Charlie and the baboons

As we saw from the fascist performance art in George Square after the Independence Referendum had been decided the klan like to feel that they are powerful.

However, as it became apparent that Mike Ashely had increased his shareholding in Rangers International Football Club the impotence of The People there for the world to see.

Since they cheered Craig Whyte down Edmiston drive in May 2011 they have been helpless onlookers.

The contrast between the representation and reality of their situation would usually only be found as a case study in a psychiatric text book.

They are fretfully waiting for Sugar daddy.

The idea of self-reliance is utterly alien to them.

The People simply want a rich man to fund their junkie like need for sporting and cultural supremacy.

They are thirled to a belief system that crystallised during the historical moment that included the Third Home Rule bill for Ireland and the lead up to the Great War.

To still be instructed by this worldview in 2014 is pitiable.

If they want a model to ape then they should look to the capital.

Hearts are a club re-born, but unlike Rangers they did not die and they retained their history after the self-inflicted wound that was Vladimir Nikolayevich Romanov.

Moreover even when they were looking into the abyss of liquidation the Hearts supporters did not seek to blame their city rivals, the SFA or the media for their plight.

They survived and now their history is intact and their future looks bright.

Anne Budge is no Sugar Mummy.

The club is well run and their football department is currently miles ahead of the Ibrox omnishambles.

Even factoring in the inevitable Honest Mistakes Hearts should comfortably see off the league challenge from Govan.

The people in charge at Tynecastle and the fans are on the same page and there is mutual respect there.

For the avoidance of doubt the same cannot be said of the situation at the Big House.

Ironically the only people to have an emotional connection to the club seem to attract the largest amount of bile and vitriol form the fans.

The Easdale brothers bought in at the Initial Public Offering (IPO) and they provided an emergency loan in February and they bought more shares in the recent Shareholder Share Option last month.

Yet they seem to be the main focus for online hatred from the Ibrox fans.

All of the other major players around the Boardroom table at Ibrox have no history with the Rangers culture.

Charles of Normandy brought in Malcolm Murray and then Walter Smith.

Of course he also made sure that Super Ally was on side.

However that trio were never major decision makers in the Sevco Scotland Limited venture.

From the get go New Rangers was set up  to make lots of money for the original investors and in that it has succeeded very well indeed.

The supporters and anyone who bought in at the IPO have been, quite frankly, marks in this game.

The people who put up the original £5.5milion to Duff & Phelps received that back fairly quickly plus an additional £3 million for their trouble.

Since then it has been gravy via onerous contracts.

The much maligned Graham Wallace has done as good a job as possible under the circumstances.

Apropos ‘Gardening Leave’ for the avoidance of doubt as of yesterday he had been in Ibrox on only FOUR days in the previous FORTY FIVE.

Three of them were to attend matches and they were effectively photo opps and the other one was to speak to the players.

That was because there is concern among some of the playing staff that they may not receive their wages in the months to come.

Moreover, I am told that there is still a Signing On Fee that is outstanding.

I do not doubt the players are genuinely concerned, but I do not believe that it is in the interests of the institutional investors, Laxey Partners and Mike Ashley for the club to fail.

However if it did the they would not experience any negative emotional impact, but the Easdales would.

Last Monday night I doubt anyone in Blue Pitch Holdings were even remotely aware that Hibs had won 3-1.

Yesterday I acquired another piece of the Sevco jigsaw that further convinced me that the home crowd at Ibrox should be very grateful to the ex-Manchester City chap.

It involved Charles of Normandy, Murray Park and a chap who owns a safari park in England…

No, seriously.

Thankfully for all concerned the deal was stopped at the 11th hour by Graham Wallace, ably assisted by Phillip Nash.

I understand that the iconic training ground would have been sold for just south of £4 million with some, ahem, consultancy fees going through various offshore entities and eventually arriving somewhere in Northern France.

There is no doubt in my mind that The People have Graham Wallace to thank for the fact that this deal did not go through, but it was a damn close run thing.

The ignominy of Murray Park becoming home to overweight lions and screeching baboons defecating on car roofs would probably have sent some of The People over the edge.

You have to admit it is a powerful image.

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