Charity appeal

Ah well.

So he’s gone back to South Africa.

He undoubtedly travelled to the Southern Hemisphere with the best wishes of many of The People.

They still believe in him because they have to.

However, he may have taken something very valuable from them away with him.

There is a simple ‘rule of threes’ in survival training.

Three minutes without air.

Three hours without shelter.

Three days without water.

Three weeks without food.

Three months without companionship.

Three seconds without…


Yeah that’s the killer right there.

Today many of The People are without hope.

They were told to believe in Dave King and that he would prove to be their deliverance.

Dave King gave them hope and now Dave King is gone.

Now today the doubts are creeping into the collective unconscious of The People.

For the avoidance of doubt the deal that Dave King  was proposing is as dead as Rangers (1872-2012).

The only show in town now is Mr Mike Ashley, ach mar a deirtear sin e scéal eile.

When Mr King put out his statement last night it was clear to me that it had been crafted by a highly skilled PR professional.

These tend to be rather sober types who work behind the scenes giving objective, rational advice.

The Press Release was no doubt eagerly scanned by the computer literate among The People for that elusive commodity.


You will  dear reader already be aware that The People are, in the main, a hermetically sealed evidence resistant sub culture.

This makes them worthy of study, although certainly not for their cultural products.

We know from the last years of Rangers (1872-2012) that it is a lost cause to attempt to forewarn them of any impending misfortune.

The years 2010 and 2011 proved that it was a long hard blog to try to educate The People of what was about to happen to their original football club.

Now with Sevco they have proved to be steadfast in their resistance to consequential learning.

However at an emotional level they desperately require hope.

I wish I could provide them with some as it tugs at the heart strings to see them in such a forlorn and confused state.

A Fitba Hopeathon for The People is what is now urgently required.

Dear reader if you have any spare hope lying around that you do not need then please give what you can.

Thank you.

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