Cool heads and strategic planning

It should now be apparent that the ongoing criminal cases involving both Rangers (1872) and Sevco Scotland Limited have impacted on the plans of various folk.

It is now the settled view on Planet Ashley that the loan agreed on the 27th January must now be placed on the long finger.

This is because of the issue of the assets named in the agreement.

For the avoidance of doubt Sports Direct are unlikely to go under if these monies are not paid immediately.

They are not a loss-making business.

Moreover, they do have a credit line from the bank.

So the Sports Direct folk can safely put that one to one side until the legal matters are all concluded.

However, I am informed that Big Mike is very intent upon ploughing ahead with getting his legal costs for the EGM injunction.

This bill, if it fell due, would be a major headache for the New Regime

These must be difficult times for the chaps at the top of the Marble Staircase.

Perhaps it is appropriate to use a military analogy here as The People do so love their soldiers.

The New Regime is taking fire from all sides, and they are dangerously low on ammunition.

In such a situation, cool heads are needed in the command post.

Therefore, I was heartened to hear of the quintessentially British calmness displayed by Mr Paul Murray in the immediate aftermath of the League Cup game against St Johnstone.

When others in the Blue Room were losing their heads over the potentially dire financial implications of this early cup exit he displayed quite a bit of grace under fire.

Perhaps it is this ability to remain calm under such stressful conditions that have made him the highly successful businessman that he is.

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