Campbell Ogilvie’s garden

Today I was asked by a foreign journalist to sum up the Rangers crisis in a few words.

It seemed an impossible task, especially for someone with anorak status in the whole train wreck.

Then the light bulb switched on in my head.

I referred him to the Scottish cup final on Saturday and explained who was giving out the medals.

Campbell Ogilvie is the embodiment of the problems of corporate governance at the heart of the Rangers crisis.

The term “gardening leave” was invented to describe a situation where people have to be removed from their workplace while they are investigated.

The president of the SFA is horribly compromised by the allegations made by Hugh Adam.

Campbell Ogilvie has the right to due process and for his good name to be safeguarded.

However, the positions he held throughout the period referred to by Hugh Adam means that he cannot escape scrutiny.

While that investigation is underway the only acceptable course of action would be for him to step aside.

Because he has not done so means that allegations that he has remained in a position to influence events is hard to dismiss.

My continental colleague said that such a scenario could not happen in his country.

Sadly I believe him.

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