Collymore and the klan

The racist karaoke by the klan last night in Kirkcaldy was almost two years to the day from their away day at Berwick.

Then the TV evidence was irrefutable.

Of course the Fitba authorities did not act then and I doubt this time will be any different.

Last night in a stadium that some of their number conspired to burn down in 2012 the klan were again wading in Fenian blood.

Fresh from an al fresco performance on the Paris underground the xenophobic meme was alive and well among The People.

Throughout the 20th century Scotland was abnormalised apropos Irishness.

Thankfully the Scotland of the 21st century has moved on from the days of John Cormack and Billy Fullerton.

However The People have been left behind.

In recent months ‘The Billy Boys’ has made a comeback.

Indeed perhaps it might be that they sense that a change of regime at Ibrox might install men at the top of the Marble Staircase who will publicly defend their right to wade in Fenian blood.

I am sure they are mistaken in that belief, but then again so many of their beliefs are wrong headed.

Of course a statement from Mr King clearing up that confusion would be helpful.

The response of BT Sports in taking Stan Collymore off the match team for the Raith Rovers v Sevco game reminded me of the capitulation of the Scottish Sun to the klan over the serialisation of Downfall.

After that The People became emboldened and several staff in various bookshops in Glasgow had to endure close encounters with the klan.

Those who gush about ‘freedom’ every Poppy season tried to have a book banned in a city within the United Kingdom.

Lest we forget.

Journalists in Glasgow, especially sports writers, were subjected to threats and smears from the Ibrox crowd throughout that period.

I know of several who privately admit that they altered their copy to appease the Rangers mob.

NUJ sources informed me that immediately after the gaoling of David Limond in January 2014 for targeting Angela Haggerty, the editor of Downfall, there was a fall-off in threats from the klan to journalists.

It takes an outsider to carry out a common sense inventory and Mr Collymore is an outsider.

He has done the state some service.

The response of The People on Twitter was Pavlovian.

It came as no surprise that they played the man and not the ball.

Collymore focused on the lyrics of the song “The Billy Boys”.

I suspect many people in England will be blissfully unaware that this song is about a street gang in Glasgow that operated during the inter-war years and that it was named after the founder Billy Fullerton.

A self-proclaimed fascist and member of the Ku Klux Klan he is a strange hero for folk who deny that they inhabit a racist world view.

Perhaps the Rangers Supporters Trust can issue a statement about this song.

Mr Collymore asked them to do that.

Thankfully the Glasgow that produced Billy Fullerton is of another age.

Last September the people of Glasgow voted to leave the United Kingdom.

Across the water Belfast will soon have a nationalist majority.

These are tough times for the Fleg folk.

Everywhere they turn they are being ambushed by equality.

Any coverage of the chanting at Stark’s Park in the mainstream media was within the sectarian framework.

Within this context that word has lost all meaning.

Even the Scottish Government’s ‘Sectarianism Czar’ Doctor Duncan Morrow cannot give an adequate explanation of what is meant by ‘sectarianism’.

Until official Scotland starts using grown up terms like ‘anti-Irish racism’ then the klan are, in effect, untouchable.

I doubt that the Scottish Professional Football League will take any meaningful action against Rangers (2012) for the behaviour of their fans last night.

They are not UEFA.

The response of Chelsea Football Club to the Paris Underground incident was swift and appropriate.

John Terry, the club captain, was unequivocal that racism has no place in football.

I doubt that any of the stenographers will be trying to get a quote out of Lee McCulloch today about the racist chanting at Stark’s Park.

What The People consider ‘quintessentially British’ the rest of Scotland considers backward and bigoted.

They are a sub-culture that has not moved on and until the Fitba authorities and the local media give them a wakeup call then this racism will continue.


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