Celtic contact SFA and UEFA about Resolution 12

The ongoing scandal of the circumstances surrounding Rangers being granted a licence  to play in the Champions League in Season 2011/2012 has taken a new twist.

I have been informed by sources very close to Celtic that they have contacted  UEFA  regarding the circumstances under which Rangers FC (1873-2012) were granted a licence to play in UEFA competitions.

Before this communication was made a very senior UEFA official was approached for guidance.

The Nyon based chap was amazed at the import of the proposed missive from Celtic.

I have today submitted the following questions to the UEFA Media Office in Switzerland:

Has Celtic Football Club submitted a letter about the granting of a European licence to Rangers FC for the Season 2011/2012?

If so, is this letter about the fact that Rangers FC owed money to a taxing authority?

Does this letter question the oversight abilities of the Scottish Football Association?

If I receive replies to these questions then I will publish them here.

I also understand that on the same day the Parkhead club wrote to UEFA they also sent a very detailed letter to the SFA asking very precise questions of the governing body apropos this matter.

Developing story.



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