.

  4. lainj2highseastim

    If Trump wins the US elections, batten down the hatches and prepare for world war 3. One bonus would be sending the OL members to the front lines as they keep telling us how they’d fight for queen and country!!

    1. Mr Mah Jest Stick

      ‘Hillary Clinton brings the real threat of war, not Donald Trump, according to Vladimir Putin, as election news has Russia gearing up for a possible attack.’

      Video: Hillary Says She Will Attack Russia And Iran – YouTube

      You see that? Russia AND Iran …

      You shouldn’t believe everything you read in the mainstream, mate.

      I thought you would know that if you’re a regular here.

      Did you know that Hitlery’s campaign has been financed by Goldman Sachs, and other war-causing bankers consortiums, to the tune of over 300 million dollars?

      World War 3 is the dream for these guys and now they have the prime puppet who will do anything to stay in politics and who has already declared that she’s happy to cause World War 3 on their behalf.

      Because the banks and the armament industries juts love war.

      You really ought to be more diverse in your choice of reading material, or you might end up regretting it.

      Trump’s just a Mr Punch sideshow to mad Judy’s rampage.

      Wake up.

      1. Jim the Tim

        Good on you Sir . Hillary’s first policy is Death to the young. Complete Abortion . Her second is Death to the old . Complete Euthanasia. Her and that we Sturgeon would make great bed partners. As for your own morally corrupt piece of Ireland maybe it would do you better to look closer to home . Have only been in Ireland once just after The Hunger Strikes man as far as the ones in The South were concerned it could have been happening in the U. S .A . Then after all there was more attention to it over there.Talk about Ireland’s shame .

    2. The beekeeper

      Cant agree, Trump who is not a politician in the usual sense has more understanding of what will make others respect the USA and the west, he knows it does not matter if they like us but respect and a certain amount of fear to tangle with us will achieve more when dealing with these nut-jobs in North Korea and Iran etc. Clinton is a bought lackey who is in the pockets of those have made the Clinton’s wealthy beyond belief, and some of those are oversees interest in the middle East, and if you or anyone else cant see that, then you have a problem, or don’t want to see it.
      I became a Trump follower when watching the first Republican debate when all 17 Republican candidates were there arguing back and forth, and then Donald trump said,
      ” all these guys here are in the pockets of Lobbyists and special interests who fund them, no one has bought me I am self funding”
      Not one of them denied it or disputed it, they all stood there like dummy’s, so For me Donald Trump who also said I know politicians i have been buying and dealing with them for years, is for me a breath of fresh air in a (and Donald dares to say it) corrupt and crooked Washington and as he also said @Crooked Hilary Clinton she’s as crooked as they come folks”.
      So its time to let someone who is not the establishment in and maybe just maybe clean up the mess that is the USA,


      1. Mr Mah Jest Stick

        You ‘Hail Hail’ a man who said he would have sex with his own daughter, if she wasn’t his daughter?!

        Who declared bankruptcy then ‘Done A Murray’ by keeping all the best bits for himself, only to then run rampant across New York in pursuit of his own megalomaniac ego.

        Who accused Mexicans of being such ‘dirty rapists’ that he would build a wall the length of the border and force the Mexican people to pay for it?


        Tell me, Beekeeper, do you come out with all these populist statements just to annoy people or are you really the reactionary fool you come across as ..?

        Given your prodigiously nonsensical stream of consciousness over the year I can only assume it’s the latter.

        Oh, and Bernie Sanders is just another puppet.

        He was told not to challenge Hillary by Soros & the banks and off he scarpered, back to his handsomely salaried corner, with all his idealism knocked into a white feathered hat for him by his political masters.

  5. Frank Irvine

    “For a country of over 300 million people it is an appalling choice”

    Phil you have lost ALL credibility with that utterance. You have clearly lost the plot.

  6. SucculentLambStinks

    World class breakfast = last nights leftover
    lamb = a couple of dried up strips of donner kebab that they found in the media king Jim’s locker room.

  7. A_Mac

    Apologies for not being on topic but has “Rugger guy” any comments to make about this:-

    Friday 25th November at the Clyde Auditorium, SECC: 10am.…orts-accounts/

    Special Resolution 11

    11. “THAT the Directors be and they are empowered pursuant to Section 570(1) of the Act to allot equity securities (as defined in Section 560(1) of the Act) of the Company wholly for cash pursuant to the authority of the Directors under Section 551 of the Act conferred by Resolution 10 above, as if Section 561(1) of the Act did not apply to such allotment provided that:

    (a) the power conferred by this resolution shall be limited to:

    (i) the allotment of equity securities in connection with or pursuant to an offer of, or invitation to holders of equity securities and other persons entitled to participate in proportion (as nearly as practicable) to their then holdings of equity securities (or as appropriate the numbers of such equity securities which such other persons are for such purposes deemed to hold) subject to such exclusions or other arrangements as the Directors may deem necessary or expedient to deal with fractional entitlements or legal, regulatory or practical problems arising under the laws or requirements of any overseas territory or by virtue of shares being represented by depository receipts or the requirements of any regulatory body or stock exchange or any other matter whatsoever; and

    (ii) in the case of the authority granted under paragraph (a) of Resolution 10, the allotment, otherwise than pursuant to sub-paragraph (i) above, of equity securities up to an aggregate nominal value equal to £1,086,376.01; and

    (b) unless previously revoked, varied or extended, this power shall expire at the conclusion of the Company’s next Annual General Meeting in 2017, except that the Company may before the expiry of this power make an offer or agreement which would or might require equity securities to be allotted after such expiry and the Directors may allot equity securities in pursuance of such an offer or agreement as if this power had not expired.”

    1. mick

      a have been following the US election and after reading the wikileaks and looking more closely at the Clinton foundation a would say trump is the lesser of the 2 evils the democrats have the blood of millions on there hands via quid pro quo quid pay to play ,this is bigger than watergate and is a macro version of the smsm cover up of dead rfc and sevco and as for world war 3 (trumps a commy hes reading the wiki emails from Putin )that is a smoke screen to throw the yanks of the sent of the democrats corruption the leaked emails came from within as they don’t want killery in power .

      social media should be all over the wikileaks as it effects every country in the world all faiths and all races this is the biggest story of our time and the media is brushing it under the carpet on a globe scale

      bird dogging paid for by the Saudis who fund Isis via the Clinton foundation fact not fiction !

      last but not least CLINTONS PUPPET MASTER !



      1. Mr Mah Jest Stick

        Great work, Mick.

        Of all that essential info, this Nelson Mandela quote, from a link to Sweden’s shameful lapdogging for America, stood out like a blade

        ‘“If you look at those matters, you will come to the conclusion that the attitude of the United States of America is a threat to world peace.”

        America & the UK are the real monsters they make ISIS out to be.

        These same two countries are the real, and most dangerous, terrorists on Earth.

        Divert & deflect from their own actions, find, or create, a patsy to take the blame, these are their methods of infiltration and continued destruction.

        Charm, arm & fund them to get the tentacles into the target, then betray them in a way that makes the Glencoe massacre look like small cheese, while blaming the victims for birth the war and the ongoing domestic need for restricted freedoms and martial law.

        Psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists run this world and the quicker the ostriches wake up and see it the better it will be for everyone.

        Odd that so many know that the mainstream sports desks are repeating a blatant lie about Rangers & Sevco but it never occurs to them that they could be repeating the same lie about politics and war every single day.

        1. Joe Keane

          If Trump wins I’ll enjoy all the media hand wringing, and there are some things I agree with him on. But I’d vote Hillary. She’s much maligned, but is surely a safer pair of hands whatever her hawkish views on Putin. I think we have sore Bernie fans here.

          1. Mr Mah Jest Stick

            You didn’t watch the video, Joe, nor do any background research into Hillary’s dark past, and present.

            How anyone can call someone who declares to the world that they’re gonna attack both Russia AND Iran a ‘safe pair of hands’ is beyond belief.

            ‘Aye, she told us she would start World War 3 but she seemed like a safe pair of hands anyway’.


            Watch the video, man!

        2. Wessex

          I totally agree, if the media are willing to lie that hard about an insignificant sports story what are they likely to spin for something important?

          Funnily enough it was the whole Sevco saga that opened my eyes to how biased the media are.

    2. emilytom67

      she is a criminal of the highest order from a criminal family,she has wreaked havoc in the middle east and elsewhere and will continue to do so trailling us behind her.

      1. michael mclaughlin

        And Trump is a shining light ,i do not think much of any of the choices and that includes all of the candidates

  8. Dunnahow

    Never mind the 20 grand per week ,how much are they negotiation for confidentiality,think joey will judge that one one his book sales

  9. highseastim

    Some things are still the same though Phil, like Scottish Labour continually voting with the Tories in Holyrood. The latest being trying to vote down increasing a council tax rise for the top bands, leaving everyone in no doubt as to who the “tartan Tories” are, they(SLab) will be in the doldrums for a very long time yet.

  10. There is NO Old Firm

    Sevco – Barton situation. …ha. …aha…hahaha. ..aaaahhh. ..hahahaaa. ..Aaaahhahahha!
    Will the hilarity from this joke outfit never cease? ….I certainly hope not.
    “Mr. Barton will return to full – time training after the conclusion of a suspension period”.
    Meaning…..We’re screwed for sacking him so we’re trying to piss him off!
    “The Auchenhowie management team will set a training regime to which he must adhere”.
    Meaning…..We’re screwed for sacking him so we’re trying to piss him off!

    Absolutely, excruciatingly embarrassing. Makes you wonder just who do they think they’re fooling?
    Were I a shareholder with this joke, I would ask my carers to attend the AGM on my behalf and ask just how much of our loans we were wasting on PR PISH and does anyone believe it is a good use of these loans as all our statements seem to do is create howls of laughter, derision and ridicule amongst the rest of Scottish football and beyond.
    With us having gained some slight, positive coverage on the likes of young Koko Dembele, who’d be surprised if PR PISH FC come out soon with something along the lines of “We have an embryo who appears to be a mixture of Messi, Ronaldo, Pele and Maradona and is likely to be valued at £95zillion billion by the time he’s 3 months old. This is down to the genius of the Auchenhowie management. We will not tolerate anything else”.

    So if Mr. Barton is indeed consigned to the section of the club that one of Britain’s least experienced pro football managers sees no merit in, what’s to stop him continuing to cause bother?
    If there happens to be a young player or two there who looks like they may make the grade, what’s to stop The Legend Who Never Was from gathering them round the world class breakfast and bending their heads with tales of playing down South for Nobody FC, on £60-80k pw, where no one cares if you win, lose or draw and you’re not constantly referred to as the potential saviour of Scottish football?
    Thereby, he gets some satisfaction in knowing that he may have deprived what, for him, has been a not too forgiving employer of perhaps their first generation of TUPE’d over full international squad members worth £Trillions!
    And all the while, the £20 – 30k pw. pay cheque rolls in from Hunny-G FC. Oh, my sides!!

    Now, if only Trump and Clinton could get hold of a top quality PR guru!

  11. joe mccormack

    How remiss of me on the likely cash inflow/outflow for the Hogmanay game at Ibrox, I forgot to include the cost of turning on the undersoil heating several days before the match just to make sure any frost is removed from the ground.

  12. Avid Reader (@6019Kilo)

    Forcing Joey Barton to train with the Under-20 squad coupled to stringent requirements with the threat of further disciplinary action if he doesn’t is obviously a ploy designed to force his hand into leaving voluntarily. Maybe they think they are running a “chain gang” at Murray er I mean Auchenhowie along the lines of “Cool Hand Luke”. Will Joey have to raise his hand and shout “Shake the bush, Boss Durrant” every time he needs a toilet break? Will he be “fired” if he takes too long? Do they have a secret list of misdemeanours to hold against him? Will we ever find out?

  13. Peter

    I never thought the day would come you could photoshop a Billy Gilmour and if questions are asked print him out in your 3d printer

  14. Aquinas

    Phil I’m waiting for JB’s latest Non Fiction piece,
    ‘Joseph and his Constructive Dismissal’
    Any word from your people?

    1. Corruption Is King

      None so blind as those who refuse to see.

      Putting the word ‘theory’ at the end does not negate the truth of the conspiracy.

      The majority of my lifetime’s knowledge comes from books, as there was no internet back then, though I still don’t fall into the trap,of believing that just because something is written down it is necessarily true.

      What solution do you propose to such a dilemma, Jupiter?

      Remember, in any argument, discussion or debate, I’ll probably run rings round ye … 😉

  15. Corruption Is King

    There is no choice when democracy is a sham.

    The Clinton Trump nonsense is just a sideshow to divert the idiot eyes away from the Black Ops & the outright blatant NASA lies about ‘space exploration’ and all that other crap they tell us to keep on claiming their annual 20 billion dollar budget.

    Even Obama admits we’ve never been past Low Earth Orbit, all this guff is yet another way of keeping us mushrooms fed just enough truth amongst all their lies to keep us wondering what the real truth is, and why we can’t tell it any more.

    As for Brexit, those Tories just cannot wait to get rid of all the cumbersome EU workforce laws like the Living Wage, making Britain the prime source of cheap European labour and an unfettered vulture’s paradise for the new exploiters of the 21st century.

    The UK’s eulogy will read:

    ‘First they came for our workplace protections, then they came for the Human Rights Bill, then we were all fucked …’

    The entire Western control system is an elaborate hoax 800 years in the making, nearly a full millennium of lying to the people while the secret societies kept the knowledge of the ancients’ to themselves.

    Britain owns America and The Vatican owns Britain, every US President is related to the European Royal bloodline and is merely an employee of The Corporation, and all of this is written down and open for public consumption, both online and in print, yet no one even bothers to examine it before ridiculing those who tell them of it, further binding them to their own wanton ignorance and gullibility amd fear of learning something that might well cause them to rise up in a furious anger at all the bullshit we’ve been fed our entire lives.

    We have the entire record of known human history at our fingertips every moment of every day yet the best we can come up with in its use is to share pictures of kittens and make catcalls at Mr Punch Trump, while Hitlery Clinton continues her Goldman Sachs-backed bankers’ roll into the White Boy’s House, still in the clear, with her slithery husband, of all the murder charges made by Michael Moore 14 years ago in his bestselling book, Stupid White Men.

    Puppets, one and all, making faces at the screen for their masters’ benefit, busy bees in the masons’ hive.

    The Empire never ended, it just stopped sharing the profits.

    1. The beekeeper

      For heaven sake!
      Get a girlfriend, ,swallow a few pints of Guinness, chill out, have a holiday, forget about all that guff it will put you in a early grave, or just even go somewhere quiet ,and have a quick pull, leave all that rhetoric to those who spout it all the time, like the anti Establishment left wing loons who now support crooked Hilary Clinton who is the establishment because they really dont want change, but just a vehicle to spout the same so called socialist claptrap, while those who they put in power laugh and get richer and more powerful and give them the same old pish as before.

      1. Corruption Is King

        Thank you for your informed comment, Beekeeper.

        You must have put a great deal of thought into delivering such sage advice and it’s nice to receive a reply from someone with such profound wisdom on everything from homosexuality to the politics of Israel.

        1. The beekeeper

          Not a problem Hope it helps, no need for thanks, I am always happy to help those in need, heaven knows there are plenty who do need some words of advice.
          HAIL HAIL

    2. Jimbo

      Like zero hour contracts!! Ffs
      I’ve got pals who don’t even get paid when they’re off sick, one recently had and accident at work still fuck all pay!!

      1. Corruption Is King

        Zero-hour contracts originated in the UK and are still mainly used in the UK, everyone from Sports Direct to Wetherspoon’s pubs to Boots The Chemist to Buckingham Palace itself. (Wikipedia)

        As predicted, a lot of folk on here today have failed to research the topics at hand, failed to cross reference their sources and failed in the simple act of checking the facts before they post.

        A lot of knee jerk reactions, thereby failing to suspend judgement, in your indoctrinated paradigm.

        ‘History repeating: zero-hours contracts and the strike of 1889

        As low-paid workers become increasingly unprotected, the working conditions of the 20th century could become a mere historical blip.’

        ‘Most locate the origins of zero-hours contracts in the early-1990s recession. But really, this sort of irregular and sporadic working practice goes back much longer, and has always been around to some extent in market economies.’

        As I said yesterday, every aspect of human historical knowledge is accessible online with 2 clicks, yet, in every reply I have had, the responder has failed to even check their own info, thereby proving precisely why the world is in the quandary it’s in, due to the innate laziness of its people when it comes to understanding and knowledge.

        Question everything. Because everything is questionable.

    1. Tecumseh

      He must have had soldiers with his eggs….maybe some bangers…???….funny I thought I could hear bubble and squeak earlier on…..Shurely there are no squeaks down Govan way…???

  16. Trotsky's Tortoise

    Good article Phil. Brexit is an absolute shambles just like the party who govern the UK. I expect this to rumble on for a while. Trump and Clinton, both nefarious characters who are only out for themselves, and not the every day people of the USA. Ireland, still a neo colony in my opinion, no matter how it’s dressed up. People are so alienated from Parliamentary politics these days due to seeing the ruling class get wealthier whilst they struggle daily, though I wouldn’t say all MP’s are lying, thieving charlatans. Faceless individuals who sit in boardrooms and are tied with the very wealthy multi nationals run the show, not the puppets in government. Change comes from below, not from those who reform capitalism and are only out for themselves.

    1. Corruption Is King

      Capitalism can’t be reformed as it died in 2008 when the banks collapsed.

      What we are now seeing, both at Ibrox and in the matkets, is a lie, a faux link to the good old capitalism we all knew & loved, but the reality is that we are experiencing a corporate-fascist takeover, which has corrupted every mainstream body going, from the lowest level media to the highest ranking politician, up to & including the US President.

      None of this should be a surprise to any of us who are capable of suspending judgement for long enough to stop our knees jerking in reaction, as unregulated corporatism has clearly always been their objective from the beginning.

      It’s true that all change has come from below, from the pissed off citizenry themselves, but do bear in mind that the global elite were not only behind the Bolshevik ‘uprising’ but that their American branch (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bush) also funded and armed Hitler right up until 1942, and possibly (probably) beyond, in that ‘Most Just of All Wars’.

      Given the evidence, it’s clear that the real fascists are the same folk behind the whole charade whose descendants are still in place today, doing exactly what those families have been trained to do for generations.

      I’m sure no one needs me to tell them exactly what that is. One glance at our tv screens affirms their rampage of bloodshed across the plane.

      The British Empire alone killed more people than Hitler & Stalin combined but we never see those people demonised like their two ‘Most Evil Men of All Time’ patsies.

      Instead, we built statues to them and glory in their massacres of the world’s working class.

      And, if we’re really lucky, once they’re done slaughtering us, they might give us a nice new National Health Service for a few decades, having reduced our numbers by the millions.

      It’s no coincidence that the majority of refugees from the Middle East are the young to middle aged men.

      I’m sure that Israel, who has taken NO refugees at all, will find it much easier to take control of the region when all the potential resistance fighters have been tossed onto the streets of Europe to battle with both their own prejudices, and those of the Western media and its control mechanisms.

    2. Mr Mah Jest Stick

      You ‘wouldn’t say all MPs are lying, thieving charlatans’ ..?

      Have a read of this:

      ‘World views, which ignore such a mountain of forensic details, stops being a worldview and simply becomes the mindset of a bigot.

      British politicians are, as a group, prone to corruption.

      Hear that?

      That was a worldview shattering on the floor.

      Now I need a new way to look at the world that includes those corrupt Brits.’

      A Corrupt Parliament, by Phil Mac Giolla Bhain, May 12, 2009

      1. Mr Mah Jest Stick

        Or this, from a circular email also from 2009.

        ‘7 have been arrested for fraud
        29 have been accused of child abuse
        19 have been accused of writing bad cheques
        117 have bankrupted at least two businesses
        3 have done time for assault
        71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit
        4 have been arrested on drug related charges
        8 have been arrested for shoplifting
        21 were defendents in law suits last year
        84 have been arrested for drink driving’

        Making a grand total of 363 crooked MPs from a Parliament of about 600 …

        And these were only those who got caught.

        Unfortunately, both the link to these figures, and the definitive list itself from the time, can no longer be found anywhere online (I wonder why …)

        However, given that, from the 600+ sitting MPs, only Hillary Benn was not implicated in the expenses scandal, then it looks to me like they are not only lying, thieving charlatans, but that a capacity for criminality appears to be a prerequisite for entry into the House of Conmens.

        And this isn’t even counting the ‘Lords’ …

  17. Chris

    On the Trump Hillary farce. If anyone still believes that we have an actual democracy then there really is no hope for you. What we have is puppets controlled by the same forces banks, mega corporations (who all seem to be Zionists by the way) etc. Clinton gets in Israel wins. Trump gets in Israel wins.

    Clinton should be in jail for her past crimes. Remember Libya? You have the feminists backing her for women’s rights meanwhile she takes $millions off (main ISIS) supporter Saudi Arabia, who’s human rights violations are probably the worst on the planet, especially towards women.

    Its a farce yet people still buy it. Remember Obama and his ‘change’ slogan? Well they’ve still rampaged all over the middle east removing any leader that doesn’t bow to US interests. Different president same agenda (repeat for Blair Cameron May). The EU vassals go along with it. But of course it was the CIA who set up the EU as it is easier to control 1 rather than several different countries.

    So the British people vote to come out of the EU but surprise surprise they wont allow it. We’re back to these forces again. They’ve got the politicians and media all paid off.

    We are on the brink of WW3 with the current paradigm. Vilifying Russia China Iran at every opportunity because they are a block to further US hegemony over the world. Yet nobody calls it out. The mainstream media & politicians go along with whatever the state department says.

    Nato has military bases in EU countries all around Russian’s border. Our politicians call Putin the new Hitler. The coup in Ukraine. The attempted coup in Syria. It is obvious to see that its the US and its EU vassals, not Russia, that is the aggressor here.

    If Syria falls then it will be Iran next. Covertly fund ISIS so they spill into Iran to create chaos then there’s your excuse to go in and sort it out. And that’ll be another country ticked off in pursuit of hegemony over the world. The only question is at what point Russia China Iran will say enough is enough.

    These are the psychopaths that the people of the west are voting for.

    Essential viewing…

  18. jimCB

    Why doesn’t the daily radar show two photos of the two men in the news with a headline that reads ‘One of these guys is a violent megalo maniac with attitude problems and the other one is Donald Trump ! ‘

  19. joe mccormack

    There was a time when an American politician finished off their speech with a roar of ‘God Bless America’…….now to be replaced with ‘God Help America’.
    I’m not a big fan of Hillary but if that wild eyed buffoon Trump ever appeared on stage at a British political event one’s immediate thought would be that he was standing for the Monster Raving Loony Party, no offence to any loonies out there.

  20. JimBhoy

    Sevco could always cash in on £3m rate Billy Gilmour in January as all the top English teams are reported to be in for him… Surprised the prodigious 15 yr hasn’t made at least the first team bench this season. It’s almost like he has just been magic’d on the Sevco scene of late… Wonder why that is?

    1. joe mccormack

      Jim, as with the young Dembele he can only sign professional forms when he is 16.

      I believe that if he were to move clubs before then only a development fee would change hands and from memory at his age it can’t be more than £200k.
      If indeed Rangers could get anywhere near £3m for him he would be long gone and the tribute act could linger on till the New Year on the funds generated.
      I’ve read that the forthcoming court case with SDI could cost Rangers £1m plus costs….I think there is a note in the published accounts to that effect.
      Would be interesting as to how that figure was arrived at. A million pound hit at this time of the year would be a severe blow, not helped by the fact that with the Celtic game on Hogmanay they may actually lose money on the day.

      ST monies already in, so no cash generated on the day

      Few walk ups as CFC have an allocation plus losing some seats for segregation.

      Celtic deduct toilet damages from the monies they are collecting.

      Police and steward attendance both beefed up to the max.

      Fancy Hogmanay overtime rates for police, stewards and staff will ramp up the costs.

      Very possibly a net cash out situation for the night though perhaps the Lionbrand merchandising sales might make up any shortfall.

    2. Tony D

      It’s almost a shame that Graeme Souness isn’t managing a club down south so he can throw them another few million quid of somebody else’s money for young Gilmour, isn’t it ?


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