Candide camera

An excellently placed source at Ibrox has told me that there was a high powered conclave on Friday afternoon.

The main players of Rangers International Football Club (RIFC) had business to discuss.

Mr David Cunningham King decided not to Jet In, but instead,  I am told that he has hooked up by video link.

The accounts of The Rangers Football Club (formerly Sevco Scotland Limited) were discussed.

My thanks must go to Rugger Chap for spending a sunny Sunday afternoon excavating them for me.

I hope to have his forensic assessment of them in a day or so.

On the back of that Mr King, the Chairman of the RIFC issued a fiat that a good news story was required.

Therefore, expect something suitably Panglossian from the stenographers.

Now, let’s be Candide about this dear reader, it is rather their raison d’être.

So you have been warned.

Anything that is utterly gushing in the tabloids tomorrow apropos Sevco just might have emerged from that dignified order issued south of the Limpopo.

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