Climate change

And now here is the weather forecast.

Tonight there will be a thunder storm in Glasgow.

Large buildings could be shaken and those of a nervous disposition should stay indoors, especially if they haven’t got a ticket.

When Neil Lennon accepted the job at Celtic the club was becalmed.

The Tony Mowbray regime at Parkhead had produced little but spineless chaos.

The Armagh man said he wanted to bring back the thunder.

He has.

However his success in the job has not come without personal cost.

As Lennon started to look the business on the edge of his technical area the klan decided that he needed to be reminded of his place.

Muirhead , McKenzie and Wilson are not some fabled halfback line from yesteryear, but names that should shame Scotland.

Throughout it all Neil Francis Lennon knew he was better than those who wished him harm.

The occasionally diffident Martin O’Neil was bad enough for the klan to endure, but the Lennon of their imagination is the stuff of nightmares.

The Lurgan man encapsulates all that they have been socialised to hate and to see him strut his stuff in the Champions League is not to their liking.

The Lennon they imagine only exists in their narrow minds.

I have met that man several times at press conferences and he is always courteous, intelligent and polite.

This is not how he has been portrayed in the Scottish media.

Tonight his team and it is HIS team, will take the field of play against Juventus.

Lennon has improved the players that he inherited, like skipper Scott Brown and the mystery that is Georgios Samaras.

Celtic’s turbocharged captain now passes the ball simply to teammates and uses his amazing energy to press the opposition back into their third.

Where other managers failed Lennon cracked the Greek enigma code and now in full flow on the left with the ball under perfect control Samaras looks utterly unplayable.

Although he has had the help of the excellent scouting department, the Celtic boss has also unearthed gems himself and then and polished them at Parkhead

Gary Hooper was a Lennon find.

James Forrest he nurtured in house when he was in charge of the youth set up.

In doing so Neil has been a wealth creator for Celtic.

Lennon has his team in the last 16 of the Champions League against all the financial odds.

Like some of the young stars he has developed at Lennoxtown the club will do well to retain his services in the long term.

Tonight the reinforced concrete at Celtic Park will literally tremble as the green and white thunder rocks the stadium that the same fans paid for.

On a European night there is a special weather system that hovers over Kerrydale Street like the mother ship in a sci-fi movie.

You just have to know how to call it in and Neil Lennon has the number.

On these occasions Celtic players are possessed by something inside that makes them so strong.

This could be a truly great sporting clash.

All of Planet Football really wants to know how signore Pirlo will get along after Mr Victor Wanyama formally introduces himself!

Tonight, whatever the result there will be thunder in the east end of Glasgow.

Celtic are back where they belong and there is really only one man to thank for that.

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