Charles Green prepares to return?

Although the idea of Charles Green back at Ibrox did produce some chuckles I did initially question the provenance of the recent BBC story.

So my first instinct was to be rather dismissive of the notion that Charlie might be riding to the ‘rescue’ anytime soon.

However, I now understand from excellently placed sources that Charles recently convinced some seriously wealthy chaps in the Middle East to back him should he decide to make a move back towards the Blue Room.

It has to be said that if this shambolic soap opera has taught us anything is that the bizarre usually comes to pass.

My initial take was that Charlie’s physician had given him the all clear on his bad case of Rangersitis.

Now, I’m not so sure.

Charles Green did very well out of setting up Sevco and he made lots of money for the original backers.

That, dear reader was the plan.

Those faceless folks continue to be the beneficiaries of the ‘onerous contracts’ that are, in effect, free money every month.

The retainers paid mean that as long as the contract is in existence then RIFC will be sending them a cheque for a not insubstantial amount every month.

However Graham Wallace and Philip Nash have been busy in dismantling the structures  within the new club that saw £67 million leave the premises in less than two years.

As I type these words from my vantage point on the west coast of Ireland the analogies that jump into my head for all of this are Irish.

It occurred to me a few days ago when I was re-reading a book on another Charlie (Haughey) that all of this has been the GUBU of Planet Fitba.

I found T. Ryle Dwyer’s excellent biography of the deceased and disgraced Taoiseach (T. Ryle Dwyer, Short Fellow: A Biography of Charles J. Haughey (Marino, 1994) ISBN 1-86023-142-X) to be redolent of both Rangers and Charlie’s Sevco.

When you’re in the middle of a story trying to be the first to get the next bit of the jigsaw it is sometimes worthwhile to take a step back and look to where the tale started and what  direction it has taken.

Dear reader it really IS breathtaking.

What Rangers did, what the media did not do (i.e. their job), the sale of the body parts to Charlie and the boys and his Sevco getting the nod from the SFA.

All of that was a hell of a story, but since then…

Well, the Sevco sitcom jumped the shark some time ago and I don’t really know where the next episode will go.

Charlie coming back in with Middle East money backing him and trying to oust Laxey Partners?


Well it seems so to me, but this saga has now left any previously accepted genre.

It started as a sitcom, but is now Planet Fitba’s equivalent of “Lost”.

Marooned on a strange island I wonder what The People make of it all.

If next week RIFC unveiled their new head of something or other in the Blue Room at a Presser and it was a disgraced Celtic supporting monk addled on the Monastery’s home brew singing the Celtic song then I would probably just shrug.

Yesterday just as Germany were taking Portugal apart it was brought to my attention that Mr Sandy Easdale had been reported to the London Stock Exchange by a leading ‘supporter’ of the Ibrox club.

For the avoidance of doubt Mr Easdale and his brother James bought shares in Rangers International Football club at the IPO and then further increased their shareholding.

Since then they have provided a loan secured against Edmiston House and the legendary Albion Car Park.

Actually RIFC needs more people like Sandy Easdale.

He isn’t a ‘Blue Knight’ or a King across the water , but he has purchased shares and supported Sevco when it was looking over the precipice of insolvency earlier this year.

For some reason this makes Mr Easdale  a target for some people who used to support the new club at Ibrox because they certainly do not support it anymore.

In his personal statement put out on the Press Association wires a few days ago one phrase caught my eye.

The term “rigid financial discipline” is the sort of language that I would normally expect to hear from Graham Wallace or Philip Nash.

The Greenock businessman is, of course, spot on.

It was a lack of financial discipline, lavish hotel stays before battling with part-time Brechin and Stranraer and hiring players on terms that only Celtic could afford, that partly explains the exodus of £67 million from RIFC/Sevco.

The Austerity/Insolvency mantra will be old news to any regular visitor here.

Chasing the dream of European glory killed Rangers.

That haunting image of Billy McNeil in Stadio Nacional told the Bears that Celtic had achieved something that their club had not and almost certainly could not.

With Ten In A Row dashed only Europe remained.

David Murray sanctioned massive borrowing and approved of the use of questionable tax strategies to give the Ibrox outfit every possible financial edge over a Celtic that was rebuilding in every sense.

Murray’s grand plan only crippled the Ibrox club and made it unsellable to anyone except an insolvency shark like Whyte.

Since it was created from the body parts of the dead club Sevco had made some grave errors.

Spending like Rangers so that they could pretend that they were Rangers has resulted in Sevco being put on life support.

Only austerity will save the new club at Ibrox and Mr Easdale gets that.

He is on the same cost cutting page as Graham Wallace and Philip Nash because he runs several successful businesses himself.

The people who have purchased Season Tickets want to have a team to support in twelve months.

If this two year old club is around to blow out three candles on the cake then the paying customers at Ibrox can thank Mr Easdale and not hurlers from the ditch.

Now we have to consider bringing Charlie back into the script for future episodes of this sitcom.

A constant theme in the Haughey saga here in Ireland was he was often underestimated by his opponents.

His ability to bounce back when they thought he was politically dead and buried blindsided clever, Machiavellian men time and again.

Should Charles Green become a major player at RIFC again then the financial model that he put in place two years ago will be re-established and the money will flow out of Sevco to offshore beneficiaries who have never been in Glasgow.

With Charlie back in charge the new club at Ibrox would remain a cash cow for faceless foreign investors who care little for the emotional wellbeing of the paying customers.

With that in mind the vilification of Mr Sandy Easdale by some Sevco ‘supporters’ seems baffling.

Perhaps we all now on some mysterious fitba island, because I’m certainly lost…

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