Club and company

How many Rangers football clubs can you get on the head of a pin?

Because of the shameful role of the mainstream media the debate on the status of the club formerly known as Sevco Scotland Limited  has become rather Jesuitical of late.

Ignatius Loyola once argued that it might be necessary to argue that black was white and the boys on the sports desks are doing their godly duty.

The official fiction in Scottish sports journalism is that the liquidation of Rangers (1872) was no big deal after all.

The club wasn’t affected at all and this administration and liquidation stuff it was merely the “holding company”.

Got that?

The club is ok, but the company is totally fekked.

Perhaps that is why so few supporters of the club marched to Hampden to save a stupid old holding company.

The current spin is that the company and the club are somehow separate.

That maybe the Orwellian version of the truth on Planet Fitba, but that is not the view of FIFA and UEFA.

The new entity had to start from scratch in Scottish professional football.

They were not “booted out” of the SPL or “demoted” to SFL3.

They were treated as a new club, for that is what they are.

Had they been allowed entry to the SPL and won the title then they would not be allowed to take part in the Champion’s League next season.

That is because NEW CLUBS are not allowed to participate in UEFA controlled competitions until they have existed for three years.

The SFA have turned a blind eye to fudge that allows a face saving fiction to be sold to the Ibrox klan.

Perhaps some intrepid sports journalists in Glasgow will want to clear this confusion up.

The simple thing would be to ask is The Rangers Football Club limited (AKA Sevco Scotland Limited) are subjected to the probation order imposed on Rangers football club following the discriminatory chanting of the Ibrox fans on March 17th 2011.

The current Ibrox outfit are new company, a new legal entity and IPSO FACTO a new club.

Mr Green and his colleagues are about to offer shares for sale, but shares in what precisely?

Are these shares in the club or in the company?

Because, we are told, these are two separate things.

If the bears are being offered shares in the company formerly known as Sevco Scotland Limited then, in a sense, the Ibrox klan can never ever own any part of the other worldly, transcendental thing called “Rangers”.

Despite the spiritual aspect about what constitutes the club, bricks and mortar are also important.

For the Ibrox klan it is significant that they still sit in the stadium that Bomber Brown “played for” (sic).

Of course it would be a great shame if someone, perhaps empowered by the court, say, would want that asset back off the company which currently owns it.

Now, of course, that couldn’t happen.

It is just unthinkable.

However, if it did then the vile liquidators couldn’t separate Ibrox from the club, only from the company.

Because those bonds are not of this world.

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