Charming and not in the least offensive

Back in the tax dodging glory days the Ibrox crowd were fond of singing “no one likes us we don’t care”.

Of course, this did have some long-term consequences that should have been foreseen.

With that in mind, I was pleased to learn that Mr David Cunningham King, the current Chairman of the Rangers International Football Club (RIFC), has written to the chairmen several leading SPFL clubs.

It is clear to me that this King chap is a convivial sort and that he just wants to make friends.

The missive was dispatched last week and here is the text of the communique:

 During my recent visit to Scotland for the Rangers AGM I took the opportunity to visit Hampden Park and meet with representatives of the SPFL. During this initial meeting we discussed the importance to Rangers, and Scottish Football, of repairing and improving on the relationship between our club, the Scottish Football Authorities, and our fellow clubs in Scotland. The last few years has not only brought challenges to Rangers- but to Scottish Football as a whole. 

As I live in South Africa I will primarily rely upon Stewart to build the ongoing relationship however I would be grateful if, during the course of 2016, I could have the opportunity to personally meet with as many clubs as possible. Please confirm if you are happy to do this and I will contact you in advance of one of my visits to set up a meeting/lunch/dinner.




Dave King

Dave King Letter



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