Communique from a grumpy playwright

I have had to re-emerge grumpily from the dark of the word mines to put something right.

For the avoidance of doubt, the meeting I referred to in my last HAS taken place.

In fact, it was ongoing at the same time that an award winning stenographer was breathlessly typing out that it was not happening.

This latest obedient nonsense in the Daily Radar takes churnalism to a new Level.

If I  was a cynic I would think that it was a re-hashed press release.

Now if anyone thinks that’s actionable, then they know where to find me.

I know what was said at that meeting, and I know who said it.

However, I have to protect sources.

If and when it is safe to do so then I will publish the details of that meeting, but the protection of sources is non-negotiable.

That is why they were the first people that I thanked at the start of ‘Downfall’.

People trusted me with their jobs and their physical safety in providing me with information that the stenographers had agreed not to divulge to the newspaper buying public.

Note to stenographers: a source is not someone who sends you a press release and tells you to call someone a ‘billionaire’.

A source is a valuable person who takes real risks to provide you with information that is in the Public Interest.

Five years after Craig Whyte was breathlessly revealed to Planet Fitba as the mega rich saviour of Rangers (1872-2012) it would appear that the lamb addiction is as bad as ever.

And now I have to return to an unfinished play, and the first reading is next Sunday.

With that in mind, I really do wish Scotland had sports journalists who put their readership first.

Then I would not have to do this.


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